See, the crux of this book is a story we’ve heard all too often growing up. Like Sidhwa , he never rejects the colonialist ideology in his novel. See 1 question about Ice-Candy Man…. Jaggat Singh a socially marginal ,involved in many crimes, when he came to know about the conspiracy about the train going to Pakistan in which his beloved and many Muslims were travelling, he saved the train on the expance of his own life. She uses the fire as symbol. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. When I see the finished film, I realize how well the scene works, how different a film is from a novel, what a large role camera angles, close-ups and editing play in the language of the screen.

We meet for the first time an hour before the presentation. It merely presents the details in a matter-of-fact way, to show that life goes on irrespective. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Lenny, an 8-year-old Parsee girl, tells the story of the division of India in and the resulting ethnic clashes between the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, all of whom were once friends and treated each other like extended family. In winter he sells birds because candy is seasonal bread for him. I particularly appreciated how the whole mess was seen through not just the viewpoint of the maid but the little girl–particularly at the end of the film. I learned so much from this book.

Partition was the defining event of modern, independent India and Pakistan and it is hardly an exaggeration to say that partition continuous to be the defining event of modern Iice and Pakistan.

Ice-Candy Man

This question resonated in my mind as the credits rolled. Really really worth a read It’s dense and layered and the history is tragic, but so much history is. Director – writer Deepa Mehta deserves much credit for depicting the complexities of one of the world’s worst tragedies with diplomatic balance, not placing blame on any one group but yet revealing the errors and brutality that each group made.

It is heart breaking incident for Lenny that she wanted to share with her Ayah but the angry mob get hold of her Ayah due to which she cannot get a chance to tell her about Hasan. She resides in a Parsi family in Lahore by becoming care-taker of a polio-affected girl. Earth steers clear of being a movie about the events of partition; rather, by concentrating on its effects upon a small group of friends and how it affects their friendships and relationships, it shows the soul of partition.


Click here to sign up. The trademark Sidhwa humour is an added bonus. Lenny also sees her other servant has been converted into a Christian by becoming David. They did not see or predict how the environment at that time would change them all; and destroy their friendship. One last symbolic reference to ponder was the touching romantic scene between the two lovers amidst the ancient ruins.

Singh creates an overall candu of Muslim cruelties against Sikhs. Bapis imagery is excellent and brings each scene to life.

Watching My Novel Become Deepa Metha’s Film | Bapsi Sidhwa

Read the book to understand the politics of today. In her childhood Ayah is her world. Bewitched by the alchemy of the moment, he, too, has been transported to our childhood.

As with any historical epics, the film’s sweeping smoothness conceals formal ruptures, as the film moves registers from the ‘naturalistic’ or narratively, psychologically plausible to Expressionism, to blatant allegory. Want to Read saving…. She watches the people around her and describes the atmosphere as the British withdrew from India and India split into two countries, India and Pakistan.

Based on Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel, ‘Cracking India’, Earth tells the story of the partitioning of India seen through the eyes of a eight year old girl. Camdy 1st edition February 12, Language: He is shown as playing several roles in disguise for earning his bread and butter.

The rest of him was in the sack.

A beautiful and haunting film, csndy is set in India duringwhich saw independence granted and the Indian sub-continent divided between Muslim Cany and largely Hindu India. His lust for ShantaBibi is shown beautifully. She notices that his love for her Ayah is so pure that he accepts that he will convert himself into a Hindu for her.


He dwells on the process and the way thousands of Sikhs murdered by Muslims are disposed off by burning with wood and kerosene oil collected from the village.

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She shows, among other things, the Brahmin ideology of purity contributing towards Partition of the sub- continent. Though the experience was one she says, “I would not wish on anyone,” it marks the beginning of her literary fame Sidhwa “Interview” Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I like the way things look. The viewers don’t see the glory of Independence but the heart wrenching drama of the Partiton of India and Pakistan. Lenny is so small to understand class, caste and religion based distinctions but later on she realizes canddy poverty spoils childhood joys of Pappu.

One symbolic reference that I am not sure if I understand sidbwa that of the Sikh man and his family, hiding from the Muslim killer mob. Lenny to some extent is Sidhwa herself through which she portrays innocent world of children with playful prankishness but the outside exposure in the company of her Ayah makes her aware of extreme bapsl of class, caste and religion. As an Indian-born American this film had an intense emotional impact on me, as it did movle my best friends sitting to my right and left – a Muslim and a Sikh.

Erik Erikson, the famous psychologist, defines this crucial phase of life as: Then, when the post-war Labour government decided to grant independence it did so with unseemly and disastrous haste.