After returning home, Deshmukh’s husband again tries to convince Deshmukh and this time she tells him that she will not eat food until he agrees for the boy she chose for Bani. As they step out of the house, Buaji tries to tell them something but Angad stops her. Watch the complete episode to know what happens next. Sohum shouts on Bani and tells her to go away. Watch the episde to know what happens next. Bani tells him that he has already done a lot for her, and does not want to bother him anymore. The inspector tells her that Sohum has been bailed out by his family members. She asks her about the dress.

Meanwhile, Rajji waits for Bani near the wall, but Bani doesn’t come. Later, after Parmeet has slept Bani goes to meet Rajji and talk about the failure of showing the true colors of Randeep to Gagan. Rajji tells Amrit that he has created more problems by proposing her instead of Bani. Seeing Sohum, Balbir recalls the humiliation he had faced at the railway station. He is shocked to see that Bani is perfectly relaxed and has no reaction to his tricks. On the other hand, when Bani starts packing for her visit to her father’s house, her mother-in-law forcefully makes her pack all her clothes and jewelry saying that she might have to stay back for long. Ichcha is the daughter of a maid servant, while Tapasya is the daughter of the landlord of the same house.

Later, Jia’s mother comes into the room and asks her to go for shopping along with Bani the next day. Bani looks out of the window and sees Parmeet standing outside the gate, rubbing his hands in despair.


Deshmukh comes and asks Bani about her views about the proposal. Coming to know that Rajji has fainted, Bani rushes to her without informing Parmeet. Parmeet’s elder brother returns home. She taunts Bani and says how people try to blame others for their own doings. Sohum tells his brother’s wife that he does not want to marry. Bani brings water for her, but she denies to drink.

Everyone keeps waiting for Sarab to regain his consciousness. On the other hand, Bani gets into a conversation with Writtsn. To everyone’s surprise, Parmeet makes the breakfast for everyone and asks for forgiveness from his mother for having misbehaved with her. Stay tuned to know what happens next on Bani.

He goes outside in the lawn and takes out the model airplane, which symbolized that one of the family members have settled in foreign. He asks reandip to let bani live life her own way, as she needs it. Deshmukh buys two pots in order to complete one of the rituals. Will she get her answer? Anuradhaji praises Bani for having played her part very well.

Meanwhile, Rano reaches the railway station with the hope that his husband, Balbir, might come today. Later, Balbir is shocked to know that Darjee has not signed the new will. Knowing this, Rajji feels very grieved and gets angry on her husband Soham. Balbir is ready to crush Sohum’s head with a boulder, when suddenly, Bua appears on the scene and stops Balbir.

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Later, Ranveer tries to speak to Gagan who eritten an answer which is not affirmative in anyway. He starts going beserk and starts wondering about the occurrences around him. Soham insists that he comes along but Balbir intervenes, and asks him to go to the farm as there has been a problem. Rajji comes home and accuses Parmeet of having got Bani killed.


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Bani’s father welcomes everyone in a very gentle manner. Reaching home, Parmeet tells his mother to come to the hospital with him, but she refuses. Sohum leaves after knowing augustt Bani got a marriage proposal from an NRI. Dolly aufust if she has brought the money from her mother. Bani is no longer allowed to go to Parmeet’s home as per Dadhji’s instructions.

Rajji in front of everybody asks both Balbir and Ramon to accompany them to Soham’s house.

Watch this special episode and know what happens next. On the other hand, Balbir and Ramon feel terrible when they have to do things they have never done. Bani standing on the river bank, calls Parmeet and writtrn him to accept that he was the one who had plotted to kill her. On the other hand, Sohum is very disturbed by Rajji’s decision and decides to meet her.

Hearing this, Rajji iahq to control Bani and asks her as to who is trying to kill her. Sohum decides that he will go and inquire about Parmeet in the market where Bani had seen him.