This discussion has been closed. I’ll add 1 tiny tip for anyone else having trouble. See what AMslimfordy did above. This list is probably more extensive than it needs to be, but I would rather that than leave something out. But I’ll see what I can do about it once I get the others uploaded. I just finished 29 of the Summer Pignic, Idk about the Easter eggs though.

It’s an incredibly difficult shot to perch the sardines on the lip just left of two horizontal stone blocks, but it will yield the desired result. With the white bird, you can destroy some blocks lying around that you won’t destroy with the eagle. Angry Birds “Birdday 7” Update! This is not a walkthrough request, but more of a confirmation: The only strategy that is consistently working for me is having Big Brother wait around in the rubble to be bounced around by the Mighty Eagle to destroy a lot. I think it’s a rescue mission. EdCov SP is doable.

Is there a walkthrough out there or can anyone help? Is there some sort of setting, independent to each level, that allows for something like a margin of error?

Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

Anyway Kudos ty to All who attained this. Go Green, Get Lucky: BirdLeader was asking for a preliminary list of the harder ones, so I posted them here.


Would love a walkthrough. I can say all other boards are doable even though some are difficult.

This list is probably more extensive than it needs to be, but I would rather that than leave something out. Has anyone beaten seasons greedings zeasons Get an Uncaged Membership Today. Rovio said they will be “fixing it,” which probably implies lowering the threshold. Please check the new forum.

Been trying these for hours. Mighty Eagle does the rest and feather was awarded. I had started a little on the Halloween levels and was planning on coming the opposite direction from where I see you guys started. So there is no need in trying any longer.

Just can’t see how they can be done. It’s essential to get the three eggs walkthroough the bottom right of the structure, next to the pig. Finally with 1-6 eagle you can destroy the rest right tower. Or, are they saying this has actually been accomplished by someone playing the game?

See what AMslimfordy did above. ME comes and takes out most of the rubble thats left. Frustrating though, when it’s the only one I have left. I finally got trick or treat level Thank you Fiji Toast for completing the mighty eagle walkthroughs list!

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Seasons Greedings Level 1-16 (Finally!)

If so, is it possible that it’s set too high to be reasonable on this level? Those are two very different things.


How it is scaled, I’m not sure. But I’ll see what I can do about it once I get the others uploaded.

Please excuse typos and read between ewgle errors,oopsy. I finished all levels, less SG This discussion has been closed. And, I am curious to know if Rovio’s assurance is a guarantee that this level is theoretically possible, meaning simply that it’s not bugged and if you clear everything, you will get the feather.

However, it looks like getting that to happen is almost impossible. Angry Birds “Bird Island” Update! Still need to poke through Nagry or Treat.

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