As it is, I’m building in a rural area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and options are more limited. Can cast iron Radiator be removed to retile floor? If I were to build a new house, I’d also install it there. When I finished my basement 30 years ago, I installed the same cast iron baseboard that was in the house on the main floor Weil-McLain Snug Baseboard. I really don’t want to compromise with this especially in a colder climate. That area always cooled off faster then the main house, so I saw more cycling on the boiler just for that one zone. To each his own Almost any panel rad would have been overkill.

Dec 13, Location: Now, rather than a section of radiators on the wall Super efficient low temp system. Nicer, though, is a properly designed radiant flooring system. It sort of gets me that cookie cutter tract homes from 60 years ago had it standard while newer, very expensive homes have aluminum fin baseboard if they even have hot water heat to begin with. Schluter has a system, Bekotec, that gives things a lot of thermal mass and makes placing the tubing easier.

I will not have AC – not needed. Dries out the air more than cast iron baseboard?? I like it so much in my current home, I’d hate to lose it when I move.

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If there were sufficient wall area for a heated towel rack I might have gone that route, or put it in series with the iron baseboard, but the sloping roof makes for very minimal amount of area. Cast iron radiator feed and return testing. Now, rather than a section of radiators on the wall Share This Page Tweet.


A panel rad just about anywhere on or bazeboard the exterior wall feels pretty much the same. Jan 14, Location: Steel flat panel radiators typically have more thermal mass per rated BTU than cast iron baseboard, aluminium convecting rads usually less. In my area there are scrap yards that will sell you a mile of used c.

It’s good to know I’m not crazy at least with this. Noisy popping and creaking when heating up and cooling down 2.

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Sep 16, Bseray The basic lesson is go for radiation as opposed to convection, and there are a few ways of doing that. I replaced 18′ of fin-tube with 19′ of CI BB in a “problem” zone in my house.

Sometimes it makes sense to use a combination of radiant floor and baseboard or flat-panel. They’re nice for sure! It seems to me that stretching out a cast iron baseboard along the outside wall gets you more radiation at every point in the room plus there’s the small amount of convection directly under the windows unlike a iro slab radiator which is more like the old large cast iron radiators that are off to a side.

An average of 3-days for the temperature swings to affect the insides, so unless it was a protracted cold spell, the thermal mass kept things comfortable. I really don’t want to compromise with this especially in a colder climate. It may bazeray a prime candidate for a panel rad since we have plenty of height available up to the bottom of the window just not much length because of the tub and vanity.


Thanks Dana, I was considering the 36″ wide model as I don’t want a tight fit enc both sides Chicagoan baseboagd, Dec 14, Standard hardwood floors work fine with radiant- don’t sweat that one.

That means not going crazy with window sizes, and using better than code windows. With the water temperature tuned to respond to the outdoor temperature, the radiators are always radiating, rather than delivering a hot-flash followed by a chill. Can cast iron Radiator be removed to retile floor?

Discussion in ‘ Boiler Forum ‘ started by ChicagoanDec 13, CI has a much higher thermal mass, so it heats up and cools off slower, overshoot can be an issue if the thermostat isn’t smart enough cat it will continue to radiate heat after the pump is shut off much longer than aluminum fin stuff. It sure does get cold on the UP though, and windy.

Replacing Cast Iron Burnham. The key to getting radiant floors to work really at design temp in a location as cool as da Yoop is to keep the design heat load of rooms heated with radiant floor bounded.

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Log in or Sign up. To each his own The room temperature tends to be more even, too. Thanks again for the info and followup on the panel rads Dana! Would I be insane to request it? DanaDec 15,