Beautiful the woman is a porn star, or prostitute. But this film is a winner, because its lowbrow humor is clever, not just low. Watch it only if you must. The voice acting is acceptable if you are watching the English dubbed version , but not great. Let’s just say that they look very awkward promoting this kind of video product. Like I said, it moves at breakneck speed, infused with comedy and various pop movie references galore, ranging from Pulp Fiction and the Untouchables to the obvious Robocop, and a sequence taken straight out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

But no one is really watching for the plot. Quite obviously inspired by the glut of web animation on the Internet, the film twines absurdity, political lampoons and sexuality into an incoherent mess that’s just much too energetic and maniacal to take your eyes off. One flaw is that the violence gets a bit repetitive at times. This movie is vaguely similar to a film called “Equilibrium,” where the basic foundational idea of society is presented as a single statement: Credits Directed by Jo Boem-Jin. It’s actually a new animated film from Korea, out of all those movies from Korea, This would be the first and only one I’ve seen from the country. The power source of the future is human feces. Hope this wont take away anyones appetite watching it, because this is a movie with lots of black humor, beautifully graphics, lots of action.

Their small size, and as they act I think they are like kids turned into addicts. AndreiPavlov 7 September Artists in This Movie See All. At 1 hour and 24 minutes, it just about wears out its welcome, but because it drops off the bathroom humor about aahi through, there is more “plot” to focus on, which in this case means, watching bullets fly and ridiculous story to commence.

Aachi & Ssipak (Dubbed)

If you can’t get beyond the fact that there is much too much discussion of defecation and killing in this film then don’t watch it.


The Story takes place in an unknown future, where all energy is now powered by defecation. Let’s just say that they look very awkward promoting this kind of video product. I laughed and loved it!!! Login to add to list. Watch subtitels only if you must. Surely a movie for adults, you’ll find it ssi;ak in the first 2 minutes where the body count starts raising, and rockets to the sky.

Besides the excrement theme, the film includes a lot of pop-culture references. Rise of the Guardians.

Well, You have to have a stomach for the plot, be willing to watch something so weird that you’d think 14 year old came up with it, and be willing to watch blood fly and have fight scenes that are so unreal, The Matrix couldn’t even have fight scenes of its magnitude in it. The only thing it doesn’t have surprisingly is the actual showing of ssipaak matter.

Based on the sound, I’d guess that it’s something similar to punk rock played engljsh musicians who can play their instruments well. However it isn’t enough to cover-up the faults. Why not to watch it? As a result, the government encourages everyone to defecate and collect their waste to power our world.

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The mere reference to it is apparently enough. As for it being accepted by anime fans, it all depends on if you like the story and animation. Aachi and Ssipak are two poor guys whose lives are horrible, they barely have a thing but their motorcycles to their names.

I still hope that those happy gals, guys, and children, which were promoting this abomino-animation had not actually sachi it and were paid for their “Hoorah!

The voice acting is acceptable if you are watching the English dubbed versionbut not great. Once you get over the surprise factor, there is nothing much to talk about. Looking for other information about the film in other reviews, I discovered that MTV has supposedly licensed the film, so that it can produce its own animated series based on the same characters and premise.


What does the movie provide to you, though? I could not believe my eyes when they showed a little kid sibtitles about 5 years old who was supposed to represent the praise of this cartoon. Viewers Also Bought See All. As mentioned above, the background plot is good.

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I believe the authorities should be more careful in selecting movies in the future. You’ll love this one. The senior management of the department all chafe under the rule of the despotic Chief, but although she looks like a girl half their height she has what it takes to intimidate all wnglish them — control of Geko, perhaps. Trapped between these two equally vicious groups are englksh anti-heroes, interested only in making easy money.

I like to think of myself as above potty humor. But no one is really watching for the plot.

South Korea’s Dystopic Pooping Film “Aachi & Ssipak” Is Available in English

It also felt like I could be watching the future. Entertainment, however wicked and silly, should have some boundaries and you know it. I’m almost rnglish that I missed more than I caught, either because the language was obscured by the translation to Korean then back to English subtitles or because they’re specific to South Korea.