It will be amusing to see Iago’s face when El Diablo goes after him. Abraham se entera que el hombre que trato de matar a Miriam y que la dejo en coma fue trabajador de Dionisio. Pablo looks like he feels sorry for all of them. Caridad convinces her to go get some fresh air. I also jotted down “en el corazon no se manda”? She thought she was going to start a new family with Dan, but that is gone in a flash. Agustina asks Dorotea to bring a tea and a glass of water to the living room.

Mena and Rosemary, Our little malti-poo we think — could be multi-poo is smart but also has a spunky style that comes out most in her need to protect us, the house, the car, etc. Nanette managed to distill my take on this episode perfectly: I hope that Maja isn’t actually a male, though I think it belongs in the Olympics. Had he been any of the things he wasn’t from that list Abe might not have had a problem with him. Ever since Abraham announced that Miriam was dead, I think we almost all assumed that she was not and yet her reappearance nonetheless something of a shock.

We love on this forum and politics and hate not welcome. Daniel says he’ll take Miriam in to see the doctor first thing in the episodf. He’s hoping there’s some explanation for this. Thanks for the clarification, Vivi. Pablo is a true gentleman.

Agustina figures they lied to her since she was so delicate. Even with an army of attendants, that would take the mustard out of anyone, yet her she is, arriving with phony smile, full on make up, hose and heels. What’s up with that?

She is not only going to be outraged she will probably interfere. Speaking of titanium-lined beanies, wouldn’t you take a full set of doctor’s evaluations from a smallish-town compared to what doctors in a big hospital e;isode a large city like Santiago might say?


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He seems like a part of the place. That’s right, Teresa‚Ķit’s on now! Give this time to soak in and they’ll get it worked out. Daniel has every reason not to trust Abe about anything, which is a further impediment to the pursuit of justice. Dio says he just wants to see her in them sometime and he doesn’t want her to reject his gesture. Daniel lo descubre y ambos pelean. He will hurt one or both of these women that he cares about, no matter what he does.

Love your point about the memo to the Planet because these lies and half-truths are not sustainable. Just let it go, let your brain float like a canned brzvio half brvaio partially-set red jello Ella queda como heredera de todo, a,or de la hacienda.

Friday, February 1, at 7: Mariano is one sorry soul. UA – That would be the best! That’s nice to hear. Natalia’s having some nausea lately. El Diablo clearly knew Natalia’s favorite color though not necessarily her favorite styles and whatever his motive for this I had brwvio laugh at how he’s not thinking ahead here.

Of course bravil ending she deserves is that yuck Yago. Or at least to pick up where they left off. If there is going to be another pregnancy on this show, I’d like Maja to have puppies.

What gets me is how Miriam went from the strong woman she was before the shooting to being so delicate she has to be protected from the truth.

Dionisio is trying to buy random expensive stuff for Natalia while Agustina tries to talk him out of it.

I know that there are too many episodes left, but there are enough of them that their endings could be spread out a bit, right? Friday, February 8, at 7: Yeah, I wouldn’t trust all that Abe says about Miriam’s delicate mental condition either.


Camila jumps him so they can get right on that. Where is Vivi, I wanted her to run to Vivi? Piedad wonders what the hell they CAN tell her.

He says I should forget it, but I can’t. She does know better: I realize she WAS Daniel’s amor de su vida, and that she has presented him with offspring, but to me, he belongs to Cami.

Or are we still thinking he could be asexual? El doctor no puede revivir a Alonso.

This is such a marvelous place and you’re all so lovely. I want William Levy to kiss me, over and over and then start over again. Daniel starts walking towards her and pulls his hand out of Camila’s. Nanette, is that Lady Jane Grey in your little picture? And they have a child together.

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Daniel is your husband and the father of your baby. Yes, coming down here in NYC. Can’t wait to see what happens next. And, Miriam is as lovely as before, and now a bit ethereal in her post-coma state. Mariano tells her to calm down. Friday, February 8, at I like the two songs by her that they have for Miriam way more than the En Nombre del Amor theme song she did.

If Miriam just woke up, Caridad is probably the primary caretaker of the baby anyway.