BBC’s Panorama caught them attacking disabled patients, with shocking footage showing victims being slapped, kicked, sat on and drenched with water at Winterbourne View care home in Bristol Read more But there was a time when Latin was used to educate the masses. Friday 22 February DocumentaryTube Videos Undercover Care: It is appalling that seven years after Winterbourne View, learning disabled people still get poorer care. The abuse viewers saw routinely taking place at the NHS-funded assessment and treatment unit ATU , seemed like a watershed moment. Blinds in a box Janice Dalton secures investment from two Dragons.

Four arrests have already been made. Olympia Valance prepares for ‘first kiss’ with dancing partner. Yet this report was not the first to show how people die earlier due to poor care. Typically, the McCullochs are simultaneously fighting and grieving, and forced to crowdfund for legal representation families do not get legal aid for inquests. DocumentaryTube Videos Undercover Care: Why a good book is a secret door. Eurovision flop to X Factor.

Last night’s witerbourne film exposed a litany of abuse and cruelty that would have been appalling in a maximum security prison, never mind a care home. Why a good book is a secret door. It is appalling that seven years after Winterbourne View, learning disabled people still get poorer care.

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Four arrested after film exposes ‘barbaric’ care home abuse. The abuse viewers saw routinely taking place at the NHS-funded assessment and treatment unit ATUseemed like a watershed moment. Meghan can’t help looking down at her baby bump. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Rabat equestrian sport centre. Bristol police have arrested four people after being secretly filmed by BBC Panorama found qinterbourne pattern of serious winterblurne in a residential hospital. About We’re committed to providing the best documentaries from around the World.


Olympia Valance prepares for ‘first kiss’ with dancing partner.

However, a larger and even more troubling question loomed. We overhead a member of staff telling a patient to “suffocate on your own fat”. With hundreds of free witerbourne published and categorised every month, there’s something for every taste.

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Last year it was the abuse of adults with learning disabilities at residential care homes in Devonrun by specialist care provider Atlas Project Team. When there was no subsequent improvement, Bryan contacted Panorama, who trained up an undercover reporter, Jo Casey, to get a job as a care worker at Winterbourne and secretly film what went on.

But as of the end of Aprilofficial figures show that more than 2, learning disabled or autistic people are still living in such units. Minister orders care home abuse investigation. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed

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Friday 22 February Published 4 years ago 7. With population of close to 10 million, Delhi is definitely a huge city. It catalogued a series of cruel and unprovoked abuse carried out by staff at Winterbourne View care home in Bristol. That was Panorama’s chilling conclusion: Last night’s Panorama, subtitled Undercover Care: A psychologist interviewed by Panaroma considered this an act of “torture”. The story began with a former senior nurse at Winterbourne, Terry Bryan, who complained to its managers, and then the healthcare watchdog, about what he had witnessed while working there.


However, that reservation aside, this was undoubtedly a worthwhile undercover investigation, clearly in the public – as well as the patients’ – interest. They would be horrified if they knew. On the top floor of a special hospital, locked away from their families and friends, a group of men and women are subjected to a regime of physical violence, the systematic brutality, torture, and by the very people supposed to care for them.

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DocumentaryTube Videos Undercover Care: Meghan rubs her belly while chatting to schoolgirls in Morocco. Social Violence Society Bbc. If this scale of abuse had gone on for months undetected and then unpunished at Winterbourne View, how many patients at other care homes continue to suffer?

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