The Poynting energy flow, however, endures longer in these materials, and so the electron reaction time i. The Effect is Universally Applicable Any disease with cellular, biochemical, or genetic basis can be cured in like fashion. Becker showed that the cellular regeneration system also restores the cells, and is stimulated and amplified electromagnetically. So the problem in returning the mass-energy includes several requirements: By adjusting the threshold conditions to say when there are dominant harmonics present in a stock or Forex price history – the shape of the next move can be used to identify the next likely direction. While Stokes’ Law holds for the majority of cases, it does not hold in certain instances. Figure 34 above graphically characterizes the real problem: Phase Conjugates of ‘Death Photons” are “Healing Photons” The Kaznacheyev experiments in the Soviet Union proved that any cellular death and disease pattern can be induced by a specific electromagnetic pattern carried on an electromagnetic signal, if the t arget cells are bombarded with the pattern-carrying carrier signals for a length of time.

Even then, it really did not get well underway until about or , except for a handful of U. One is the immune system, which is like the soldiers on a battlefield. Let us hope that the day comes when the funds are available, and we then do get on finally with developing a science of total healing, to replace and augment the present medical science of cut, burn, kill, and vaccinate. The portion of that coherence which IS projectable and makes it to faster than light speed- is called the BA- like a seed pushed out of a husk or shell. The problem in AIDS infections is that, regardless of how one tries to “kill” the HIV-infected cells, not all of them are killed and a few escape. In short, the “porthole” effect uses only ordinary EM radiation, but very precisely and very carefully measured and tailored.

In short, this strange “time-reversed” wave in essence is in magnitude some fraction or amplification of the input wave, and it propagates back along the path taken by the input wave — even if the input wave itself is already “gone”! See also Fritz A. Some startling new overunity energy principles are also summarized. Based on Stoney’s and Whittaker’s work.

We suggest the mechanism which allow human emotions like love and bliss- to program DNA to implosive soul making. Indeed, the exchange between the pathogen and the host’s immune system, where the pathogen finally succeeded in tricking or avoiding the immune system as in AIDSis also reversed back out of there, and the immune system is also restored to full vigor.


The Tom Bearden Website. The idea of symmetry is vital to both.

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The problem seems to this researcher to lie primarily with the “science controllers” – they who control and dispense the funding extracted from the taxpayers. To be added soon: However, it always produces more energy out by far! What Lawandy has done, of course, is to provide a rather brilliant and practical extension and agnihtra, building on the basic anti-Stokes effect, and adding a highly effective means of initiating multipass energy collection, which yields permissible overunity.

Agniotra have the world’s most compelling teaching team and state of the art- teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness. This provides a maximum, finite stability level so that the QP stabilizes at a finite value, as does the energy amplification factor. Formation of a quantum potential adds a totally new dimension to the energy collection: Whereupon the latter cells were deposited in the fracture as new bone growth.

Volume 8, Number 3. Korotkov pioneered how to measure the fractal charge distributed AIR- where phone calls to ancestors are enabled. I suspect that he will or has already, and that we will see Lawandy overunity systems in our power future.

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The degree of susceptibility to initiating atnihotra quantum potential QP is a function of the phase conjugate reflection activity produced by each collector particle or bead. Both local action and action-at-a-distance are incorporated in energetics. In his new book Winter has assembled with equation graphics results overwhelming further evidence- that golden ratio exact multiples of planck predict: Powerful centripetal charge field: The present Dan Winter- Biofeedback – for Negentropy- projects: In conjunction with Dan Winter’s participation in NY Growing Your Aura- Toward Immortality: There appears to be no valid reason why such procedure could not be utilized for rather total rejuvenation agnihofra cells in the body, thereby reversing the effects of aging, or ganihotra of them.

In turn, that increases the Poynting energy flowwhich further increases the amount of energy collected in each pass of the S-flow over a collector particle Lawandy or bead Patterson.

Trickle currents or pulsed EM is applied between silver electrodes, one on each side of the fracture.

We explained at length the wave mechanic origin of FLAME IN THE MIND- how brainwaves in phase conjugate golden ratio frequency signature – combined with hemispheres degrees out of phase – produce 11 compressional longitudinal field effect- -at www. Courtesy Bob Whitney The machine was large enough to irradiate humans over their whole body. The MOST audacious hypothesis since the dawn of science! The physical pattern of the disease agnihktra an electromagnetic “signal wave” in terms of 4-wave mixing theory.


OCXonce you register it, it will run- see screen exerpt agnjhotra thanks to Jason! Max Planck also was quite pessimistic, wryly pointing out that usually the orthodox scientists adamantly resist innovation until their deaths. In the new method, if the exact spectrum of EM radiation FROM a diseased or cellularly-damaged body is captured and amplified, and then fed back into the body, one finds a very strange process occurs.

Predictably with Winter, there is also a deeply spiritual aspect to his new book.

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Note how this applies to the exact visions sequence: Often Priore found that every cell of the body—even the hair— must be irradiated and treated “charged up” with the signal, for the disease pattern was in every cell. Over a billion white cells a day,” Science News, 2Jan. We worked out the underlying type of unified field effects that would be required for those types of changes. This story has usually been dismissed as nonsense.

In a multiply connected space, an object, field, or amount of energy can exist simultaneously in two different, widely separated, spatial locations as seen by an external observer outside the system.

Dan Winter’s New Book: It becomes the doorway thru death- to immortality- depending on coherence- whose climax form is phase conjugate.

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There are a very small number of patients, however, whose strain of AIDS seems to lie dormant. SO- to those who understand how to re-arrange waves so that negentropy- happens- chaos is avoided- to them belong a path alive out of history.

SO – wouldn’t you think scientists who CLEARLY observed negentropy and self organization in phase conjugate optics- would at least admit to you that the absolute most important question in all of physics how do waves emerge from chaos, and make life and mind and negentropy – desperately needed agnhotra answer- if we were to survive as a species?