I will post updates on how everything goes through from here on out. Now I am dealing with someone named Allison. Office number is Kats mobile is and yes Tom, from what I understand everyone left Heffernan. Call that number Tom and tell me what happens! I’m inquiring about insurance myself now. Basically, she said it was to deter rental houses from trying to get one of these policies.

Love to get an idea of what it costs and what you get. I will call this week and find out. I’m sorry to hear this, I was going to give these guys a call. I will echo others here, If you want or need insurance for your gear However, the rental gear quote was the same amount! Now I am dealing with someone named Allison. Seems to me they are looking for productions above 2 million a year.

They don’t require every item to be scheduled anymore, just items over 5, usd. She’s my rep and they offer extremely reasonable deals with full coverage.

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Never hurts to know your policy owners. I think those options are available though I think the quote I got from them www. Somewhat necessary now that United revised their baggage mmarque. You need to have a permanent American address, so sorry Johann. Has anyone actually filed a claim with DeWitt Stern? I too just secured my policy with DeWitt Stern. Fklms and tear, electrical surge, mechanical breakdown, confiscated by government, dishonest acts, intentional damage, damage while being repaired, and mysterious disappearance.


If the person you rent equipment to does not return it to you. I will post updates on how everything goes through from here on out. Who insures your stuff now?

At first I asked about production insurance Now I am dealing with someone named Barnsormer. Jason was my rep, very helpful in explaining everything and the most reasonable rates I found after shopping a few different insurance companies. Be very careful and read the fine print as unfortunately not all agencies are honest ones. Insuring me’s like lending money to a poor guy with a great idea. No renters insurance but that is something that the renters must provide anyhow so that doesn’t concern me.

Any other recommendations to throw into the mix? I will call Brandy thanks I’m waiting for my Red so I’m prematurely doing the research, especially insuring it.

Love dealing with her dewintter she’s quick and can get COI’s out quickly if need be. She will also handle insurance waivers for marquue and is working on automating it so you can handle it all online. If anyone wants to deal with Kat again, she is now at Francis.

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It would be nice if Heffernan could retain their employees so I am not dealing with a new person every 6 months. This is cool, now will all benefitting from this post as usual in this great community. Very friendly and helpful! If you have any homeowners or renters insurance or other business insurance start by talking to them.


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Reviving this thread cause Dewibter am working in France for the next year and hoping someone could recommend an insurer on this side of the pond! The numbers I gave them are the absolute minimum value for the equipment I’ll have.

I also suggest giving Kat a call Anyone who leaves their valuables in their car unlocked in North America should lose their citizenship! No problem – glad it worked out! It doesn’t cover me renting out the camera, but they seem willing to cover me. I’m a citizen and have a permanent U. I second DeWitt Stern. It was the first claim I’ve ever had and they made it so much easier than I ever thought.

Time to move on. This thread has been fantastic! I’ll definitely be looking into this when my time comes. Aloha, Mike Michael S. On the flip-side, my homeowners insurace has great coverage of theft of items, damage, etc.

Call that number Tom and tell me what happens!