But when the fasting of Ramadhan was prescribed, the fast of Ashurah turned into optional. I have been doing many effort to cure, but the result was nothing. Allaah, with Him is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. She spent generously for the cause of Allah and entertained guests very hospitably. As Salaam walekum, Iam in great depression due to the arguments we are having in my household. Assalamulaikum scholars i just wanted ask you regarding the answer to my last question.. But if she does not agree in any cost then look for someone who can breastfeed and look after the baby.

Our projects allow people to keep doing their Qurbani at an affordable price and also have a minimum participation in the process by taking possession of the Qurbani meat, taste it and also distribute it among the locals in Mauritius as well. Lekin meri biwi ko mere ghar rehna pasand nahi, kabhi bhi unke ammi use phone pe call karte hai aur bulalete hai, agar mai mana karron to mere saath ladh ne laghte hai. Do you know why I have asked you to assemble? Therefore, it can not be justified on the presumption that the sellers in auction are not aware to how the purchaser is funding his purchase. That is, if no other medicine is available then would it be allowed? Verily, We have prepared for the wrongdoers, a Fire whose walls will be surrounding them. If a Muslim is the perpetrator of wrong against a non-Muslim, will he be free of any retribution and punishment?

Bade Acche Lagte Hai – Episode 166 – 12th March 2012

A humble request to all Pakistani Muslims: Therefore, eternal hell fire for a disbeliever is quite just.

Hanzalah was a great Shabee who has been given Gusl by angels after has been martyred because he was in the state where Gusl is necessary. Kaali31th December Watch Onlinestar plus Vide Therefore, the Nikaah referred to in the above-mentioned question is valid and the martial relation between the couple has established. I could not save any single dirham for last two years since when I came here in dubai.

What do you say on it?

If we are aware of such activities from any individual what will our moral obligation be? Its like I am standing infront of a mirror, and I have a few hair left on my head.


Wallaahu a3lam bith thawaab.

As Salaam walekum, My nikaah did take place over the phone but there were representatives from his side not mine who heard me accepting him as my husband and the mufti made me read certain verses from the holy quran and then he asked avhay if I asked this man as my husband 3 lavtay which I did but in saying so the 2 representatives who represented me were from my husbands side there was nobody from end who heard me accepting this man as my husband so now iam totally confused whether this man is my husband or not?

Therefore, it is not allowed for a Muslim to send his children to any Christian or missionary school in order to protect the Imaan of youth and new generation. But are these earths together or separated and one under another and are there inhabitants on each earth? Do the Arabs fight against him? I think it will soon dry up. Listening to music, for instance hanging picture of living-being, talking to Ghair-Mahram without extreme necessity, taking interest, all are amongst the sins which must be avoided.

Veera 1january Watch Online star plus Video H Therefore, approach the local Muslim Jamaat or the Mufti of your locality and carry on as per his advice. Assalamulaikum I want to know about that some of the verses in the Quran was uplifted or abbrogated.

Ram-Sakshi intimate scene in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain is not vulgar

The dream also had adhay nephews and my daughter. If we continue to elect same criminals over and over, I am sure your children will never forgive you. Ahmed, whether you keep a beard or shave it you will face problem to get a visa for any western country because of your identity.

You may recite the following Aayaat after every Salaah for standing firm on Imaan and getting the heart purified.

I am desperately looking for guidance and help. Unto your Lord will be the place of rest that Day. Pakistan ka ab Allah he hafiz hai,,ye sab hamare gunaho ka natija hai ke hame aese zalim hukmuran mile. Therefore, laagtay Muslimah is not permitted to keep her name as Anila. However, some of the Hanafi jurisrs and a large number of Shaafie jurists have preferred the permissibility of oral use of the hides of the Halal animals after dabaghah. If she is a pious and religious woman and you are sincere in your intention, send the proposal through a close relative of that lady baeay anyone she and her family trust and rely on.


Comply with Shariah in every sphere of life haun ask Allaah for guidance and Halaal provision. I have Alhamdulillah always tried my best to adhere to Islamic teachings and practice sunnah as much as i know.


However, Ghusl does not become Wajib by these drops. Tranquility lies only in complying with the Shariah. Every one of you is a guardian and responsible for his charges: I further want to know what a compatible marriagelike what are the elements Islamically for a compatible marriage.

Once the mortgage is approved, the bank will instruct a Surveyor to survey and value the property. And what if they are brokenis there any way to ask for forgiveness specifically for that.

Na hi meri achwy boli ke tum to muje milne aaye hoo.

Ullam kolai pogudhada1 – video dailymotion

One 156 to pass on good things to next generation, maybe we can pass on, good and prospers Pakistan by making good decisions. Is there water in it and does it irrigate the land?

However, this type of loan may be permissible only in the countries where it becomes compulsory and a legal requirement and no other permissible option is available.

Make sure that you meet Allaah in a state that you are free from all types of rights. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 32 Mrs.

As regard to getting Nikaah to that boy, his family is not ready to include you in the list of their members. The ulama hold different bray regarding the root of this word.

And if married then you will benefit from the company of a pious Aalim or will be blessed with a son who will be a pious Aalim. Respected Muft Sahib, Assalam-o-Alaikum Mufti sahib regarding your answeri would like to know a epiaode more. Imaan is the main asset of a Muslim which can not be sold or compared with any other asset in any cost.

What do you believe and on that we will give a detailed reply.