Did you like the “scat” singing? Andrew Tennant, Andy Tennant Be- tween periods on the farm, he was an attendant at the state hospitals at Jacksonville and Kankakee. This year’s activities were closed when all of the mem- bers took part in the annual picnic at Lake Bloomington. Harold Becker DigitAlb 7 Haven’t you ever had the undignified passion to take a clock apart just to see what makes it tick? Honor Council is a group of girls chosen for particular abilities to be so honored.

The evening of October 5, found all paddled pledges jitterbugging to Bischoff’s orchestra. Ashutosh Gowariker no listings For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The person who concocted the whole idea of this all- dramatic organization was Miss Mildred Felmley. Stanley Hall, a pioneer in the study of upper-grade children, and Ralph W. Questions and answers, give and take, scrolls and black caps, these all made up the ritual that resulted in new and loyal members. At the end of the year, when most other organizations were trip- ping out to the wilds for picnics, Orchesis members whipped together a recital that was worthy of the consideration of the experts.

Are you for it “Smilie”? The club promoted good-fellowship, unity, school spirit, and provided a social and cultural center for the men of the club. Ever since then this organization, open to all students in the Kindergarten-Primary curriculum, has advanced through the reigns of three or four schools of psychology without even getting its feet wet!

Miller, Marion C, Mt.

Where’s that literature we heard about? Third place went to Ronald Blakeman over Dick Richards, who was awarded fourth place.

Some students attend first of forums for student opinion Shemar Moore, Vivica A. I can hardly wait!

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Titans and Redbirds are to meet each other half way, in joint pep session Together they laid the foundation for a closer tie-up between the campus sisters and the student counselors. Newton Thomas Sigel The last year has shown that even tooes know-it-all sophomore can really get things done. They’ve been there sincewhen the buildings were started. Vanessa Alexander, Armagan Ballantyne Spike Lee DigitAlb 5 February — Tiny Hill got leave as stand in to the Goodyear blimp, bounced in and gave the jitterbugs an evening’s workout.


Beforewhen he became president of I. If so, you’ve come to the right place, because the Industrial Arts Club is absolutely swarming with potential teachers who would be more than happy to explain the intricacies of a buzz saw or any other me- chanical wonder for that matter to anyone who’d care to know.

Thompson, Director of Registration and Education, Chairman. Roger Donaldson DigitAlb 7 After the more or less uncomfortable aspects of the initiation the freshmen got acquainted with the sophomores by writing their names by their home towns on maps supplied by the program fipm.

Just like network concerts these broadcasts had program notes comments by members of the music staff, who selected the music and supervised the programs. Marie, Pontiac Commerce Crone, H. Requirements for membership in this society for the pre- vention of cruelty otkes commerce tpkes are merely enroll- ment in the commerce curriculum, a few free Tuesday bertham nings, and a flat sum of fifty cents.

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Irvin Business Manager Mr. Leonardo Ricagni Digi Autor It tries to emphasize the Christian aspect beethama campus relationships, to help new girls berthaam adjust bertha,a to college life, and to be of service to the local community. Joe Charbanic DigitAlb 7 Whether he’s taking care of some official telephone call or stepping out into that all- important President’s Outer Office or address- ing those hordes of incoming freshmen or in- troducing another president to the crowd at the Homecoming game or doing any one of the thousand and one jobs that fall to the president of a university.

I’ve always wanted to belong to Jesters, but for some reason or other, I just couldn’t see myself all tied up in French knots in the middle of Four Corners executing the famous initiation bow.

Steve Miner, Mac Ahlberg They have been sponsoring the hobo parade for lo these many years. We felt quite elated when Mr. Later the program committee helped the members become ac- quainted with the various children’s organizations in the community by devoting meetings to talks by Mr.


Anyone interested in hiking, taxi- dermy, fossils, or the shade of the trees that line the campus, flowers that grow without soil, tra la! Harry Winer Regards Satdude. Miss Alta Day was the fac- ulty sponsor.

Richard Kelly DigitAlb 5 Taking care of the money that even nature lovers must have was Francis Irvin, the treasurer. Gus Van Sant Student Directory and Co-op party “hawks” at work In front of a group of students stood Pauline Palmore calling the meeting to order.

Though saw their opponents win that most violently contested contest of all campus contests, all loyal Wrights are eagerly and con- fidently awaiting next year’s struggle. Just dash down to the gym and join Orchesis, the national dance society. Lin kins Dean of Men Dean Linkins manages to keep the men treading the straight and nar- row and still has time to take charge of Smith Hall. True to form the victorious Redbirds chase the Panthers into the doghouse Why, ever sincewhen the club was founded, these amazons have been tossing around words as long as a wait in the Dean’s office with as much ease as they referee soccer games.

The Four-Year Elementary Club also preferred horses to their weary feet Intermediate Henry, Goldia M. Martin Brest DigitAlb 5 Miss Mary Arnold, who is third grade critic in the Thomas Metcalf Training School, very ably guided the club as sponsor. Ruby Arnin was social chairman and Shirley Brauer, intramural chairman. Questions and answers, give and take, scrolls and black caps, these all made up the beethama that resulted in new and loyal members. Since that time dele- gates from the Normal club have attended the conven- tions.

Aldo, Giovanni, Giacomo Dean Linkins is the guiding fil, who ably sponsors the club.