Doing justice to food meant that the food taken should be in appropriate quantities and should be digested through more spiritual exercises. Shaikh Abdul Haq Radulewi had a murid to whom he did not give any attention. The young man said that he had referred to his fether. At that time the people were proceeding to Pakistan in hordes. A number of issues of this paper arc even now in the safekeeping of many persons. Man has been created by God, and it is He alone Who knows all about him. During that period he had a number of peculiar experiences.

Anyone who went to him always returned with some present from him—whether it be only an ijazat permission for a practice or something else. The book is so comprehensive such that no other book on the same subject can match it. As the poet was an inspired one, he accepted this correction inspirationally. He was also stricken by paralysis, though he recovered from that after some time. Of course none knew about it. That is how the Trust which the angels and the mountains could not accept was taken over by Man.

When he reaches the stage of abdiyat, he secs things with the Noor of Allah while remaining in baqi-biUah.

In his dream thereupon, he was shown a likeness ofWaris Hasan Shah Sahib and he understood that the dream was an answer to his request. The unlocking of the door of the mazar by itself. His wzrd were then taken over by Al-Wakeel and he was its editor from August to February Wahid Bakhsh Rabbatti r. Hazrat would say that the Sufis possess great powers and that people, however, only see what is simplistically apparent and base their opinions on this.

And yet our request should be for Him alone; whatever else we get from Him is only by the way. While speaking, the murshid-i-kamil is in an ecstatic state which finds its reflection on the hearers too. He never even asked God for any worldly comfort.

Thus the two, Suharwardi and Chishtiya systems were followed bai3ta the family. The first means that you arc told that fire for instance burns; the second is when you sec something burning in fire and the third means that you experience burning by putting your hand in the fire.


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He shifted to Peshawar in October where his eldest child, a daughter, was born Hajira Khatun. In that sense, even the existence of Satan is a blessing. He then sought permission to present a pan to Hazrat from his own sachet, prepared it himself and presented to him. Maulana Syed Mohammad Zauqi Shah.

It has been proven time and again that all the actions of the Sufis are derived from Qur’an and Hadith. It is not a long haired person or one with an odd robe that is necessarily a true Sufi. Ashraful Haq of Delhi and went back in September.

What is the point in wasting our time with attempts to sort out differences which do not concern us? Give me a charm through episodr that sala may give my money back. Before him, the Shaikh had not come across any other of his pupil who did this.

Therefore instead of lecturing to the whole nation, I have taken up the reform of just fpisode person and that person is myself. When he inquired if anyone had been left out, he was told that there was someone living upstairs who did not come down except to go to the Haram.

That stage episoce not be over till you are able to cross the Sirat bridge and have entered Jannah. There was no sadness or fear in his character. On the 4th of November he arrived in Pakpattan via Bahawalpur to attend the errand returned via Bahawalpur where he visited Mir Sirajuddin.

Now, while this perpetual contest would appear to be a torture, it is in reality a great blessing as it leads to spiritual strengthening. Once, when he was at Kaliyar Sharif to complete his chilla, he hurt his foot to the extent that he could not walk.

With his entry into suluk his whole life was spent with tawakkal-alaUah and he made no efforts for earning a livelihood.

When the Qur’an says: Hazrat contributed articles to that paper every time but, due to financial difficulties, the paper stopped publication.


The question was not even complete when Hazrat understanding his viewpoint said: This is still known to those who worked with him. He spent his early days in Khori where he received his early education and studied Arabic from his father. Maulana Sahib was bom in ah ad at Kohra Jahanabad and was 71 or 73 years by limar calendar when he passed away. As soon as Hazrat Jalaluddin received the reply, he went into a hai spiritual ecstasyepispde to dance and tear off his clothes with blood flowing from his body.

Man, 5 however, has both darkness and noor in his formation to be able to function as a mirror to reflect Divine Attributes of Knowledge and Power. But Man is a complicated being, and when no human agency is capable ofcreating from nothing—even a twig or a particle of sand— how is it possible that their unfounded claims of laying down rules for episde behaviour be acceptable?

They create in themselves the conditions opposite to that which they find out of place in the murid, and transfer it to the murid who then gets cured of the evil influence of his state. He would maintain a daily diary. Ruh — on the right side of the chest with white noor.

The saliks were exposed to this all the time, as it was a part of suluk for which it was inescapable. The old man returned the next day, removed the leaves which hurt Hazrat baia3t great deal and renewed the dressing. He went to Madras to attend the annual session of the League and returned from there on 8th April visidng Hyderabad on the way. During that period he had a number of peculiar experiences. Wherever he was, he read the Times gai3at India along with the local papers.

Being an Insan-i-kamil, a Walt and an Arif gnosticthe reality of space and time and of matter were within his knowledge.