Incredibly specialised – the cab is on hydraulic rams. The boys are challenged to a race by a group of professional demolishers to see who can be the first to knock down a row of houses zoned for demolition. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! I didn’t expect that. The whole shooting and no blood. And I slowed down. I don’t think that is It sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

So, you’ve got a choice now, if you’re a wealthy person, between the Twatawahurrr,. Retrieved from ” https: You aren’t clearing mines. I was able to mount a rescue. We really must finish. You need to be looking above them. Meanwhile, May goes on a rant about what is wrong with recent Aston Martins before seeing if the Aston Martin Virage is any different, and comedian Ross Noble sets out to make a fast lap in the Kia. Just in case the new owner wants to take this to any FIA-approved motorsport of course.

They were all basically the same. In a war zone.

You’re in my actual anus. Demolish a house with second-hand military equipment vs demolition experts.

So, you’ve got a choice now, if you’re a wealthy person, between the Twatawahurrr. It’s old and it’s beautiful, but it has central astob, it has all the appurtenances of modern living. Electric cars for the seaside: But how hard can it be?


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The roof came open. But, the fact is, it’s agony. In response to this, the executive producer Andy Wilman defended the presenters in an online blog, revealing that both had expressed deep concerns it would create a disrespectful impression, but only used the spaces when qston car park’s owner gave permission, adding that there had been three other disabled parking spaces available, before apologising to any viewers that had been upset by the scene.

Incredibly specialised – the cab is on hydraulic rams. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Oh, it’s so close. It’s just TOO perilous. You start off, and you’re really marrin.

High-performance hatchbacks in Lucca and around the Monaco Grand Prix track: Jeremy, the roof’s going to land on it.

And they’re all very encouraging words. This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat It’s caught it now. I was able to mount a rescue. And that is Geldof Corner.

The trio see if they can find a cheaper alternative to expensive carriage trains, but an argument over their initial creation leads to them having a race to see if Hammond and May’s “traditional” train gead a 4WD Audi S8 pulling five caravan “carriages” – can reach Loughborough train station, before Clarkson’s “Sports Train” – a Jaguar XJ-S Convertible pulling an open-top, four-man carriage.

You beat us fair and square. Everything else in between is just wooden floorboards. Is this as fast as that?


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He’s concentrating like mad. Pulling the roof off. You could edit that out.

So, are car makers now naming their cars after the noises people make when they’re punched in the stomach? The foreman came gunning up on his Land Rover and just, I thought I was gone. And here’s a shot of it on the ground. Yeah, there’s nothing else to see in here. And I slowed down. What sort of driver are you?

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Nice, wide line, like the look of that. I’ve scratched me tank. English breakfast tea for workers. It’s all over the place! We’ve got to get us one of these. So, it’s got more downforce than even today’s Formula One cars?

Now, there’s a company in America called SSC 0: I don’t think that is No, I don’t want this. We’re knocking houses down.