However, the trains leaves and Harish triumphantly watches it go. Hema suggests to her to mortgage the house, so Kaushalya agrees but asks Harish and her to keep it a secret from Vidya. Raghav and Uma are thrilled! Kaushalya too lies that Hema has been looking after her well. Meanwhile, an upset Vidya realises suddenly that she has not spoken to her mother from the time she had arrived. A furious Sindoora orders Vidya to apologise to the guest right away! Later, Mahua praises Sindoora for having Sagar wrapped around her finger. Raghav asks the priest to complete the remaining rituals but Sindoora arrives then and demands that the wedding rituals be stopped.

Meanwhile, Cheenu puts his aunts concern to rest and assures Uma that Vidya had indeed read the letter and approved of Sagar for his simplicity. Vidya prays to God to let her speak to her mother. Vidya and Radha are shocked to see the ruffian Harsh Puneet Vashisht return to their town. Vidya informs everyone that she is also learning English because people believe that one becomes educated only by knowing English. However, he dials a wrong number. However, Vidya replies that she will return home, but to the home where her husband lives. What is Hemas plan?

Just then, Hema is shocked to see Kaushalya near the door. Hema and Shalu see Sagar for the first time and are surprised to see that he is so handsome. She says that their father had insulted her in public because Vidya had cast a spell on him! However, the guests relish every dish prepared by Vidya.

Vidya requests her to let her go to her husbands house and perform her duty as a wife. Vidya tells her sisters-in-law that subtifrat cannot afford more expensive gifts.

Meanwhile, Vidya prays to God to help her out of the crisis. Uma has preparations to do for the wedding, so Vidya volunteers to stay back at their subtitray with Raghav because he is unwell.


A man calls out to him as Chote Thakur Landlords younger son. However, she also tells that despite all her efforts, Sagar cannot accept her because he does not love her, and so she would be leaving the house right away.

Sindoora walks away in a episodw. Vidya starts cleaning the room, and Kartik turns up there claiming that he wants to help her. Kaushalya gives Vidyas name, much to the ire of Hema and Shalu. Meanwhile, Sindoora reaches her home in Benares and tells a shocked Uma that Vidya did not want to spend her life with a madman, so she didnt come. Hema thinks about how to summon him to stop Vidyas marriage. Sindoora says that like every time, each priest will be given Rs.

Harish leaves Vidya in the train and says that hell come back soon. Harish and Hema mock at Kaushalya about Vidyas wedding. Hema lies that they were discussing Vidyas wedding.

Raghav hopes that Sindoora does not reach Benares before the wedding. Shalu tells her mother that because Raghav and Uma accepted Vidya in spite of knowing she is illiterate, Sagar surely must be a boy of vices! He thanks her for accepting Sagar without asking any questions. Hema insults Kaushalya and her by asking in epidode of everyone how an illiterate girl like Vidya could be a deserving bride for the landlords son!

He starts talking about his eldest daughter, Sindoora and her husband Aniket. Hema scolds Kaushalya, and Kaushalya actually finds some more money later in the shirt.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Sagar forces her to also say that she will never steal again. Raghav takes Vidya to skbtitrat ancestral temple and sees Sagar playing his guitar. Sindoora then tells her sisters that it is the best chance to teach Vidya a lesson! Meanwhile, Hema warns Kaushalya not to step out of the house or inform Vidya about anything. Just then, she sees a truck approaching and seeks help from a boy who offers her a lift.


Vidya sees Radhas mother feeding her disabled husband. Sindoora vows to remove Vidya from their house within a month by making her epiode a hell!

Vidya gets ready for the ceremony but Cheenu informs Uma that Sindoora and her sisters as well as Sagar had declined from coming. Sindoora and her sisters are displeased, while Kartik ogles her! Sindoora gets inside her car and Harsh rushes towards her but the cop asks him to sit in his own vehicle.

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The cop then allows only Sindooras car to leave. Sagar holds Vidyas subtitfat and shouts to Sindoora that he has caught the thief! However, they are disappointed seeing Shalu with her loud make-up.

That he was responsible for Sindooras mothers condition. Sagar threatens Vidya that he will not talk to her if she does not apologise to Sindoora, so Vidya obliges. However, in the process, one of the leaves of the letter falls subtutrat the river and the page gets smudged. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Season 1.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode – Dailymotion Video

Mahua informs Kartik that Sagar had married a village bumpkin. When Vidya asks Kaushalya where she got the money for the wedding, Kaushalya lies that Harish and Hema had helped her. Uma, Cheenu and Sagar are happy. Vidya escapes and goes to fetch medicines for her mother. Sindoora vows never to get her fathers wishes fulfilled.