Sahil Bhardwaj 18 November at No sooner have they finished the game than Manohar suffers a severe bout of cough, while the man laughs. The ghostly bus has not been seen ever since then. And whatever he writes on the typewriter becomes a reality. One day, Prakash did not allow Tarun to enter the house just because he arrived home late from school. Alfred is planning to kill Ajit, who is now at Tina’s home, so that his daughter’s ghost gets a companion for herself. Later, another friend of Yashwant tells Suryakant that some days ago, Yashwant told him about an amount of Rs 10 Lakh which he had recently grabbed.

Dear download the app jio cinema Nishat 5 October at Makrand quickly returns to reality while Ravi, in the dream, succumbs to his injuries, causing him to actually die. Sarang shoots Amrish, only to find that Amrish is invulnerable. Mukund and Anju, both of whom are from the field of Parapsychology, decide to unravel the mystery behind Room No. Eventually the police arrive at Tina’s house and rescue Ajit and Jai. The impressions disappear at some distance. Anybody remembers this episode.

The next day, Karuna’s husband Mangesh too dies a bizarre death. Please upload all the episodes.

They plead with Dharam to terminate the ritual and spare Nina. One night, Mukund enters the room. Actually, it was Anurag and Milani’s plan to kill Brijendra. After he learns that the old typewriter is lost a demon comes and kills him that same night.

They one by one try to prove rahoo they were alive by showing him proofs such as showing to him their mirror image in mirror etc. But the man says how can it be possible that person will regret for his own wish?

Create your page here. Today, the sun does not shine over India as brilliantly as it used to during the 90s.


The patient name should be Peter According to a ashat published by an unknown international organisation inIndia’s Happiness Index rank on a scale of 1 to is a lamentable Dara and Shammi tried to flee but Gajendra made them stay and remain armed with him to fight the enemies who would soon encroach the area. A year ago, Michael unexpectedly met a peculiar long-haired man who gave Michael a crystalline ball.

Many a time, the hotel employees have sighted a ghostly woman in the room. One of the robbers pulls the rope to see if Lector’s ghost actually appears.

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Rahul picks the phone up. In the meantime, the female ghost enters Mukund’s body and forces him towards the window. Seasom used to seaaon this woman alot of times after moving in. Soon they find out that the building was built on a graveyard and their neighbors are ghosts. They steal the book and find magic procedures for each of them. Amrish and Meena are now forced to unfold everything before Rishi. Later, the two girls are again woken up by the sound of a creepy little girl with dishevelled hair playing on the floor.

He hypnotises the hospital employees and the police inspector guarding the eye in the hospital to sleep and enters the experiment room.

Season One

Episode IEpisode 1 or Episode One may refer to:. Ramesh, who has already realised his mistake of taking up the job in the morgue, advises Vilas and Sarang that all three of them must leave the morgue, aahxt least, they will be safer out.

One day while performing a rehearsal, the shooting light fell on Dev. He wears the goggles to complement his attires and finds a man hanging from the ceiling fan in his room. A few hours later, Pushkar returns to the bungalow to retrieve his lighter which he had left behind. Deepa then asks Raj to prove that the two have married each other. Vilas goes to the attached room to sleep. Another woman Neeta reports to the police about her husband Ajay Singh going missing.


Ross leaves for a fossil dig in China at the end of the season, but when Chandler lets it slip about Ross’s continuing feelings for Rachel on her birthday, she is shocked to find out.

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In the eerily silent bungalow, Riya’s attention is caught by the locked room from the window of which the woman in red sari looked down at her.

Kailash eventually learns that Rita had an illicit affair with Ratnakar, Vinod’s colleague. I did not remember all the stories of Aahat Season 1 but I have some favorite stories which I will write in my future posts. Ranbeer Singh 14 July at I tried to find it out on YouTubebut did not succeed.

The producers chose to present the Muppet Mr. Tushar learns from Karuna that Dev used to be an established stage actor while Mangesh and Karuna were struggling in the field of acting.

However, Prakash never gave Tarun paternal love and would punish him for minor things. Ranbeer Singh 21 August at Manish Garg Episode But, I was not able to find it online.