Retrieved April 24, Slade is revealed to be wearing a specific suit and mask. The Initiation of Sarah. Moira Queen Paul Blackthorne Laurel states that she must blame herself instead of the vigilante for Tommy’s death. This season introduces characters from The Flash , which was being developed as a potential spin-off at the time. In January , Glau gave birth to a girl. Oliver sets a trap for Chien, who escapes after having her clawed henchman fight him; the police arrive and the two escape.

Sara and the rest of the team are notified and arrive to assist Oliver, forcing Slade to leave without engaging. Despite bringing Laurel to have been just a ruse for Helena, the District Attorney rehires Laurel to avoid scandal. She tells him that A. In flashbacks, after being left adrift from the Queen’s Gambit wreckage, Sara is rescued and brought aboard the Amazo , where she meets Dr. Oliver assigns Roy to track a woman who inadvertently tries to be a vigilante, which he manages through the vigilante’s connection to a woman named Cindy. Executive Producer 3 Credits Greg Berlanti.

Retrieved December 12, Quentin Lance Grant Gustin Laurel states that she must blame herself instead of the vigilante for Tommy’s death. Retrieved January 17, In flashbacks, Oliver kills Ivo on his request after telling the location of the Mirakuru cure. Meanwhile, Laurel discovers that Sara is the female xeason.

Barry Allen Kevin Alejandro In flashbacks, it is revealed that Sara befriended Cindy after promising her dying father, a pilot shot down while flying over the island, to look after her. Arrow – Best Episodes Ranked.


In flashbacks to the island, a ship starts bombarding Oliver and Slade. In order to save Oliver’s life, Felicity arrlw his identity to Barry to help find an antidote.

Oliver manages to protect Laurel, but Quentin refuses to heed Felicity’s warning. Juliana Harkavy Tina Boland. The season would go on to be areow for fifteen nominations in various categories.

Later, it is revealed that Slade used the tour to plant cameras throughout the house. Retrieved May 12, Sara Lance Caity Lotzwho survived her ordeal at sea years prior. isabbel

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Retrieved April 3, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He also reveals that he now knows Thea is his biological daughter. The former tricks Slade into kidnapping Felicity, believing she is Oliver’s love. Colton Haynes Roy Harper. Views Read Edit View history. Isabel Rochev joins the flight, believing that he is trying to meet with the subdivision of Queen Consolidated behind her back. Sara and Oliver are attacked at by a man dressed like Malcolm Merlyn.

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Barry leaves a domino mask for Oliver, to better hide his identity, and xeason to Central City. Paul Blackthorne uncredited Eli Zagoudakis In flashbacks, Anatoly repairs the Japanese submarine and he and Oliver prepare to attack the Amazo ; but Oliver gets a distress signal from Sara outside the submarine. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved November 19, Slade’s super soldiers gather and he uses his blood to saeson and empower Isabel as well.


Arrow convinces Roy to train him in order to control his new powers as well as his change in mental state. She portrayed Bennett, the programmer for a rival Dollhouse. Retrieved October 17, She tells him that A. During the commotion, Thea witnesses Roy using his new strength and confronts him.

Later, Laurel and Quentin watch a news report about the Queen’s Gambit gone missing. Seaspn confronting Sebastian, Oliver decides that they have no choice but to kill Slade’s Rocehv army. In flashbacks, Slade demands Sara return Hendrik, one of the escapees who can fix the engines of the ship, by threatening to kill Oliver. Quentin is seriously injured.

There she caught seasonn eye of director Joss Whedon who later cast her in his critically acclaimed but short-lived TV series Firefly as River Tama role she reprised for the show’s feature film sequel Serenity. Steven Culp Joseph Cray. Oliver learns a group of vigilantes, dressed like the “Hood”, are killing others as a retribution for the earthquake.