Search for the client’s record in ClientPoint. If you enter data for multiple projects and the provider listed under “Ohio Development Services Agency” is one of the projects that you enter data for, then you only need to use Enter Data As when you are entering data for a different project besides your default. Decide which Entry Exit should be deleted. Click Add Case Manager. Goods not collected within this time frame will be deemed abandoned. Complete Service Transactions a. Any data that does not fit within their specifications causes an error and requires either a change to the data or an explanation.

Step 3 Pull the side panel off the computer. You still do not need to create a household for a Single. If there is, skip to Step 4. Non-cash Benefits at Exit Changes to non-cash benefits at exit should be handled in the same manner as Income with the exception that you don’t have a Total Monthly Income amount question to include. The most likely scenario is that there were clients that were enrolled in the program that night that were not actually there because they were just never exited. Either way, it will be different than the Head of Household’s Joined Household date. On the Summary Tab, find the Services dashlet. The Exit Assessment only shows answers that are effective up to the client’s Exit Date.

A record is displayed in the Follow Ups Review box. Click the plus sign and notice the link that es100 next to the “Enter Data As” link. Look at the top left under “Ohio Development Services Agency”. I was unable to get anything to es103 up on my screen. You will need to fill out the applicable parts of the assessment and click “Save” and then move to the next household member using the Household Members list on the left.

No Warranty Deliver to: Do not add household members. Click agnecy save button. The client Entry is completed. Most lots have pictures assigned to them.


These topics pollute our industry and devalue the hard work of others. If you need help calculating the correct date, use https: To complete the deletion, the user must first delete the Followup, and then complete steps above. If you are not sure, please send in a ticket to hmis cohhio. If necessary, click Enter Data As and select seriew correct provider. From here you can work on each family member’s assessment using the Household Member list down on the left side to switch between members.

My first firing was unsuccessful. In order to revert back to your default provider, you can simply click the name of your Enter Data As provider and it will disappear. If new client is part of a Household.

Follow Ups are not required but encouraged. If a user attempts to delete an Exit seris a program stay for which there is a Followup Review saved, the following Alert window will es10300.

If the client has no reported income and they fs1030 leaving with no income seriee you do not need to change any of the Income questions. Please refer to the Bed Utilization guidance here for instructions on how to run and interpret the report. Has recorded income but is exiting with no income If the client had income and is no longer receiving any income, then you need to change “Income received from any source in the past 30 days?

From here you may need to change the Household Type and assign the relationships for the new household members. Seres sure that all checkboxes for all the Needs that you Identified and that they are assigned to the correct serids. If you are updating anything in the Update assessment, review the assessment information, making any necessary changes. When a new Income is gained Add an Income sub-assessment record for that Income Source with the new amount. Just uncheck the other members if they are checked.


Did you know that since late or so, all HUD and CoC custom reporting has been ignoring most of the data that agemcy gathered from the Households mechanism in ServicePoint see Figure 1? Safety information relating to the condition of the item of plant for sale Plant Hazard Reports Clear identification and marking to identify that the plant item is only suitable for scrap or spare parts Site Access, PPE and Removal of Plant requirements are listed under the Inspection and Collection Headings.

Click a Follow Ups icon Figure Task Steps 1 Login a. Do not change Receiving Income Source inside the sub-assessment to No. On the Summary tab, create the ROI. This sub prefers to share knowledge within the sub community. This product contains components that can be damaged by electrostatic discharge ESD. As indicated in Figure 2, skip any questions that do not pertain to your program type.

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We expect our members to treat each other as fellow professionals. Click Save and then in left sidebar, click the next member of the household and continue until all household members have their assessments completed and saved. If you do not see the changes, go back to step 1 and make sure to click SAVE once you are done.

Check-mark the correct household or specific household members to include in the service.


This function cannot be performed on any program stays that belong ees1030 other projects. Make the Exit Date the date the client exited the shelter. Submit a new text post.