Search in titles only Search in Acoustic Guitars only Search. Haven’t been playing it much lately. Hi, selling this fantastic guitar. The body shapes carry the distinctive Avalon genes of performance, playability and beauty. The workmanship on the silver is very good, and it plays and sounds good to me. I have a Silver and a Czech Furch made Gold.

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. The Korean made Silver series had solid wood soundboards and laminated back and sides. Only six months old but need to generate some cash to has to go. Home Forums Recent Posts. Here ya go http: Whilst the affordability of the Silver Series is created through high-quality sytems and specifications it does not stray from the extraordinary experience of the superlative Avalon instrument.

Nut was a bit narrowbut sound was very good for the price. You can contact us directly if you require more information.

Your guitar has more than likely lost some moisture causing the fingerboard to shrink slightly, you might also have some fret—buzz creep in and a loss of tone. Ellen When I bought this I thought it looked like cedar, but Godin told me in an email that it’s solid qs201ce.

The high end guitars that I have played have been nice. Avalon happened when there was a conflict between Georg Lowden and some of the other fol in his company. I’ll keep searching, but comments are welcome And avlon I never forgot it, I never quite memorized it either.

Please email us for an accurate date. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. What type of finish is on my Avalon guitar?


Avalon Asce Silver Series Acoustic Guitar For Sale in Monaghan, Monaghan from dandonn

Many of the Gold series were made in Ireland as well as in Cz. Originally Posted by markd I bought a silver series for my son. Maybe this will help you as its very informative and shows where the silver series is made. Hi, selling this fantastic guitar. Anyone know anything about them? It is important to re—hydrate your guitar as soon as possible. Forgotten your password Email Register. I’d back them against most else in the price range, especially if you don’t want the American eilver sound, but something more Celtic Another great idea that didn’t work out, as I mainly play the custom Grand Parlour anyway!

Here ya go http: I got it as a ‘sitting out’ guitar which would have the same si,ver as my Premier A series. Go to the Avalon forum and read up on them – if you haven’t already. It is definitely worth checking out. as201ec

Westerly Guild Guitars – Website http: It was the grand concert model and, when compared to the Taylor fairs just fine. Sometimes I wrap my thumb around the neck for the low E, and a few times I missed on the S6.

Avalon Guitars

Never heard of them. Of course the sticker inside also says made in Ireland as well. Originally Posted by jaxn slim I’m totally gonna beat my kids until they can play like that. I know they are made in Korea. There are products available to assist you with this like the Humidipak, Dampit and Oasis, you can also contact us for information to best treat your guitar.


What is my Avalon guitar made from? A little more emphasis on the mids, but overall a very nice guitar. Login or Sign Up. So its best to contact Jim with the serial number to find out about a particular guitar.

Home Forums Recent Posts. I’m blessed to be able to have a variety of guitars. Find all posts by Andromeda. The body shapes carry the distinctive Avalon genes of performance, playability and beauty. I sold mine and I miss it actually. The company split with Lowden continuing to build Lowdens and Avalon building and contracting for guitars at a number of price points.

I can feel the fret ends when playing my guitar, what has happened? If nobody here has any experience with them you might try over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum.

The Avalon guitars reflect their heritage and at least some of the workers in their high end plant trained under George Lowden. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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I have a Silver and a Czech Furch made Gold. Previous 1 2 template Next. Yes, my password is: