Tall Wife Biju Menon About sarasa suri I think im blessed , so far no complaints, and want to take things as it comes. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Five reasons to die for. The air is heavy with anticipation as one of the tenants has left and the flat will be occupied by a new family. American-Born Confused Desi

Sethulakshmi is a great start to the film. Are they husband and wife or brother and sister? Amal Neerad completely changes tracks with his segment Kullante Bharya, and stays clear of the elements he is usually associated with. Anwar said that the story unfolds on an eventful night and can be called a road movie. Singer Rimi Tomy stated that she would be acting opposite Tini Tom , making her acting debut. Was he trying to reinforce the fact that he is indeed the Emraan Hashmi of Malayalam cinema? This entry was posted in Bouquet , Fahad Fazil. But the movie leaves us with a feeling of dissatisfaction and several unanswered questions.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Amal Neerad completely changes tracks with his segment Kullante Bharya, and stays clear of the elements he is usually associated with. Fahadh did an excellent role. The film was highly an anticipating one probably due to the cast including the new gen stars of Malayalam, Fahadh Faasil, Dulquer Salmaan and Nivin Anjju. A newly married couple moves in and become sundarikap of gossip because the wife is taller than the husband.

This innocent wish leads to a dreadful experience. Internet search engine and technology giant Google marks Indian cinema icon Madhubala’s 86th birthday with a sketch doodle drawn by.

Message given through the film was not such clear. Five reasons to live for.

I love this and Sethulakshmi, somewhat, equally. He will get anythinghe wants by hook or crook. Fahad Fazil is a geeky software professional who suffers from an Obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Suddenly they heard a knock. I no longer feel interested to watch Hindi movies anymore. They have been together. Kullande Bharya wife of a short Man This interesting story is narrated by a young Photographer who is confined to four walls because of his immobility due to an accident.

A young teacher who arrives at a village school, who tries to make a definite change in student attitude. Her close friend Chethan Jayalal comes to know about her interest in taking photos. It contains five short stories on love [1] about five types of women. Sethulakshmi leaves you feeling grim and disturbed without any vulgar or violent content. NPA blues and corrective. He is an architectural, portrait, fashion, and commercial. A newly-wed couple move into the complex and the husband Jinu Ben is shorter than the wife Reenu Mathews.

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Fahadh Faasil is at ease as the harried Ajmal out to close to the deal and Asmita Sood is more heard than seen. A series of related and unrelated tales together linking them in subtle ways and discuss different shades of life. About sarasa suri I think im blessedso far no complaints, and want to take things as it comes.

Retrieved 4 February With a dismal extradition record, will India be ever able to bring back Nirav Modi?

Of the five movies, Sethulakshmidirected by Shyju Khalid and based on a story by M. Sign in to set your preference. This film features scenic locales.

The neighbours start speculating on the relationship between this odd couple. Sethulakshmi has a hobby of maintaining an album with photographs of newly married couples, taken from newspapers. It is a scathing comment on an sundarikak culture and society where people are judged solely on subjective perceptions of what constitutes normalcy.


The climax of this story will tug at your heart strings and mvie the more sensitive moist-eyed. Team India breaks three records. Next day morning the husband decided to go for hunting alone.

After a while, weird rumours begin to spread about them, yet they continue to live their life oblivious of their surroundings.

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Follow, subscribe, or add us to your browser search. Unwanted suspicions, actions, misunderstandings without knowing the exact reason all are needed to come at a halt – This is that message. However, he learns that his mother has breast cancer and supports her along with his family.

Joshiy Pradeep Anu Kavya Madhavan The Secrets of Manhood.

They were confused, Sethu was shivering at the very tone of the photographer and the boy knows there is something fishy but before they could decide she was taken inside but when she came out she was crying inconsolably. The only thing I liked about this film was the few glimpses of Munnar. Note- This review was originally meant to be written during the week of release but got delayed due to unfortunate reasons.

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Anchu Sundarikal is another such film which comprises of 5 short films, each one made by a separate filmmaker, with their own set of cast and crew. Direction and Art were Superb. Popular on merinews The most popular citizen journalists’ reports on merinews chosen automatically on the basis of views and comments.