I recently received an invitation to the Kannywood Award , which begins at 8pm tomorrow, 23 November in Kano. See my post on the awards. A fever of scorching heat. It was not the same as I remembered it. Labarai masu alaka Kannywood Siyasar Najeriya. Fever has come to my body, Fever so hot. I tried to ask him about his ordeal the year before, at the hands of the Kano State Censorship Board. Three special awards were given at the beginning of the ceremony:

One of the vcd covers for Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya more coming once I can find my hard copies in the various boxes where they are packed. Mu a Najeriya duk da goyon bayan da masu kallo suke yi mana ba za su zabi wanda bai cika musu alkawari ba. For the most part, I just want it to be accurate. I had been taking two days and an all nighter every week trying to write my weekly column. But more than anything, it was community. Tagged Hausa movies , nostalgia. Tribute to the late Aisha Dan Kano. Quite a change from Rabo ….

There was an opening prayer by a Muslim and Christian, and, in addition to the various ministers and representatives of governors, there were representatives from Nollywood and even hqusa an Ijaw youths association. Zazzabi ciwo mai zafi. On set of Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya. The character played by Ibrahim Maishunku is named Salim in the film.


Fever has come to my body. Ali Nuhu and me on set Mutallab, August Hausa movies Kannywood Awards Posted on March 14, 5 comments. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

He will not act in dilm new films, but he will stay with us in a thousand different comedies. Posted in Hausa filmKannywoodNigerian film.


Posted in African cinemaHausa filmKannywoodNigerian film. Ahlal Kitab Nafisa Abdullahi [Winner].

A cewarsa, ko da ‘yan fim sun bukaci masu kallonsu su zabi mutum ba za su yi hakan ba sai idan suna ganin zai iya kawo sauyi a rayuwarsu. My attempts to transcribe the song from the video below and translate it— the transcription file fillm my computer dates back to —however, has made me painfully aware of how much more Hausa I haus need to learn.

Wannan shafukan na waje ne kuma za su bude ne a wani shafin daban.

hasua Female back up Chorus: But from tothis place was my community. A week before my revisions were due, I desperately asked my editor for a month break, which he graciously granted me.

Kannywood Scene also lists a few awards that were not on the original list: Sai dai Mika’ilu Gidigo ya ce duk da yake taurarin fina-finan Kannywood na iya sauya alakar masu zabe amma masu kada kuri’a za su zabi mutumin da suke ganin yana da cika alkawari ne kawai.

Zazzabi ya kama masoya, hsusa ciwo mai zafi. Indeed it is when Sani complains about a fever that Mansura suggests he go for a medical check-up—a checkup during which he tests positive for HIV. Eventually, I was able to overcome my embarrassment enough to watch parts 1 through 3 of the Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya and alawari look fiilm it with enough distance to include an analysis of it in my PhD dissertation.

Dan Auta and me joking around on set of Likita, Zaria, May I mention him over 40 different times in my PhD thesis, and do an extended analysis of his film Kotun Ibroa sly dig at the mobile fllm which persecuted so many filmmakers during the censorship crisis.


Zazzabi ciwo mai kuna. The last day of the Mutallab shoot, Kaduna, August Here are my tributes to a few of them. Because of the crisis, we had to gilm Kano to shoot the film. I will post the video and my transcription below that. Alkaluman zaben tsakiyar wa’adin mulki da aka gudanar a Amurka a makon jiya sun suna cewa taurarin fina-finai da mawaka ba sa iya yin tasiri wurin ganin ‘yan takara sun ci zabe.

But the director fulfilled his part of the bargain, and we had a brief minute interview. Then it was time to act.

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Shuwa on their marriage this weekend. There are many posts I have wanted to write, but I put them off because there is always something else I am supposed to be doing. Even with all of my exposure to Kannywood, I remain bashful in the presence of fame.

I got busy applying for academic jobs and going to conferences and travelling back and forth to Alkaawri. Zango da Fati Washa suka ziyarci fadar shugaban kasa da ke Abuja inda suka bayyana shirinsu na mara wa Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari baya a yunkurin da yake yi na sake lashe zaben Hasalima, tuni manyan jarumai irinsu Ali Nuhu da Adam A.