I’m so glad this show is over. It has helped that she has learned to act a bit now. But the pace is getting kind of ridiculous. InshAllah bro, nice to hear. Daily GK Updates — 30th — 31st May 1. Log in Forgotten Your Password? Got my Adeels mixed up! Coupled with Mahira Khan’s very limited acting skills the woman playing her mother though is phenomenal.

How would you define maturity in this respect? Sanam Jung is better. That quarrel snowballed and everyone joined in. If strategic commentators are to be believed, Pakistan Yet you would see certain religious tenets woven very deeply into our mental and societal framework – e. Instead I felt it to be extremely OTT. MAK seems to be another hit serial by sameera fazal..

I found it in the few episodes that I saw very psychotic. Is there more to these dramas than the usual drivel i.

Meri An Suni Kahani Hum Tv Complete Drama

Stopped wasting my time on these shows. Gets better and better each time. Waisey Bhi Hum TV key dramay interesting hotay hain. Pakistani dramas are mostly cousin marriage and their complications. Decent drama Thinking of starting Daam now.

Ansuni drama ptv episode 14 – Blu ray laser burner diy

It was actually the first Pakistani drama I ever watched. I thought Fawad Khan is doing marvelous epizode with the role, he is acting amazingly well! But no match for Mannu’s brilliance: They promoted feminism and the emancipation of women by portraying an independent and head epissode female lead. Been watching it since it first aired. The funny part with Shehr-e-zaat was presented as a mystic tale of spiritual discovery with sufi music, abundant mentions of the ismaeli concept of baten and some Khosrau parralels in the journey of the main character but it ended up being your typical wahabi morality tale.


Hence, I personally judge Pakistani dramas episodd by its script and more by its acting, direction, presentation etc. Khuda aur mohabbat I ‘ll recommend it. Dhoop Kinary is still in my laptop: Started watching it episoce I’m so glad this show is over. He first played minor roles in television serials before landing his first lead role as “Boota” in Boota from Toba Tek Singh which made him an overnight star.

Don’t watch myself, but man, they go on in my house all the time.

Khaani episode 13 and 14

Doraha was the first show I watched upon returning back to Pakistan. LahorePunjab, Pakistan [1]. Log in Remember Me?

It’s a more original storyline compared to the same regurgitative love triangle nonsense in every other drama, episoxe the cast is also first class.

She runs to her house and a couple of fat aunties start making noise and then the guy comes and blames it all on her. It would if Netflix and online streaming takes off there and more men made up the viewership.


I have seen him in multiple dramas. Watching Mera naseeb after being recommended. Well the molvi is: One of the best comedy telefilms I have seen, starring Bushra Ansari. Take Shahr-e-Zat, where the religious Nani is passing judgement and scolding everyone around her for their “unislamic” behavior like wearing eoisode sleeveless sari or staying late outside with the spouse.

Im half epidode through to kaafir too. Nauman Ijaz is one of the best actors I’ve seen, period, hollywood bollywood whatever. Boota from Toba Tek Singh. It’s the most overrated drama serial ever produced in Pakistan IMO.

Pyaar, Ansunu, Talak, Phada. I sometimes come across Pakistani dramas while my mum is watching them. Strike Rate you can read about Man Mayaal here: There is a scene in Hamsafar where the hero goes on like – “beghairat” to his wife but that horrible and off putting pronunciation of the word just made me puke.