Sally Abbott and Mark Catley; Director: Connie is full of guilt as she missed Jacob’s birthday, and so makes it up to him by agreeing to stay at his house. Amanda Mealing ; Producer: Reza Moradi 1 March Week Ending 25 Dec “. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sally Abbott and Mark Catley; Director:

The sixth series of the drama set in Holby City Hospital’s emergency department. Dixie escapes with Jess and Olivia but a curtain which has caught fire falls on Nikki, severely burning her. Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with hCards. Jonathan Phillips 10 October David Tucker 16 November Gert Thomas 19 December Gwenllian Gravelle 27 January Jon Sen 24 August

Sue Howells 25 July Nikki and Jess are back at home, celebrating Olivia’s birthday. Max epislde searching for Zoe and discovers the hostage situation.

Alicia visits the ambulance station in search of the young boy, but finds herself being held hostage inside a van with a casualty who is suffering severe bleeding following a violent argument. Graeme Harper 25 January Paul Unwin ; Producer: The baby eoisode born successfully however Elle’s patient dies.

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caualty Rob MacGillivray 31 December Roxanne Harvey 2 January Brian stamps the flames out but they then reignite — whilst Sereis and Rihanna are left alone in the flat. Retrieved 16 January Retrieved 15 August Jeff Povey ; Director: Gail Evans 11 April In addition to this, the show was also shortlisted under the Best Drama category at the National Television Awards inhowever lost to rival Downton Abbey.


Lofty struggles to come to terms with the day’s events in the aftermath of the Diana incident, and as Rita, Connie and Hanssen prepare to begin a formal investigation, it is down to Dylan to set his mind straight. Robert Del Maestro 10 August Following Dixie’s departure, Rocker is called in as a cover paramedic for the day, but Iain becomes protective when he flirts heavily with Rita.

Alicia treats a young footballer who has injured himself. Charlie helps a father and his young daughter come to terms with a death in the family.

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In the ED, Lily and Alicia learn their patient is lying to them about her name. Paul Murphy 15 March Dafydd Llewelyn 1 September Archived from the original on 13 June Jonathan Phillips 27 February Jacob interferes with the perpetrator and his family as he attempts to defuse the situation, however he is shot by the police who mistake him for one of iplxyer perpetrators.

Jonathan Phillips 24 May Neasa Hardiman 30 November Ipoayer Clarke and Linda Thompson; Director: Mercedes mistakes him for a paedophile, but Zoe steps in to break the tension. Series 5 View episodes The fifth series of the drama set in Holby City Hospital’s emergency department.


Jacob cannot help but tell her how he feels. Dixie attends an interview with the adoption board srries discuss whether she is eligible to adopt or not.

Archived from the original on 30 October Jonathan Phillips 1 August Archived from the original on 5 September Connie puts her life on the line to save Jacob, performing life-saving surgery.

As Rita interviews Lofty, he reassures her he commanded both Dylan and Diana to stay clear upon delivering the defibrillator shock, but when Mr Hall, a deputy health officer for unscheduled incidents, interviews Lofty he changes his statement and explains he does not know if he really commanded Dylan and Diana to stay clear before shocking or not — potentially jeopardising his career at Holby City.

Gail Evans 24 October Erika Hossington 30 August Steph is furious at Connie, and when Connie and Grace leave the department to go out for the evening, Steph follows them. Connie also gives Alicia a warning due to her leaving the ED.