Aw, but his awkward teammate Poong-un is the first to step in and hand over his chips, and Soo-young follows, and then a bunch more chime in. Many are also curious as to how Joo Won will mesh with Choi Kang Hee and transform from a squabbling duo into a romantic couple. I wish Rie was the main girl in this drama though. Texas Hold’em I guess is only popular in the states. As a rookie agent, Joo Won should not have much free time to spare. Joo Won also said, “[Choi Kang Hee is] older than me, but she actually looks much younger.

Gil-ro heads back into the room and challenges Won-seok to a game. In his new drama, Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee cast as Seo Won are a couple but yet also have to avoid each other due to the nature of their jobs. The feeling each time is never the same. Gil-ro says they were just talking, so Won-seok asks if Seo-won was the one running interference on the boys. So 7LCS is more of a satirical take. Gil-ro insists on partnering up with Do-ha as though beating him in this exercise is his goal , to which Do-ha leans in to mutter a warning:

It’s still a person’s blog, and as impartial as they try to be, when it comes to recapping and critiquing shows, sometimes people will just rub them the wrong way and it will show.

Mini January 31, at Episodes by LollyPip. Probably cause I’m just seeing it as a lite korea. Meanwhile, Gil-ro is stubbornly refusing to give up his partner.

The scene which was filmed at the Korean International Circuit at Mount Taebaeksan, saw the first joint filming for Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee after their last meeting at the drama’s script recital session. I totally agree with you. This recap did convince me to give it a try, mostly because fun spy school hijinks do sound like a nice fun watch compared to all the melo around 7hh upcoming. Do they seriously teach agents that they ought to be willing to do even bad things for their country?

I hope I could help you: She admits they went out in the past, and he guesses it was a blind date. The drama will focus on the love, friendship, and all kinds of funny events and skirmishes that happen to the new generation of secret agents in an organization. We didn’t do these things 7tb I went to spy school.



Just enjoy the show or stop watching if it bothers you that much. See more of 7th Grade Civil Servant on Facebook. Lol, I think it’s just because Moon Geun Young really does have crossed eyes? His smile falters a bit to hear brade was a mat-seon for the marriage-minded, far more serious than the simple blind dateand that it was two dates. He hasn’t lost all of swrvant money yet and we know he’ll make a comeback because theres no way he’d be fired so soon and the girl seems to be on good terms with him in the preview.

But he will soon grow into his koream to become a top secret agent. There’s no problem even if she looks slightly older than him.

I am not a fan of CKH, but I am dfamacrazy a blogger who has a certain authority and will change the public opinion in a presumably “objective” and “expert” voice. Gil-ro has to be dragged off the mat.

Though, I wish they picked Ri from Gasital because not only she was beautiful but she also can kick ass. Thanks for the recap, I’ve been waiting for it. If everyone watches it, you will feel happy, satisfied, and blessed. Do you watch 1N2D? Serant both look surprised to have a competitor, having expected to be first, and are told to reassemble.

I guess I will just skip the drxma section. He thinks unconventionally and will meet with lots of obstacles in his work. Spyworld is cruel and dirty.

So, what I was also asking was, if you were to do this with people in the room as we saw in that scenehow would one do it, and what would they use? Naturally, their first meeting wasn’t pleasant at all. What a Cutie pie.

Seo-won excitedly takes her prize, and realizes now that he meant literally won 50 centsnot the assumed bucks. Joo Won begins filming for ‘7th Level Civil Servant’. Which does make it hard for me to believe that someone like Soo young could get hired She was chosen because she looks like a tombboy and it fit her role. They note that Do-ha is in a similar situation, and could be pulled out for black ops.


Episode 9 by Sunny. It’s just economical to cast an experienced actress on the cheap and then get an actor with even less clout to maximize profit. And yeah, it’s the comment section where things seem to be sliding past critique and into something a whole lot pettier.

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Gil-ro says they were just talking, so Won-seok asks if Seo-won was the one running interference on the boys. Mind you, I like Choi Kang Heejust that. I’m really enjoying the show. To make the situation worst both guys are extremely good looking.

Gil-ro has drams missing persons report out on him, and he has to tell his parents to call in and cancel it. Joo Won also said, “[Choi Kang Hee is] older than me, but she actually looks much younger. Annie January 31, at 7: There is not an ounce of attractiveness in her so the chemistry is not possible in my eyes.

7th Level Civil Servant – I tried. – With the Attention Span of

I admit that I didn’t like it much for choi kang hee to being pairing up joo won, but after these recaps and 2 episodes, I have to say, she’s growing on me. After completing the filming, Joo Won said, “The first filming always makes me feel excited and nervous. Later on computer they just simply switched in the background the white walls with the image they wanted. Thank you if you can help me understand They both shoot proficiently at target practice, and Gil-ro puffs up to be told he did a good job.