In exchange for information about the lord, Aphmau helps get Johns friend, Lowell, a werewolf cub, out of a hunters cage. It turns out Kiki is a very well known friend of the werewolf tribe, and had respect amongst them. Aphmau and the lord of Scaleswind put aside their differences and Sclaeswind joins the Phoenix Alliance. PC Gamer Newsletter Subscribe to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. While Zenix and Brenden are waiting for Aphmau, in the trees a masked man shoots Brenden, leaving him needing urget care. He asks Aphmau one last time where is Nicole. Zane threatens Aphmau to take Garroth away in order for the wedding to happen.

Since Lucinda’s hut was close to Pikoro village and they had some time on their hands, Garroth asks Aphmau if she can go investigate the situation. And without him, she cannot perform any witchcraft. The lords are able to recover and form a alliance with Aphmau called the ‘Phoenix Alliance’. The werewolf is more than happy to help, but brings Aphmau to the tribes village for safety to explain everything. Determined Aphmau asks around the village to see if she can get a lead on the lords whereabouts, stumbling upon a kid named John. Zane is appearently after lady Irenes relic.

To ensure the safety of the amulet, Aphmau gives Laurence the job of protecting the amulet.

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In exchange for information about the lord, Aphmau helps get Johns friend, Lowell, a werewolf cub, out of a hunters cage. He lets Aphmau escape with both lords alive, instead of taking her to Zane. Aphmau and Kiki make their way to the wolf village to help aid in Boldolfs recovery. Zane, now going ballistic, turns into a unknown form of pure evil and tries to kill Aphmau.

Aphmau quickly runs to Nicoles house but finds it to be ransacked, Nicole is now missing. Aphmau finds out that the name of the village shes been living in is called Phoenix Drop, and openly decides to become the new lord. While that was happening Garroth remembered a request from Azura, a guard of Bright port requested. And decides to take refuge there for the night. Aphmau dismisses Laurences moves. After the ceremony, when Donna and Logan go to enjoy their honey moon.


Zane is considered the priest of the faith lady Irene, and his presence is considered a very honorable one.

When she arrives she finds out Kenmur and Hayden are at each others throats. Zane tells everyone that Garroth is now an offical member of the Jury of Nine, and is evil of his own free will. The first war was stopped by Irene, a lady who used her powers and determination to stop it. Garroth during this time grows distant from Aphmau, allowing Laurence to step in and help Aphmau in this troublesome time. Aphmau tells Garroth of Zenix’s attempt to kill her.

Aphmau tells the lord she still cannot find Nicole.

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When they entered the castle they both saw a illusion of Aphmau and Dante kissing each other. Suddenly, she is surrounded by werewolfs she has never met before, and is at their mercy.

But is luckily saved by a mysterious stranger that she cant quite recognize. Aphmau, Laurence, Katelyn, and the stranger all head in to apprehend Zane. The stranger, a person seeking revenge on Zane, says he’s been tracking Garroth and knows where he is.

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During that time spam she brings in new villagers to live there, along with helping previous sdason discover their true talents and ssason. Aphmau continues on her travels to Scaleswind to find Levin’s mom. He says he was captured by shadow knights who used a crystal that absorbed his magics, now unable to heal people by himself.


Logan and Donna were captured by werewolfs. Search party’s are now on constant patrol hoping to find Nicole.

Shes successful and jumps right in. Any village ninecraft this alliance could call for help and receive help if they were ever in need.

She release’s him, and the lord thanks her for what she has done. Out of the blue, Donna, appears in the village. Garroth sacrifices himself in order for everyone to escape the Irene dimension safely. And if he works on it with Emmalyn, a scholar of Phoenix Drop, they might be able to get it done before the war even starts. When they arrive in the over world the nether portal is broken again from the inside, trapping the shadow kinghts, and Laurene in the nether.

She explains that she might be able to help sneak everyone out, but has sadly lost her spirit familar. Aphmau accepts his offer and is handed a staff to transport her there.

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Aphmau heads to Bright port to see if the lord can help heal Garroth, but soon discovers the lord sesson been missing for some time. Armoured fighting vehicle – armouredvehicle. Garroth has forgotten his memories about the previous lord and the name of the small village he protects. The stranger protects Aphmau along side the others. She finds and meets up with the chicken shaman. When they arrive Lucinda helps Logan recover.

Garroth states that he must conceal his face for personal reasons. Aphmau tells the lord of Scaleswind of Nicoles disappearance. Aphmau next starts cleaning up 644 village when she finds Laurence unconscious on the ground next to Urngerths grave.