Tue 5 Mar Setting up this business had always been Asti’s dream and she has invested her life savings in it. Alex takes on Martinis, a struggling salon in Essex set to close in six months if things do not improve. Sorry, this episode is not currently available. Similar programmes By genre: Home Schedule TV Guide. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24

Home Schedule TV Guide. I think she turned up in a blue Focus, the same as the one they did the women’s mechanic thing with earlier in the show. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 Alex tries to drag them into the 21st century with lessons in modern window dressing, a contemporary photo shoot and with a trip to the exclusive Brown’s hotel in London, where they get the chance to meet her mum who runs it as part of their family owned hotel chain. Neilsfirst posts 95 months. Pisces — Series 2. Alf Onnie — Series 2. Zad Original Poster 11, posts months.

Similar programmes By genre: Setting up this business had always been Asti’s dream and she has invested her life savings in it. Yes but that hair is just wrong. Forum

Will Alex’s efforts restore their passion and turn around their fortunes or are this business and family beyond repair? Sorry, this episode is not currently available. Pesty 39, posts months. Sorry, this episode is not currently available. Alex Polizzi sets out to save Britain’s family businesses.

Yes, was the Three Sisters, we iolayer still have the F1 car, a ’96 Forti. A decision to move to new premises does not go to plan and could leave them with nowhere to run their business.

She is forced to tackle a family at loggerheads, and even draws on the expertise of Britain’s most famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson, to help steer things in the right direction. New Audi S3 spy shots.

BBC Two – Alex Polizzi – The Fixer, Series 2 – Episode guide

Tue 5 Mar She sends them for training with leading talent including Daniel Galvin, Vidal Sasson and even Virgin Atlantic where they get polizzzi from Richard Branson. Alex attempts to turn them around by giving them the chance to work with a celebrity photographer who has worked with a huge iplayyer of A listers including Keira Knightley, Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie.


Was also our Ferrari she was driving. She tackles both their financial failures and domestic dramas and tries to guide them back on to the polizzj to success. The older brother also managed to have a bit of an off on track, in a battered old Corsa.

What’s worse, Alex quickly discovers that the place itself is a mess and when she sends in leading industry experts undercover she also learns the service is nowhere near pilizzi to scratch. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 And what’s more they are paralysed by indecision about how to move the business forward. But when Alex tries to expand their client base by introducing them to commercial photography, the girls’ failure to put any effort in leaves Alex frustrated and doubting that their mum is up to being their boss.

Luckily it also didnt show me trying to get the woman who owned the garage into the V8 touring car. Didn’t realise who she was when they filmed at the track. Prev of 2 swries Next.

Alex helps a struggling interiors shop in East London. From a hair and beauty salon in Essex, to a year old fabric shop in London’s East End, and a traditional undertakers in Hampshire.

But disaster strikes when they discover they are plagued by London’s biggest and vilest pest, rats!

David Holmes — Series 2. Home Schedule TV Guide. Run by three brothers, both they and the shop are stuck in a time warp, almost as far back as the shop’s beginning. LOL, ok you’ve convinced me although in fairness that is a particularly poor photo. Blackpuddin 8, posts months. Now she stands to lose everything. Selling photo packages at Whipsnade Zoo Duration: Fatman2 1, posts months. As the UK tries to pull itself out of recession, home-grown family businesses make a significant contribution to rebuilding the country’s economy: Alex takes on Martinis, a struggling salon in Essex set to close in six months if things do not improve.


Bizarrely, The Fixer is not showing up on iPlayer Jump to 27 mins for the black leather. Latest Regulars BMW i8: Browse cars for sale.

SWoll 7, posts months. She also unlocks the emotion behind family relationships, to get to the heart of the business problems. More episodes Previous You are at the first episode.

Edited by CivicMan on Thursday 23 February But Dee Dee proves unreliable at a key event, almost derailing it completely. The show sees third generation hotelier of the internationally-renowned Forte family dynasty and successful businesswomen, Alex Polizzi, turn her attention to family firms that have reached breaking point.

Pisces — Series 2. With Andy’s life savings constantly dwindling, will this gamble pay off?

Alex tries to help a struggling Essex beauty salon, drawing on the expertise of entrepreneur Richard Branson. She would give the wife a run for her money. She runs it with her mother and younger sister Dee Dee but the sisters’ constant division is alxe the business. Related Content You may also like. Alex uses her unique expertise to help a wide range of family run businesses across Britain.