Such genres work by the logic of seriality, where the texts reproduce the features with only slight variation. The voice-over represents a dwelling on an irretrievable past. I hauled off and hit her in the eye as hard as I could. Hopefully this can help make sense of how such a diversified body of films can be grouped together in a productive way. The Tantivy Press, , p. State University of New York Press,

Nor does the film create an atmosphere of fright and menace, revealing a society gone astray, where no value is held sacred, and where corruption permeates. The idea of film noir as a genre was both contested and embraced. Sonja asks why he has done this, and he replies: At least the readiness by which each man in these two novels leaves his old commitments — the engagement to Marit, and a freewheeling life — suggests that the sensation he feels represents a side of himself that he has not been in touch with regularly. In addition, personal relations still matter when it comes to death — killings are not done in cold blood but happen in the heat of events. The title is never explained, but perhaps the following sentence can shed light on the relation between the nature park and noir: My friend and former colleague Arild Fetveit has for many years offered great support and companionship. Given the combination of their personalities and backgrounds, their relationship was bound to hit several stumbling blocks.

When France was liberated from German occupation and, as a consequence, the German censorship ended, American movies flooded the Parisian cinema-houses as elsewhere in Europe. In the film version, the story closes on these words, just as it does in the Cain movie.

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The diversity of theoretical positions film noir has been invested with has made the term devoid of any fixed definition. Ann is sexually active, perhaps even demanding; while married to Mr.

The robber gets the money without much difficulty, but one of the filk die of a heart attack, while another faints when he is pushed aside. European realist cinema apparently had a strong influence on Norwegian film noir, which is not to say that the importance of American cinema should be neglected. The interest in French film continued after the war, when journals like Filmjournalen regularly published reports from French cinema as well as in-depth articles.


The B-film had low production costs, was made on a tight schedule, and often consisted of low-status genre tales packed with melodramatic suspense. This means that the films that constitute the Norwegian noir corpus are shaped by different aesthetic and cultural circumstances. As is well known, naturalism held a strong footing within Norwegian literature, championed by authors like Alexander Kielland, Amalie Skram, and on the stage, Henrik Ibsen.

His conclusion from this self-interrogation is expressed at his trial.

The early seventies witnessed a radical boom in the output of Norwegian crime novels. Films in Review, vol.

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She wants him to see that she is not all bad, to make her the holder of his gaze, which then becomes her recognition of his love.

Forlaget Norsk Kunstreproduksjon,p. The change in literary preferences that crime fiction followed was also spurred by the output of translated crime novels.

She becomes the eroticized object for the characters on screen as well as for the spectator. University of California Press,chapter 1.

After all, the films of French poetic realism and Italian neo-realism have had a distinct influence on European cinema of the forties and fifties, and were also widely nkir in Hollywood. Few directors stand out as landmark figures, and cinematic trends are limited in scope, seldom including more than a small number of films, perhaps with the exception of comedy and films about the war or a large category like the social problem film.

Upon further investigation, Martin finds that a fair number of the noir films listed in various filmographies involve women writers, and even women producers. After a period of success, his business was hit by the depression, and in order to keep up with his debt Omre got involved with smuggling, and became the leader of a band of criminals.

But as the days pass, they grow increasingly attracted to each other. First, it indicates that Mr. Sonja, for her part, is only emotional. No doubt many of the facets we today ascribe to film noir are projections rooted in a cultural climate, and theoretical trends, within film studies and cultural studies.

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As a result, the femme fatale is seen to represent a demonized version of the independent woman. As Altman demonstrates, early examples of the musical and the western were originally perceived as something else, as the films were instead related to preceding cycles with which they shared one or another trait such as setting, type of leading actors, themes, narrative form, etc. When the Carlmars searched for the right story to turn into a film, the popularity of the source novel was of course significant in itself.


What this amounts to — or, at least this is the intention — is a contribution to Norwegian film history that is both contextually oriented and aesthetically driven. The tricky question is to identify what those familiarities consist of, and how they are played out in each of the films. The novel won first prize in a Nordic competition in and earned Christiansen a reputation as a fiction writer, which was later supported by his novel fromenigmatically entitled Mannen fra bensinstasjonen The Man From the Gas Station.

By this act of retrospective analysis, the noir protagonist can come to terms with his own destiny. And though the criminal affairs depicted are never accepted, the attempts to explain why they occurred often revealed a left-oriented political bias towards crime. Brooks gives plot, or rather plotting, a stronger hermeneutic dimension than what has been usual. On an impulse, she decides to postpone her return home, and embarks instead on a journey by bus and ferry.


Rentoft the same way as in the film. After all, the films tell familiar stories about familiar characters that find themselves in familiar situations that take place in familiar settings. Carlmar, then, apparently refrains from turning the male body into a spectacle.

Moen, for his part, does not go as far as Cain in depicting unrestrained passion, but his novel is still no Sunday reading. A letter to the editor printed in Morgenavisen maintained that artistic merits, no matter how great, could not grant exemption from taking a moral stand: Vogue, January 15,p Inevitably, the last stop of this journey is always the jailhouse. Some of these patterns cannot be accounted for by the similarities among the novels.

At this point Otto Carlmar was well-known in the cabaret scene as a text writer, impresario, and accountant who sometimes acted as well.