Sindoora and her sisters taunt Vidya about how an illiterate bumpkin like her will look after their fathers vast inheritance but Dr. Chandra says that Sagar can even give up his life for her. All recent searches will be deleted. Mahua places the money in Vidyas suitcase. Uma gives a letter to Vidya saying that her husband had written it to her because he would not be able to personally speak about the matter with her. Meanwhile, Sindoora and her sisters make arrangements for people to come and see Vidya for the first time. When Vidya asks Kaushalya where she got the money for the wedding, Kaushalya lies that Harish and Hema had helped her.

Harish tries his best to make a good impression about Shalu to Raghav and Uma but he is displeased when Uma inquires about Vidya. Keeping his promise to Sindoora not to speak with Vidya, he only gestures to her and puts the anklets around her feet. He asks her to promise him that she will not let his family disintegrate and never leave Sagar. Vidya tells Lord Shiva that there must be a reason behind her coming to this room and says that she is not afraid of facing any storm now because He is with her. Uma defiantly tells Sindoora that even after Raghavs death, only his word would hold good at home. Vidya replies that one does not become a maid by cooking in ones own house! However, when she sees them, she escapes. Vidya goes up to Sagar and promises him that never to leave him alone again.

Uma gives Vidya jewellery, and she gives Uma a photo frame of Raghav and her. What is Hemas plan? So Sindoora demands that her belongings be checked. Raghav hopes that Sindoora does not reach Benares before the wedding.

Sagar then tells Vidya that he will never help her because she is wicked and had killed his father! Kaushalya is sure that God will protect Vidya. Harish leaves Vidya in the train and says that hell come back soon. Subtifles at home, Vidya tells her mother that she is not deserving of becoming the wife of Raghavs younger son. Sagar quietly heeds Sindoora.


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Harish had got the job of a caretaker in the mansion after his brothers death. However, on her way back, she is confronted by Harsh and his goons. She has three step-children, Sindoora, Mahua and Chandra.

On the other hand, Sindoora tells her sisters that loneliness and neglect from their father had got the better of their mother and she had died. On the other hand, Hema and Harish stage a drama and tell Sindoora suntitles Raghav died as soon as Vidya stepped into the house!

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Meanwhile, when Raghavs doctor asks Uma where Vidya is, Sindoora replies that they had left her where she belonged. Vidya hides the truth about her being illiterate englisg promising to tell Sagar another story. Just then, Hema appears and begs at Vidya and Kaushalyas feet for forgiveness. Sindoora gets inside her car and Harsh rushes towards her but the cop asks him to sit in his own vehicle.

Vidya further says that if they were to relocate, then her mother will never be happy because her roots were here. She believes Rajeev to be dead. Uma gives a letter to Vidya saying that her husband had written it to her because he would not be able to personally speak about the matter with her.

Sindoora vows to remove Vidya from their house within a month by making her life a hell! On the other hand, Vidya tells Radha that she cant believe her good fortune about getting married into such a good and wealthy family.

She puts a bottle of salt in it! Meanwhile, Hema warns Kaushalya not to step out of the house or inform Vidya about anything. Meanwhile, Cheenu puts his aunts concern to rest and assures Uma that Vidya had indeed read the letter and approved of Sagar for his simplicity.


Vidya prays to God to let her speak to her mother. Shalu makes a fool of herself in front of them. Later, Vidya comes to the temple with her mother, and Hema comes there with Shalu.

Cheenu sees the photographs and tells Vidya that Sagar had returned from the US and was full of life, ready to take over his fathers business. Hema tells Kaushalya that Sagar is a madman! When Kaushalya is all set to take the bride to the temple, Hema intervenes and says that widows attending weddings is considered inauspicious but Vidya asserts that she must accompany her.

Meanwhile, Cheenu dials the shopkeepers number in Benares for Vidya but she is told that her mother is not to be seen from many days, and she had not even paid Rs. Vidya tells Uma and him that she is confident about winning over her sisters-in-law someday despite being a village bumpkin.

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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Season 1. Sindoora orders Sagar to go to his room and then taunts Vidya that despite trying to prove herself as a dutiful wife, she got what she rightly deserved!

Just then, Cheenu comes banpo take Vidya away. Vidya sees Radhas mother feeding her disabled husband.

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Sinha requests Vidya to at least put her thumb impression on the documents. Hema scolds Kaushalya, and Kaushalya actually finds some more money later in the shirt. On the other hand, tedi Sagar is playing, the ball goes under the shelf, so Vidya goes to fetch it but gets the bundle of money instead!