During the investigation, Aaliya finds out how Zain helped Aayat and that his accident was caused by Rocky Singh Puru Chibber , a guy who owned a brothel who had deceived Aayat and who Zain helped put in jail. Barkath says today is special and asks them to that what is it today. Aaliya tries to rescue Barkath and asks guest why is he misbehaving with Barkath. Zain finds out later and brings her back home. Zain wants to take Aaliya with him. Shabana asks what were they doing in the car. She asks Zain to come out of bathroom.

Zain starts the car and leaves without before Aaliya sits in the car. Usman asks guest to get out. They tell everyone to hide it from Barkat. After this, Nafisa turns good and promises to reunite Aaliya and Zain. Barkarth starts narrating her story about starting smoking beedi. Like 0 Dislike 0. Aaliya sees ear rings and says these are the ones which we selected for Barkath in mall. Shabana and Surayya say Zain and Aaliya that they are becoming abbu and ammi.

Barkath says she will like it as she has brought it with love.

They go to a dress shop and start selecting clothes. Barkath asks her family why are they loving her so much without knowing her past.

Like 0 Dislike 0. She plans to kill the baby along with the help of Surraiya’s sister, Zareena Kamya Punjabi. Usman says so what, he is very happy today. Watch Video Khatron Ke Khiladi 9: Aaliya promises to bring Barkat back. He remembers how Aaliya wrigten Barkath.


Beintehaa: 21st April; Is Zain In Love With Aaliya?

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Writtrn asks to leave him. Aayat and Aaliya also have a falling-out.

Suraiyya believes Bobby because she instigated her against Aaliya and rwitten disliking Aaliya again. Rehan a;ril finds out that Nafisa was behind all this.

When Zain comes to the room, Aaliya hides the pack of bidi in her hand. He says she believed Meer Khan as her father all these years and asks his family not to discuss about her past. Suraiya wants Aaliya to assist her in the party arrangements. Aaliya plays hard to get, but Zain manages to win her back eventually.

Aaliya is shocked to see that. Zain asks Aaliya how is she feeling now. Usman asks guest to get out.

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She sees Zain sleeping and smiles. Chandibi informs Aaliya that Barkath was smoking beedi.

Aaliya begins finding Barkat’s behavior odd. Aaliya says guest is beintshaa that Barkath dances in C grade film as Pavi. Sign in Recover your password. Barkath sees the party venue and gets very happy.

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The way zain looks at aliya the moment was wowwwww…. Yes, he is the hottest one in the serial.

Suraiya says that she has two daughters now—Barkat and Aaliya. Zain asks Aaliya him if there is any problem. Shaziya scolds him and says she will teach Nafis a lesson. Soul says he is mad behind his wife.

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Barkath says she will not leave and promises to become a good daughter. Usman gets happy and says he was waiting for this day when her sister and her family is greeting his house like this. Barkarth starts narrating her story about starting smoking beedi. Usman and Surayya call their family and tell that they want to talk about Barkath. Sugar 25th Apr – 3: During all this, Nafisa becomes pregnant again which infuriates Shazia.

She tries an e;isode.