Despite fierce reluctance, Vod eventually hands over the money. Josie starts binge-drinking and sleeping with random strangers in an attempt to embrace single life, much to Kingsley’s annoyance. Vod’s summer fling, Javier, unexpectedly arrives and it becomes clear that Vod had forced Oregon to translate for her whenever she and Javier were together. JP and Josie confide in one another that, despite what was said in the cellar, they do not romantically like each other. Afterwards, Kingsley resolves to confess his true feelings for Josie, after learning she always talks about him when she’s drunk. Henry says that he might, one day, come to terms with being gay.

Lists of British comedy television series episodes. Upon reading the study, Davies remarked that “right there and then, I knew I had my drama”. With the party now completely ruined, and the entire gang’s friendship in tatters, JP and Kingsley are left alone in the living room. Reeling from all the cheating gossip, Danni confronts Lockie again. Her alcoholism causes severe mood swings, as she demonstrates when she throws a tantrum because she forgot to buy a duck she wanted to cook, wrecking the house. Jackson and Tony Roche.

Eventually, she apologises, and admits that she loves him as well, and the two kiss on revsnge bus home. Oregon decides she wants to campaign against the deportation of a Tunisian student and enlists in the help of JP, Kingsley, Josie and Candice in organising a sit-in at the university.

One year later, Henry runs into Francesco actually Davidand tells him that he and Lance are still together and happy.

And JP makes numerous attempts to kill Kingsley, due to his friendship with Sam, under the impression that there is something going on between them.

Henry discovers that Lance has taken the money out revengs their joint bank account and enlists Adam and one of his friends to star in homoerotic videos to try to make some money. Things turn ugly at Arg’s party as Lockie confronts Bobby and the gossips. Vod is in danger of being expelled from her course, and Oregon secretly persuades Tony Shales to increase Vod’s grade.

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Henry says that he might, one day, come to terms with being gay. Vod is outraged and tells everyone that sfries was funded by JP, who then dedicates the night to his father and finally stands up to Ralph. Sandra secures her election victory and tells Jean-Michel she will continue to pull strings for the clan but won’t be getting her hands dirty in future.

In a rigged boxing match organised by the Paoli clan, the crime family’s champion, Tino, is told to last nine rounds but unexpectedly collapses in the seventh and is shot down in the street afterwards Strong language and graphic scenes of violence This episode is subtitled 51 mins.


However, Candice foolishly decides to invite Sabine and Heather, while JP has forced Kingsley to invite Sam under threat of revealing his many text messages to Josie, and Josie’s friends from next door arrive unexpectedly, hoping to crash the event. Meanwhile, Lance goes to a bar with his overtly heterosexual colleague Daniel James Murrayto whom he confides his lack of decent sex life with Henry.

Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain. Mick and Debbie host a glam Essex sports day and romance is on the cards for Lauren G. Kingsley is dissatisfied with the quality of Dan’s teaching, and makes an official complaint. Mario talks to Tom P about texting Jess.

Vod’s summer fling, Javier, unexpectedly arrives and it becomes clear that Vod had forced Oregon to translate for her whenever she and Javier were together. Arg changes his image, Eeries gets knocked back and Bobby tries his luck in lederhosen. Henry’s sister Cleo Julie Hesmondhalgh tracks down Lance, allowing him and Henry to meet up, where several revelations are surfaced. Howard devises a plan to defeat JP as a rival for Sam’s affections, by organising a team for her charity pub quiz, with JP as captain.

Howard is happy that he now has some friends and is no longer a social outcast. Josie’s problems get worse when she turns up to her dentistry practical drunk, and makes a horrific mistake, for which she is summoned before a disciplinary hearing and kicked off her course. Josie says the only way he can know for sure is to ask. She attempts to fill the gap by helping Candice with her crush, a boy in her Christian Union group. Cleo and Brian have a heart-to-heart after their awkward sexual experience, Freddie and Anna eventually hit it off, and Henry’s sexual timidity sends off Rupert.

Sam’s dinner party sefies awkward when Arg brings Jasmin along as his date. Leah walks down the aisle in Spain, accompanied by a loved-up Chloe and Elliott.

An emotional JP sits with the horse and projects his feelings about his dying father onto it. At the Love Cloud night, JP finds his DJ slot has been given to someone else, and that Ralph is claiming to have paid for the night himself.

She discovers, however, on the day of graduation with her mother that she was only accepted onto the course as it was run by Professor Shales, who deliberately perverted her application and awarded her a place.

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The Only Way is Essex

After Freddie bails on him, Gregory texts him to meet for sex at his apartment. Views Read Edit Serifs history. The housemates later sit on a small hill overlooking Manchester as the sun rises. Lance asks Henry on a date, but after Henry rejects Lance’s marriage proposal, Lance seeks revenge by bringing a younger man, Francesco Peter Caulfieldback for a threesome. Steffi’s actions have forced Lex to go revenhe the run and briefly eoisode his kids in Eva’s care. Retrieved 10 December Strong language, sexual scenes and violence This episode is subtitled 42 mins.


The housemates come to JP’s rescue when Ralph’s friend lets him down, and they all accompany him to his father’s funeral. After an encounter with seductive drama student Ruth, Kingsley switches to her course, upsetting Dan in the process. Joey celebrates his birthday with an 80s-themed party. When he complains about Dave’s untidiness Josie accuses him of just being jealous because he blew his chance with her, but when she becomes tired of it herself, she suggests Dave stay in Wales until they get married.

Vod gets Howard to pose as her boyfriend to get rid of someone she accidentally kissed in the xeries, and Oregon’s attempts at cultivating an ‘alternative’ image are dented by the revelation that she has a car.

After Howard spends the whole weekend on the phone, Sabine gets bored and persuades him to have sex with her. It’s not about the learning to swim at all, of course, it’s about the way that your mind can fix on something small and use it as a gateway to a whole world of anger and seies If I write the Learn To Swim scene well—and it could be the spine of the whole drama—then I eepisode be saying something about gay men, about couples, about communications, about anger.

After Lance backs out of sex with Peter, Daniel invites Lance to his flat, where Daniel again flirts outrageously with him while claiming to be straight. Kingsley is annoyed to find that Oregon is a 44od musician than him and so he quits his own band at their gig.

Chloe hears a rumour on the grapevine that Ferne cheated on Charlie before they split. By 4id, Davies had moved to Los AngelesCalifornia.

rpisode She eventually searches in a nearby skip, and finds the urn containing JP’s father’s ashes. To Howard’s devastation, Sam decides to ask JP on a date, but remain friends with him.