Sofia National Opera Orchestra. Even non-ballet people love that part, children and adults alike! The High Brahmin, however, is also in love with Nikiya and learns of her relationship with Solor. Fyodor Lopukhov claimed that the fourth act was removed because the theatre now lacked the technical staff needed to stage the destruction of the temple. Nureyev enlisted the assistance of his friend and colleague Ninel Kurgapkina , former Prima Ballerina of the Kirov Ballet, to assist in staging the work. One very interesting passage that has been changed in modern times is the Variation of Nikiya with the Scarf , which is known today as The Scarf Duet. The lovelorn Brahmin offers Nikiya an antidote to poison, but Nikiya finally understands that Solor will never dare to renounce his caste and position for her sake.

Leave him to me! Today, this piece is danced by Nikiya with Solor holding the ends of a tulle scarf before the latter exits with the scarf, leaving Nikiya to complete her solo alone. All make spectacular entrances, especially Solor on an elephantine contraption less spectacular is the droopy stuffed tiger his companions carry in. Petersburg Imperial Theatres and an influential teacher. The Temple Dancer ru. Squarciapino’s costume designs were inspired by ancient Persian and Indian paintings, with elaborate head-dresses and hats, colorful shimmering fabrics, and traditional Indian garb, with much of the materials coming from Parisian boutiques that imported directly from India.

He cannot admit that he is already betrothed to another to a dancer, no less ; nor can he bring himself to disobey his sovreign. Mariinsky Theatre, Share this: The Diaries of Marius Petipa.

The long slow repeated-arabesque sequence creates the bqyadere of a grand crescendo that seems to annihilate all time. Views Read Edit View history.

Here the grouping and bayaeere were infused with true poetry. The variations also underwent change from the original production. The subject of The Kingdom of the Shades is not really death, although everybody in it except the hero is dead.

It’s Elysian bliss, and its setting is eternity. Although Gorsky was the first to omit the fourth act, his production and its subsequent revivals were never staged outside of Moscow. The variation was changed so that Solor would now hold one end of the veil as Nikiya danced, departing the stage half-way through her solo offstage.


Nikiya would later be the final role that Pavlova would dance with the Imperial Ballet in before she left Russia for good. The Kingdom of the Shades in the revival: This situation was very ironic because when Gerdt was a young dancer, he acted as the additional cavalier for the ageing Lev Ivanov the first Solor in the original production.

La Bayadère

Classical Revival and the Modernization of Ballet. By proposing that I dance her steps Petipa wanted to “needle” me: The choreographer Sergei Vikharev made use of the Stepanov Choreographic Notation from the Sergeyev Collection to assist on mounting the choreography. Act 1 of the revival: Sofia National Opera Orchestra. Yew can’t danse one, yew can’ danse other! The High Brahmin offers Nikiya an antidote to the poison, but she chooses death rather than life without her beloved Solor.

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Of all the ballets which I had the occasion bayadeere create, this was my favorite. The shades are breath taking. Little does she know that the basket is from Gamzatti, who has concealed beneath the flowers a venomous snake.

The ballet was essentially a vision of the Southern Orient through 19th century European eyes.

La Bayadere

Politique relative aux cookies. Act 2 of the revival: Their love is secret and forbidden: The original Nikiya, Ekaterina Vazem briefly mentions this effect in her memoirs:.

In the next scene the depressed Solor smokes opium.

She uses the excuse that they are of different castes to try to get him to go away: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Vaganova revised the ballerina’s dances for her star pupil Marina Semenovawho danced Nikiya.

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We were fortunate in being able to restore Minkus’s full score for this ballet. Petipa, who was on stage, immediately satisfied himself that his treatment of me was unjust. Bayxdere spite of the fact that the production was billed as a “reconstruction”, Vikharev retained nearly all of the Soviet-era choreography.


It was difficult to restore the score as the music had been split up. During rehearsals, Petipa clashed with the Prima ballerina Vazem over the matter of her entrance in the ballet’s final Grand pas d’actionwhile also experiencing many problems with the set designers who constructed the ballet’s elaborate stage effects. Pavel Gerdt was 56 years old during the time of the revival and Nikolai Legat acted as an additional cavalier during the dance passages. Boiled down and sans elephant, all you need are: Here of course I had to dance.

The Danse Manu of the second act baydaere a history of having had many famous ballerinas dancing the student roles when they were children and among others was the great Bolshoi Prima Ballerina Galina Ulanova. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Only now does Solor realize what he has done.

Archived from the original on 1 May The violin repetiteur score for this variation is included in the Sergeyev Collection.

You should be as stunned as Solor by the corps de ballet: Solor hides and watches the entry of the Grand Brahmin, keeper of the sacred flame. I liked its beautiful, very theatrical scenario, baayadere interesting, bayaddre lively dances in the most varied genres, and finally Minkus’ music, which the composer managed especially well as regards melody and its coordination with the character of the scenes and dances.

Event occurs at seconds. Documents and Eyewitness Accounts Royal Opera House, Mariinsky Ballet: Finally, Nikiya performs her ritual dance. Get swept away by passion as it was experienced in the 19th century! October Learn how and when to remove this template message.