Amit gets angry with Amita in regards to the We cannot keep them waiting like this. He welcomes Tau ji and the family. Amita is extremely serious about her work out sessions. Amita gets a huge shock as Kajri reveals the name of the I guess he is angry with Ammu. Ammu asks Sanjay about Amit and is told that he must be reaching soon. Soham says, I live here now.

They are happy to get the answer from Simran and they say she has a beautiful voice. Amit says, all his memories have been revisited…. Arjun asks her to stay where she is and he is going to pick her up now. Onir and Shalini see Purvi. Archu, Manav, Savita all come there. Amit gets angry with Amita in regards to the

Amita ka amit episode 197 5th november 2013

His life is stopped. Were you going somewhere else Amit? Arjun is too excited and asks him to sit down. He must be stuck in some important work. Khanna talks in Haryaanvi. Amit decide to argue with Choreographer Siddhant. Amita disagrees to dance in the function – Amita is extremely upset and does not reveal the truth to Amit.

He asks her if she said anything. He relates the story behind it. Amita chases Kajri – Amita follows Kajri as she observes her in the Market but fails to find out the truth. I cried so much for this blackboard.

Kajri’s revenge – Amit gets angry with Amita and also reveals to her that Raunak is not in wtitten hands. Kinsukh has to go to a play now. He says if he can ask her something on his birthday today? He welcomes Tau epusode and the family.


She smiles looking at him and they move towards the dance floor. Now her surprise will be ruined. We cannot keep them waiting like this. Amit tries to support Amita – Amita gets disturbed as she had to face rejection in the auditions.

Ammu adds — and I store memories. Amita is extremely serious about her work out sessions. She runs to him. Hoshiyar is shocked to see him. Jaggi says you are staying alone. Shah Family’s traditional dish gets broken – Falguni fumes in anger as Shah Family’s traditional dish gets broken episofe when the Puja was about to begin.

Shah Family doubts on Kajri – Kajri informs Shah Family about the final warning message that she read in her room.

She wishes him happy birthday! Purvi watches him as she goes in. He says, I have everything what one expects from his life.

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He also says, Manav stays very upset these days xmit Arjun signed divorce papers. I only have one complain that you left me too early. Riya is urgently admitted to the Hospital – Riya is urgently admitted to the Hospital as she suffers from severe labor pain.

Last updated Jun 20, They announce on writen that the birthday boy will be a little late but chief guests anyhow come late only. I dint knew he would surprise me like this. Ammu has a gift parcel in her hand with a written note. Himmat says even I want this, but because of you, Tau ji is troubling me.


Soham says, only lucky people get family and asks her writen to stay away from them for too long.

The lights have been switched on again. Dk gets a towel and dries his hair. Ammu too waits excitedly but then comes out of her place worriedly looking towards the door. Where did you get them from? Onir and Shalini go to drink coffee.

The fate is playing game with him. Preeti wwritten her to wait a little more. He will never change his habits. Ammu says, Nani told me that you were such a cleanliness freak that you…Amit completes for her…. Amita faints – Argument takes place between Amita and Amit as Amita came late.

Dimpy says its my phone and leaves from there. Savita Joshi – Amita makes another attempt of trying to prove that she is innocent. She shoots him a puzzled look.