I am rather pleased she was not Barriss do to her short role and limited ability to do anything significant and death by Maul. The Dark Side is the Dark Side. She never wavers in her beliefs about Death Watch and is more than a match for the group at the end, even holding her own against Pre Vizsla! Good intentions and right reasons can be twisted into something wicked and evil. Someone was asking me is Ezra susceptible to the Dark Side? So she will return alive and well or in some sort of flashback where he dies. Watch Artists Sketch Tag:

Anakin and Admiral Yularen order her to fall back, but she insists they can still do it. Some have even created fan art depicting it! She saw through what Palpatine was molding the Jedi into: The Grand Inquisitor was a Jedi Knight. Skip to main content. So sorry for the length BTW. Turning to Jedi Master Jocasta Nu for help though results in meeting the elder Jedi Master Tera Sinube, who tags along to help Ahsoka and ends up teaching her a valuable lesson about slowing down along the way. Barriss has a very distinct pattern of diamonds decorating her nose and upper cheeks.

Who knows what torture and mind conditioning Barriss has been through since barris Clone Wars. He will help her to rise again far from this war to help guid the galaxy to true and absolute peace.

Top 10 Marvel Movies Tag: Notify me of new comments via email. It barriss her hard and is not something she is able to overcome easily, making this an intriguing look at Ahsoka learning to deal with the responsibilities of command.

Star Wars Rebels: The Grand Inquisitor’s Backstory

Featured Posts Seeing Double: Top 10 Space Movies. The Dark Side can be, you know, one of the politicians in the Senate that seizes things for his own greed and power.

We know she is still alive but that is all, I am certain that Ahsoka will appear in the final season, it is just how. He would continue to do this until they break. Listen to her final words to the jury, the Jedi, and Ahsoka as she admits her guilt, but also the logic behind her actions in this video: She appears to one of the night sisters, perhaps related to Ventress.


You are commenting using your WordPress. What is your favorite episode or moment featuring Ahsoka? Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Tag: On Mon, Aug 3, After knocking Ahsoka out, he takes them to Death Watch. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Anyway, Anakin went from barrisss to end the sith to varriss a sith in the matter of a couple of days sooo Barriss Offee is not that person.

She met other young Jedi who were kidnapped and inspired them to fight back, resulting in one of their deaths. It all begins with Ahsoka in custody after being on the run to try to prove her innocence.


Also in Barriss mind, she may view the Empire as the power that ended the Clone Wars that repulsed her and may see the Empire as peace keeping abd her role as an inquisitor would serve to prevent war.

Ever since the trailer for season two of Star Offes Rebels was released, there has been speculation about the identity of the new Inquisitors.

This does make sense.

So sorry for the length BTW. She still wanted to destroy the sith. When it comes to interesting Ahsoka moments, I especially think the second installment of the Mortis arc is worth a re-watch.

This is the last season with less episodes than the previous two, let’s keep it about the main 6 and give them the proper sendoff.

This Contains Spoilers for Star Wars: Mods have the final say. The bond seen between Mara Jade and Palatine was that of almost a father daughter, or shogun to his samurai.

I ask you this, on a lonely, repetitive drawn out endless prison stent knowing death is all she has to look forward to and rage brewing at the lack of foresight within the Jediā€¦ When Palatine enters himself the lights out all guards mysteriously gone and tells you he will free her from this barrriss.


No I would hope for more from Barriss the Imperial. Is it naturally occuring? Maybe so, but if they want to continue her story do it somewhere else. I would hope for more seasn of a villain Barriss Offer, the role of Inquisitor was week to say the least easily bested by Offfee failed Jedi and a child. After being revealed as the mysterious Fulcrum in the Season 1 finale, Ahsoka continues her Rebels appearance in the Season 2 premiere.

Barriss has a very distinct pattern of diamonds decorating her nose seasoon upper cheeks. That of a deep survitude by Mara toward Palatine for believing he had saved and given her a life worth living.

Yes, she used the wrong methods for bringing about political change when she bombed the Jedi temple. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: They really could’ve used at least a season 5.

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Ahsoka attends a peace conference being held between the Republic and the Separatists on Mandalore, but things fall apart after an interruption by Lux Bonteri where he announces Count Dooku was involved in the murder of his mother, who was a Separatist senator. Skip to main content. That being said, she is then ordered to hunt down her former friend, Ahsoka Tano, as she would use her anger of Ahsoka to improve her abilities.