My biggest issue with this series is that it takes place in the warriors universe. You can tell it’s also a cat when they Dear Rabbit Frumpy Doggie 4 years ago. He can turn into a fox. I’m already pumped for this, Good work Icerift! Cedarleaf and Leafstar were there as well. Somehow, she knows many strategies, but she is particularly skilled at jumping extremely far distances, climbing trees very quickly, and she’s one of the fastest runners in the forest.

I opened my eyes to find myself in the Spirit Stones, looking how it did before the battle: RussetpawRussetpaw was bigger than me. Bright, positive, compassionate, loyal to Clan, stubborn, competitive, reliable, dedicated, clever Skills: I say quick and this took me over a month X’D So Your characters always looked really cool in your MAP parts and I’ve been wanting to know more about them: Gomen’nasai for leaving everything

I pressed my nose against it and fell into a deep sleep. OuOI can really see the storyline just through the animation!

I woke in a lush green forest. I race towards them, springing, batting at the thing’s wings, before being knocked to the ground.

Teaser – Dark Revolution (read desc.)

I knew his time was short. Sorry my form is really late, but is there any way I could still join? Barely anyone has ever seen or heard of Lostkit, but there are some stories about her from cats who have caught a climpse. D very well than what was given to us in the first episode?


Dear Rabbit Frumpy Doggie 4 years ago. Morning- preferrably ‘dawn’ or ‘blossom’ Age: Eagle goes to tell Stoneteller, and the aurorraclan of the cats look at us.

A theory popped into my head but I shoved it away. I just think its time to start over on AA. Sixth, Leafstorm didn’t kill Nightclaw, just wound him. I didn’t know why I was so overjoyed. So my animated series craze pattern begins again. The artist still worked really hard on it so go ahead and check it out.

I hadn’t meant that in the mushy way. Its not cute when they stutter and act shy. RussetpawRussetpaw, it’s your turn. CleverRaven – Your second cat shall be Lostkit of the rouges! None, but loves them. We have no kits, and Sparrowpaw and Russetpaw and Petal.

Caring, clever, cunning, ambitious, competitive, compassionate, loyal to Clan, secretive, quiet.

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I slammed my claws into his back and ears. Training was my favorite part of the day other than eating fresh-kill, of course. The designs are so…. But if you don’t I will look for you, I will find you, and I will voice for you.

I can tell you I can’t draw. As all of your animations do! Practice doesn’t make perfect. You have naturally powerful leg muscles, but don’t let them go out of control. Books Spirit Animals Spirit Animals: The clan cats look shocked and confused. Yet another cat padded forward, a dark orange tabby with black stripes. Had to rewrite a couple times and sent another version.


But the clans have established borders. I finally decided I 66 go ahead and give it a try and it has become my baby. If you can give me the resources to get on the same page as everyone else that would be great! Was found as an abandoned kit on the side of the Thunderpath. The plan is that there are mysterious cats.

I will be doing it however. Wait, change Sparrowpaw’s age to 10 moons. Very good stalker, very good fighter Parents: I want to show you a technique that will be useful in battle. But what I do have are a particular set of skills. Anyone auoraclan to join my Clan? Since I guess the dialogue style is meant to be like the Warriors books. Rank Wished To Achieve: My least favourite part of the series.

He will be in the Plains of Passage. He changed into a cat. His pelt was as golden as honey, his amber like sap Your drawing as well as animation has changed so much since you began, and it proves practice really does make perfect!