But there’s something else I liked, simple and inventive. The other actors certainly are not poor, they give decent performances but none of them are particularly memorable. Based on his previous film and now this, I have this filmmaker on my short list of talent that I expect he has it in him to be a leading voice a decade from now. It’s a Warholesque pop art intro with lots of black, lots of red and cool music. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The studio is working on a new film called ‘The Equestrian Vortex’. Repetitive lazy editing, cheating scary bits, just totally disappointing.

Fantasy bleeds into reality, sounds and dreams blur into each other to form a paranoid nightmare. First and foremost it has to be recognised that the design and execution of the sound sequences in this film are outstanding. The tension and uncertainty builds slowly as Toby Jones ‘ gentle British sensibilities clash with the gruesome scenes he has to score he has to stab cabbages, pull apart radishes and smash in courgettes and with the brash Italians some really well played escalating conflict. Another factor that might make this unbearable to watch for some people. Crucially, its action is never shown on screen: Order by newest oldest recommendations. But how on earth has he got this job? I don’t think the filmmakers really cared to make a direct horror film anyway.

The very exciting central concept of the film is to deal with graphical horror without showing any real violence on the screen.

Berberian Sound Studio – review

He believes this world to be gentle and comforting, and the poignant letters from his mother daily confirm him in both this view and his growing disdain for the world in which he finds himself now. Murdered vegetables decompose in a festering studio vat substituted for the film that we never see. Crucially, its action is never shown on screen: Ignorant of the language, overwhelmed by the explosive dynamics between charismatic, unscrupulous Santini, Francesco and the cast, Gilderoy retreats into his work, his only outside communication the letters from his Mother recounting the changing pastoral life he longs to record.


Gilderoy is manipulated by everyone, from the utterly serious Francesco to the lecherous Santini, and even by the moody secretary Elena Tonia Sotiropoulou. Nevertheless I was enjoying the first 60 minutes or so, before they went film school and gave up the ironic detachment for a psychedelic collage project for that I could’ve just watched the real thing from Mario Bava or Dario Argento instead.

Alas, the lack of a plot really ruins this film, and what starts up promisingly ends up being a self-indulgent mess.

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It’s definitely a great look behind the scenes of sound making, whatever you think of the movie. Both of them have the same problem. OK, so first I have been watching many recent British films and generally I have been impressed. Gilderoy assumes that the Italian film was studip horses, but when he is greeted by the films producer Francesco Cosimo Fusco he discovers that the film is actually a horror movie.

With a face suggesting cherubic innocence, vulnerability and cruelty, Toby Jones gives the performance of his career, and Peter Strickland has emerged as a key British film-maker of his generation. So what was wrong with it?

They made confusing stories, yes, but it all came together in the end. Order by newest oldest recommendations. This is one such film, one beloved by the critics, yet disliked or at best met with indifference bu the viewing public. Its a clever manipulation, further still by seeing beerberian violence within the horror film through Gilderoys eyes.

It’s fun to see on a fundamental level as exposing the kind of unceremonious but inventive technical work that takes place behind cinematic curtains of illusion. The film has no redeeming qualities or plot or character depth.

The challenge is how to model madness, by what degrees to confuse and clarify. This really could have been a genuinely remarkable film but will only be remembered for failing to deliver on all accounts. The trouble is that the protagonist just isn’t comically fluent, so that even the rare bits of humor make him seem disturbing instead of disturbed.

At first, studio engineer Francesco Cosimo Fusco is pleased to see Gilderoy, but as they proceed to work on the film together, Francesco’s nature begins to change, and he becomes rude and intimidating.


Technically the film has its merits, and it might be relevant for someone who has worked as a sound effects technician and editor in movies, but for the general population it is probably a waste of time. Another factor that might make this unbearable to watch for some people.

It is neither frightening, disturbing, unsettling or thought sjbtitles. Is he a slowly having a mental breakdown due to the images he sees on screen that he believes he is becoming part of the film? Was this review helpful?

Berberian Sound Studio () subtitles – SUBDL

You could also say it’s a bit of style over content, though I’m sure the director beerberian have a plan in mind and could explain it all to you. It deliberately tries to confuse you by adding pointless scenes here and there but in the end you realise the film only lasted an hour and a half but seems to last three hours. Berberian Sound Studio does the same but with the addition of the film itself being set in Italy in entlish early 70’s and, moreover, it is explicitly about the making of such films.

The ridiculous descriptions that the sound recordist gives of the scenes we only ever hear- “the two women creep along the secret subterranean poultry tunnel only to find the putrid corpses of the witches” – are hilarious. It’s a Warholesque pop art intro with lots of black, lots of red and cool music. That’s what made them great. An error has occured. So to add to the diagetic horror sounds we annoyingly had some non-diagetic construction noises!!