Michaela catches Navid and Adrianna during an intimate moment. Meanwhile, Max tries to figure out how his company’s video game technology got hacked, so Naomi and Alec work together to demo the video game at Phenomi-con despite both of them not trusting each other and both of them equally unaware that Colin is the real culprit behind the hacking. Later on, the bickering with Alec becomes too much for Naomi, so she finally makes Max choose between them, in which Max chooses Naomi and depressingly has Alec resign from the company, which leaves Naomi feeling guilty for ending a friendship. Amber Stevens as Bryce Albright. Annie discovers herself working as an actress in a summer stock theater in Kansas and engaged to her old high school boyfriend, Jason. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! At the Offshore, they get into an argument about Liam’s whereabouts while Liam is gagged and tied in the basement watching them on a screen.

Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved 10 October Navid is annoyed at the fact that Dixon is performing at the opening of the Pop Up, due to the fact that Dixon hasn’t healed and when he blurts out his feelings, it puts a strain in their friendship. When Silver and company eventually find her, she announces that she has had a miscarriage. Silver is coerced into spending the entire day with Adrianna, doing risk-taking challenges, a carefree adult in their twenties would do after she keeps putting off her insemination appointment. Naomi convinces Navid to take Bryce out for drinks to find out why she betrayed and ousted Max from his company.

Shane later threatens Silver with a lawsuit. Naomi later becomes Teddy’s girlfriend.

On August 23 at the launch party for season five, a adriabna 30 second ad was released, showing brand new scenes of the upcoming season, including Justin Deeley’s scenes. Despite Naomi’s reticence, Max knows that a divorce is the best course.

Interrupting a heartwarming chat between she and Ade — who phoned her former bestie from the rubble! Meanwhile, Annie must deal with Liam’s growing anger stemming after the fallout of Liam being in her book is made public.

So, Dixon goes behind her back and sets up an anonymous scholarship for her. Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson. Naomi teams up with Adrianna who now has blond streaks in her hair and with Silver to retrace the events of the evening before as well adrianns to look for a missing Annie. Meanwhile, Dixon at Mark’s suggestion hooks up with a 990210 girl to move on only to find out he has feelings for Michaela, as they spend more time together.


The two share a romantic reunion, vowing to take things slow in their second chance at love. Annie grows closer to Colin, but 9021 suspects that Colin isn’t who he appears to be, while Colin exposes Alec’s efforts to sabotage Max and Naomi’s relationship.

Fret not, Navid is in full-on hero mode and rushes back into the now-destroyed auditorium to find her — which, of course, he does. By episode 7, seemed 902210 have gained some audience back by reaching a. Liam is revealed to be attending college nvid has problems with delivering drugs for Dixon as to pay off a debt he owns to his old school rival Ty. Meanwhile, Annie decides to sign up for a writing program in Scotland for the next two years and gets Riley a tablet as a Christmas present, as a way of telling him which in Archived copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from September Articles with permanently dead external links Use mdy dates from March After being dissed by Liam and Navid, Silver develops feelings for aeason supportive Teddy, while awaiting for his answer on whether or not he will have her baby.

Retrieved 7 October Riley is forced to intervene to persuade Dixon to deal with his troubles.

Their attraction is renewed when they work together on a charity event at the Hollywood Bowl. In the special th episode, Naomi wants to get into a West Beverly High Alumni group, who are throwing an alumni event at the high school and does everything in her power to get in, such as donating a building, injuring her opponent in a football game, and throwing an after-party at the Playboy Mansion.

Annie refuses to publish if it means revealing her identity.

Elsewhere, Dixon convinces Silver to direct Michaela’s first music video before she gets pregnant but they learn that adeianna scheduling date for the video is on the day of Michaela’s insemination appointment.


Annie, now in a coma and fighting for her life during surgery after being shot, wakes up and finds herself in an alternate reality where she sees what life would sason like if she and her family never moved to Beverly Hills. Naomi and Max co-host a charity football game which re-kindles old feelings. Naomi and Max seek the help of a marriage counselor, who advises Naomi to work on herself which leads her to plan a toddler’s beauty pageant.

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TV by the Numbers. Silver breaks adtianna pact she made with Adriana and sleeps with Mark. But before Adrianna can do so, Dixon collapses due to a spinal infection, and Adrianna learns that he stopped taking his pain medication because he was afraid to become addicted to drugs again.

Josh Zuckerman as Max Miller. Archived from the original on 10 October Robbie Jones as Jordan Welland.

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Later, Lara Olsen, showrunner for the final two years of the show, sexson that “in a perfect world, we wanted Silver to find out Michaela seawon her baby [ List of characters. Retrieved July 9, Liam’s new movie costar, Kendall, is harassing him to begin a relationship with her for publicity, so Liam attempts to escape by going camping with Navid adrianba Dixon.

Annie becomes somewhat angry at Naomi whom has tracked down their real biological half-brother Mark Holland, a local chef who owns a gourmet food truck and Naomi tries to institute herself into Mark’s life by holding a CU Food Truck Cook-Off competition where Wolfgang Puck is judging. Dixon, Navid and Annie make it out unscathed, but Ade is still trapped inside the rubble.

Annie gets a double blast from ardianna past when she sees her ruthless overachieving cousin, Emily, at the event and finds out she is now a successful blogger, making her feel like she is a failure.

Naomi helps Jordan’s sister out of a messy situation, and in turn makes a deal with his mom.