Muqabil – Last Episode – 23rd May Meri Behn Meri Devarani. Ghairat – Last Episode – 13th Rani Beti Raaj Karey. Eik aur Eik Dhai by Ary Digital A bautiful and poetic review! As far as i know we cant choose to remove it.. I know I have learnt so much from our friends here ….

Bubbly Kya Chahti Hai Episode Ab add to this the producers, who might commit to a fab story, but then lack the resources to back it, or when there are extenuating circumstances which end up messing up fantastic stories. U r right def the colour palette was a lot more sombre and much darker than this.. For her, her father is the best example of a perfect man. Now this track has me really intrigued and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. I used to watch my dramas all in one go..

Just except one scene where i found her scary and not beautiful. Ray was through Ruqqaiya that we hear the story of how Pari grew up as a spoilt child who grew up to be a very troubled teenager.

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Murshid sahabs beard was even worse! The last scene also indicates his loosening control over himself. Just wondering because as i said this time i kinda skimmed over alot of stuff so just in case i missed something out.

Rishta Anjana Sa – Last Episode Tumhare Hain Last Episode – 27th Desi Kuriyan Season 2. Her experience and foresight can be easily trusted only if haveli ppl think of it. Saji Gul well done! Madventure Season 2 digutal Episode Aisa karo tum SZ ko maska lagao main tum ko lagati hon.


And so right about how the DOP has played with colors for this track. Sun yaara – Last Episode – 17th Ab Kar Meri Rafugari by Ary Mein Chaand Si [Last Episode 22] Episodd Meri Ho Last Episode Jaisay mujeh koi gol gol khuma raha ho. Yeh Ishq – Last Episode – 19th Waisay main bimar hon aj is liye sara din ghar par hi guzra hai.

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Desi Kuriyan Season 4 by Ary Agar aisa hai to please pehle hi bata dijeya ga! Aap Kay Liye Last Episode I am so glad we keep getting these connections. Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai. Ayesha eoisode pehla comment parnay kay bad meri sharati rag buri terha say pharak rahi hai. Thank you for such a mazedar comment. Muqabil – Last Episode – 23rd May Saans Last Episode Whats going on there?? This one is entirely different from naseeban but equally intriguing.

Why over tell the story — either use dialogues or music. You are absolutely right in that we all have our own biases and to see beyond them is a very difficult thing to do.

Love — an emotion with manifold manifestations. Tootay Huey Taarey by Ary Digital Hope you will like background music, upcoming story, quotes, facebook, twitter updates, promos, mp3 title song lyrics of drama Qurban. Apki tabeeyat naik matloob jahti hon. epsiode

Ruqqaiya is the only one who can deal with Pari. Shehzada Saleem by Ary Digital Badnaam Episode diigtal – 4 March Coming towards Pari, the scene where she observes the whole ceremony from above indicated her jealousy, her possessiveness as well as her attachment to Azam and hence her rivalry for Ruqqaiya. Main waisay hi keh rahi thi sab kuch acha hai apkay comment main or SZ kay review main bhi jo main ab parnay ja rahi hon.


Khuda Mera Bhi Hai. Arrggg that was horribly horrible.

Sheher-e-Yaaran by Ary Digital Ap nay bilkul sahi kaha sab kuch. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your wry here Meri Behn Meri Devarani. On one thought of yours I would disagree, the three temporal theory because the past track ended during last episode.

Desi Kuriyan Season 2 by Ary Before he moves forward though, we are offered a look back to understand what led to this present day state of affairs. What disturbed me was the immorality of this new and predictable story since she episkde his aunt by relation and his fascination for her is therefore illegitimate. Thank you for all your generous words, I am glad you enjoyed it. A bautiful and poetic review!

Mera Pehla Pyar by Ary Digital Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah. Neeyat by Ary Digital Last Episode