However, there are interesting signs that signal a subtle turnaround. We were all part of his plan. Go back to your country and leave mine alone. Early bird sign-up for the new. It is not necessary to notify Russia Insider. Earth Shift Report Meanwhile, a huge, and as usual with ukro-nazis, violent crowd of his supporters gathered below.

What will next PM steal? So, Saakashvili, about to be arrested, stood on the roof, addressing the crowd in… Russian. He was the rumored frontrunner until he made enemies in the majority of Kiev elites read much more about what games are being played by Saakashvili and his US bosses in the latest Earth Shift Report 8: I am a Ukrainian, It is my country! In the end, Avakov throws his trump card at Saakashvili: In October Saakashvili re-entered western Ukraine through Poland. They were left behind by Kiev as Crimea transitioned to Russia, with stated purpose of later aiding the future attack on Crimea from within.

The failure of two revolutions has left Ukrainians disillusioned.

An employee of a military airfield near Dnepropetrovsk named Alexander, came forward to reveal what he witnessed on the day of the MH17 downing in Eastern Ukraine. Russian Presidential Elections coming March 18, ! The hatred of everything Russian has become the new dark religion of Ukraine. We will remember that this statement by Ukraine contradicts data released immediately after saakashvlli tragedy by the Russian military: It has aavakov be noted that brawls are an extremely common occurrence in the Kiev Rada.

Erdogan escaped capture and Gaddafi-like end by minutes, because Putin authorized Russian Intelligence to send him a timely warning. We demand that Russia releases illegally detained Ukrainian P.

Saakashvili | Futurist Trendcast

When asked how he saakaxhvili hold 3 citizenships if it was illegal, he replied: By the look of things, Mikheil has had a hard time achieving this so far. Iraq was attacked by the US, destroyed, looted and hundreds of thousands of its citizens killed based on a false claim of weapons of mass destruction. Armenia, Georgia most religious countries in Europe. I am not Jewish; however, I have Jewish friends, including the most dear friend of my adolescence, Alexander, who now resides with his family in Israel.


Georgia’s Saakashvili in Ukraine

At first the protesters demanded reforms to curb corruption. Except there was a crucial element missing, of which I wrote in October: There is really no financing to speak of.

The problem is also that a catastrophic winter is ahead, while utilities charges keep climbing. Moreover, in the same period he also acquired Canadian citizenship. Same is true for Poroshenko and other Ukraine criminals. These deputies, by the looks sybtitles them, belonged either in the ranks of ukro-nazi battalions or in jail.

I plan to go over the heating up situation in Pridnestrovie, as well.

The official announcements of new features coming next week! It was not an easy victory by any measure, but within 5 days the Russian peacekeeping mission was over, just short of entering the Georgian capital Tbilisi and deposing Saakashvili. This info drop, as usual, is multi-prong. And so I went to Poland to film an interview with Saakashvili, expecting to see a politician whose career was, by all appearances, going downhill.

No one seemed to hear me at the time, as everyone was bent on dividing Ukraine.

Head of Ukrainian Anti-Drug Police Implies Saakashvili Is a Cokehead (Video)

Bringing Saakashvili into play in Ukraine may have also been projected to boost the international image of Poroshenko, still a new president at the time.

His show was on. I called the striking geopolitical parallels between and in one of my first articles about Ukraine crisis: Was he deliberately misled into firing his missiles into a passenger plane in order to present Russia as aggressor so that to make EU change its stance towards adopting tough sanctions against Russia.

Some of these groups were embedded sinceas sleeper cells. As if we needed more proof of that…. However, Saakashvili resigned in Novembersaying that his reform efforts had been blocked by Poroshenko’s allies. Click on that to search by month and year of publication! You may recall that in August there were real battles on the border, when Kiev military attempted a veritable invasion into Crimean territory. He also made insistent steps to reconcile with Russia.


Home Books Excerpts Earth Shifter: How are the MH17, return of the Netherlands gold, and disappearance of the Crimean Scythian gold related? Remember my old mini-series: But while the crackdown on Saakashvili, i.

In October Saakashvili re-entered western Ukraine through Poland. This blog and its content is Copyright of Lada Ray, Author unless otherwise noted. Who will come after Yatsenyuk? The whole thing is very bizarre and it continues the theme Svakov have had on FuturisTrendcast since The ruling party, Georgian Aaakashvili, does not want him in Georgia, not even as a prisoner.

He was among those who accompanied Saakashvili when he forced his way into Ukraine across the border from Poland in September. By the end ofthis process will be complete. The citizenship of Ukraine was given to him in haste after US dragged him in and put saakashviil in charge of the most strategic of the remaining Ukraine territories: Saakashvili is the scandalous run-away ex-president of Georgia, who is a wanted international criminal, aiming for the post of the new president of the long-suffering Ukraine.

See more info and watch what went on in above-linked article!

Ukraine Avakov Saakashvili volunteers Georgia. Ukraine will never get any more IMF loans, for as long as this junta is in power. The interesting twist is that until saakzshvili moment, Kolomoysky for years was repeatedly denied American visa.