Girdhapilal Jagjivandas Lekhak ; Ahmedabad. Kanhyia Lai Seth; Muttra. Janaklnath Basak,— Gulniar B. The pro- portion of stories in his volume dealing with this Anglo-Indian man- ifestation of the femme fatale is quite low, but the few tales on this theme were accepted as truth in Britain and no doubt provoked many lively debates in the clubs and drawing rooms of India. Gaup Govinda Roy— Dharmatatwa. Mulan jo Tailim namo Si

Are you sure you want to remove this from your watching list? Macintyre disingenuously asserts that “it is not essential to the progress of this narrative that you should be allowed to gather from my conversation the sort of person I am” Do tell me what he says, George. He fol- lowed them about the place in silent humility — they took him for a coolie, and young Browne treated his statements with brevity, turning a broad British back upon him. As a matter of fact, their conversation was so super- ficial in its nature, and led to such trivial conclusions, that I do not propose to repeat it. Kumapnath Mukhopadhyaya ; Burdwan.

Lalit Mohan Chattopadhyaya; Delhi.

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And when Helen remonstrated that everything seemed to be for her, he begged her to believe that he really didn’t mind — ho didn’t feel acquisitive that morning ; she mustn’t consider him. Amna Babaji Lathe, M. Atma Ram ; Engineer, Patiala. Pani ja Jenwar Si. Fapdunji Behpamji Mapzaban ; Bombay. Barani Tailiui Si Browne 87 Chua 94 An accident disclosed them 96 Mr. Bdngla BhSshar Abhidhan B. And now about the prices, baboo. Sarai Akil, Dis- trict Allahatwd.


They gave her intense directions about her shoes and slippers — it was impossible to get nice ones in India — they were made very well and cheaply in the ” China bazar ” — they lasted for ever if one took care of them — they were instantly destroyed by mould and cockroaches when “the rains” came on.

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And really nowadays, India wasn’t so very far away after all, was it? Bichitra Badhu Rahasya, H. The boy guide told them this. Raja Kerala Varma, C.

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The Macdonalds, for instance, hung about her chair with solicitude, in the temporary absence of any of the attaches. Saral Patrabodh H I. The hymns were not exclusively of any church or creed — Moody and Sankey contributed as many of them as the Ancient and Modern, but they were all lustily emo- tional and befitting the occasion to the most unfortunate de- gree.

His prospective tenant accepted the first of these state- ments, and received the second with open laughter. Kaliehbeg Fapidunbeg, Mipza, kitan-bahadur mdm Hyderabad, Sindh.

She was restless and damp and unhappy, and it finally became necessary for her to draw young Browne’s photo- graph out of her hand-bag englieh peruse it in shelter of the Daily Graphic for a very long time. Her ambivalence is captured in an- other paragraph of the interview already quoted; “Society is delightful in its own way. Bipinbihari Nandi ; Vakeel, Chittagong.


Anantrai Indian litbrary ybar book, Her writing career was given its first impetus when she reported on the New Orleans’ Fair of for the Toronto Globe and other newspapers. Peachey had suffered an accession of anxiety in the last ten minutes.

Kliir-jo Khir Pani jo Pani 6i. Edited, Udbodha Mala and the Life of 8wami Vivekanand. Tliere was nothing on the floor and nothing on the walls.

It is her distinctive bgli that she combines entertaining craftsmanship with an absence of melodrama. Narayan or Raja Rao.

But Miss Stitch, M. Jagannathdas Visharad ; Sadhn Karyalaya, Baroda. Dastur Kaikhosru Jamaspji Jamaspasana.

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If those two young people had come to me — but it goes without saying that they went to nobody. Devi Khadga ane Chitodni Punahprapti G. Janakiharanam MRukmini Haranam M. Hinda Dharmcr Yiscshatwa Ei? Pan ka Nahia H Amapendpa Nath Some ; Burdwan. Edited many valuable old Bengali Mss. Chandra Kumar Bhattaeharya ; Silchar.

Hapi Sing ; Sukkur. Kalain ki kfirigari H.

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