And finally, Cotton’s roadside home looks like a rad junk shop but he’s determined to hold on to every single piece. Digging through an avalanche of stuff, the guys scour a ,square-foot warehouse to uncover some sideshow relics and a seriously compact company car for Danielle. And on a property full of tractors and signs, the guys scour a treasure-filled outbuilding that seems too good to be true then hatch a plan to get the owner to sell. In Virginia , the guys meet a Southern gentleman named Ned who keeps his treasures in a creepy cabin in the woods. The guys uncover toy cars worth as much as the real thing, and a stash of custom motorbikes with an incredible backstory. The guys scour a millionaire’s awesome collection where they spring for a mysterious car part that may be worth a fortune.

At another place they get a Japanese license plate , General Electric brass-blade table fan, and a cabinet. Mike is on a mission to buy a rare cycle car he’s coveted for more than two years, but they have to make it through a gauntlet of coin tosses and sweet talking to seal the big deals. Continuing their pick in the northwestern state of Washington , Mike and his brother Robbie stop off for a quick freestyle and come across a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A rare race car is sought in Italy. And finally, a stop at a Mexican restaurant leads to a Wild West-style picking opportunity that ends up on the basketball court with Frank, a. A retired auctioneer and his daughter have haggling in their blood; Mike has eyes for a long-sought s Cord convertible.

They purchase an old dentist chair from her that Mike thinks would be perfect in a Lady Gaga video, but when they take the chair to an appraiser they hear some americaan information. Mike and Frank get off the road for a behind-the-scenes look back at their most memorable moments together.

Picking Superheroes

He gets lucky while freestyling in Virginia with Danielle while Frank stays at the shop to try and sell his Plymouth but gets stuck dogsitting his mom’s Yorkshire Terriers. The guys head to Minnesota on a rescue mission to help save the remains of a carnival business from Mother Nature.

Mike and Frank meet a real-deal motorcycle legend ready to clear out some of his high-octane stock, and a VIP pass to a unique mancave turns up a rare item that’s old and odd.

With a sprawling warehouse and overstuffed semi trailers, Kevin’s New England property is a gold mine where Mike makes off with the Michelin man and then gambles on a rare collection of vintage pilot gear. While visiting the “Godfather of Petroliana “, Mike is mesmerized by a one-of-a-kind vintage motorcycle sign but must resist the urge to overpay for it. While free-styling in Wisconsin, the guys stumble upon a futuristic foot scrap-metal fortress called the “Forevertron”.


After a lifetime in the demolition business, Fast Eddie has tons of unusual oversize treasures like a McCormick-Deering hit-and-miss engine.

Later, the guys pick the International Clown Hall of Famewhere they find an amazing miniature automated carnival. With Amrican too sick to go picking, Mike’s brother Robbie scrambles to fill in at the last minute for the trip that Danielle’s been planning for two months.

Retrieved from ” https: Danielle gets a vintage Indian motorcycle episofe appraised and keeps her fingers crossed for a major profit. He steers the boys to a hangar-sized warehouse down the street where the guys discover the mother-lode of pop culture pinball ;a.

Frank celebrates his birthday with a picking bonanza. But wading through his “junkalanche” proves easier than making a deal. Also among items picked is an old neon sign from a coffee shop which John Wayne frequented. Mike and Frank pick a family that spent 40 years building their very own castle by hand, episoed a circus collector with a wax museum in his living room. While in AlabamaMike and Frank visit a prolific car hobbyist whose yard looks like a vintage parking lot.

“American Pickers” Picking Superheroes (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Smith’s family hospital has been shuttered for decades and it’s filled with vintage medical curios. With his family hit hard by the recession, a prolific collector is eager to sell.

As the guys finish their trip through the South, Danielle finds them the mother lode of rare motorbike parts; an incredible discovery guaranteed to impress their friend and NASCAR champion Ryan Newman; an acre property littered epiosde racecars and outbuildings; back in Iowa, Mike and Frank have a field day scouring a collection of one of their decorator clients where they finds signs OshKosh B’GoshGoat brand milk, SealtekGolden Sun Seeds, Renk Dealer, John Deereand many more and a phone booth.

The guys uncover a former firefighter’s stockpile which includes an ultra-rare piece of Space Age history. The guys are on the trail of two vintage Harleys in Pennsylvania, but Frank gets more than he bargained for when one bike collector takes a liking to him. On a family compound near NYC, Mike flips for paa coin-op elephant in the room and a staggering collection lewjstown A-list mannequins leaves him speechless.

The place looks promising George’s New Hampshire marine features great prices, even better stories, and everything from maritime collectibles to pickrs bejeweled antique hotdog steamer. Cruising along the California coastline, the guys know they’re in for something big.

Later, housed in a small-town church, Dave’s heavenly stockpile features retro relics and unbeatable prices. With an entire lewistodn he built himself, Charlie’s “Mooseville” features folk-art, rock bottom prices, and a surprising hidden gem Also, a trip to New York City includes a Staten Island storage unit filled with carnival memorabilia.

Driving along the back roads of Tennessee in the ap morning fog, Mike and Frank are brushing up on their Southern expressions when they spot an awesome property. And while freestyling, the guys come to a screeching halt after spotting a zebra-striped vintage motorbike in a yard.


But the trouble is that, if you know what you’re looking for, it’s hard to find. And finally, a stop at a Mexican restaurant leads to a Wild West-style picking opportunity that ends up on the basketball court with Frank, a. They next visit a collector, Keith, who doesn’t want to sell, but they convince him to loan a rare Dog River Confederate sword to the museum.

The top 12 big ticket items that Mike and Frank ever picked. A storm is brewing as Mike and Frank are determined to retrieve an iconic American sports car that’s so rare they’ve never even heard of it. The guys find themselves in Studebaker heaven, and visit a designer with the rarest collection in the Midwest.

In Arkansas, Frank and Danielle pick a former trading post that’s packed with awesome Americana. In PennsylvaniaMike and Frank pick in some unique places including a funeral home and a prosthetic limb factory. Mike deals with an unmotivated seller in Tennessee named Tricky Dick where they get a Studebaker car jack, aluminum horse and jockey cutout off an arcade game or gambling device, and a coin-operated metal wild boar “Porky” kiddie ride with a case of beer.

A real-deal cowboy with a serious poker face, Fargo’s Wild West ranch is like stepping back in time.


Mario loves his junk but americaj he’s willing to negotiate, and after gambling on a very cool retro smoking toy, bundle-master Frank steps in to save the day for Mike.

And he isn’t shy about flaunting his favorite underwear, which comes as a shock to Mike and Frank. Mike and Frank aemrican freestyling in Minnesota where they stumble on salvage operator Terry who has a staggering scrap yard.

Gene’s acre North Carolina property is like an open-air epiaode where the guys start searching for smaller items they can actually move. Mike and Frank look back at their best picks from the s, including a meeting with Captain Kirk and a seat in the original Batmobile. Its vintage inventory is completely intact and the new owner Charlie is ready to make a deal.

Cruising the back roads of South Carolinathe guys stumble on an out-of-the-way property where an atomic-era spaceship clock catches Mike’s eye.