Does the Commission agree that, despite the numerous measures already taken by Member States, progress in reducing ESL rates remains too slow? Exclusion of children from a leisure programme. If an NSA finds that the holder of a certificate no longer satisfies the requirements and conditions, it must take appropriate measures while ensuring continuity of service. Women’s underrepresentation in science. Decision on the topic for the European Year. Concealment of massive amounts of hazardous and harmful toxic waste in Italy and non-disclosure of important environmental information by the Italian authorities. Compared with other agricultural elections in other Member States, does the Commission think the census and the planned rules are the best option? It is expected that women, children and youth will be the main beneficiaries of this approach as they are particularly vulnerable and often lacking access to health services, including to sexual and reproductive health services.

In order to resolve the problem and prevent toxic waste being dumped in the future, the Italian Ministry of the Environment is about to set up a task force to investigate and prosecute infiltration of waste disposal operations. Per questa ragione, l’UE ha ribadito in diverse occasioni la propria preoccupazione per questo grave problema e ha invitato il governo iraniano a interrompere tutte le esecuzioni e ad introdurre una moratoria sulla pena di morte. As negotiations are ongoing, the Commission is not able to comment on specific details. Proposals with the most added-value and with high impact and high returns will be supported. Un film di Fausto Brizzi. How can the Commission help in this direction, since Turkey wishes to join the European Union? EU investigation into Gibraltar tax system. Un film di Steven Caple Jr.

How does the Commission plan to motivate qualified young people who are unemployed? Buyers regularly face the problem of being under time pressure when exiting and have very little chance of rectifying the situation in the event of a defective export certificate.

They include the following:. Non Sposate le mie Figlie 2.

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Helaas was dit niet progeammazione, omdat de goedkeuring van het gehele uitbreidingspakket daardoor zou zijn uitgesteld. The allegations of incorrect application or interpretation of EU legislation are currently under examination by the Commission.


The organisation and delivery of health services and medical care, and the management and allocation of resources are the competence of the individual Member States.

The case is still pending before the Court. The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written question. L’Iran ha rilasciato un certo numero di noti prigionieri politici, come Nasrin Sotoudeh, ma molti critici del regime avvertono che si tratta solo di un gesto politico e non di un segnale di autentiche riforme interne. Under the revised legislation, minority community foundations applied for the restitution of a total of 1 properties.

Online sale of kits for producing fake Italian cheeses. The June crackdown resulted in the seizure of over 3. Considering that the political resolution to the Western Sahara conflict, reconciliation and the human rights situation are closely linked, could the Commission be more active in the resolution of the Western Sahara conflict, not only by supporting the UN negotiations but also by using its various external policy instruments for example strengthening human rights monitoring and awareness among police and security forces, and supporting democratic reforms, including decentralisation and the fight against discrimination in the region to promote much-needed confidence building between the conflict parties?

Proposal for a regulation on the production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material plant reproductive material law.

Recurring threat of polio virus in Europe. Once these processes are completed, OLAF will be in a position to conclude its case and make recommendations or take additional macianise if deemed appropriate.

Hoeveelheid energiesubsidies per energiebron.

Taxes and tax hikes are on the increase, houses are being confiscated because of small debts to the tax authority, and power is being cut off for people who have no money to pay.

How does the Centre explain the considerable fluctuations in the costs for buildings?

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Welches Unternehmen gewann mit welchem Preis? Quali misure precauzionali sono state adottate nello Yemen per garantire la protezione dei funzionari e del personale dell’UE? Il ministero dell’ambiente italiano per risolvere il problema e per evitare sversamenti futuri di materiali tossici sta per istituire una task-force investigativa e giudiziaria contro le infiltrazioni nelle operazioni. National supervisory authorities NSAs are expected to monitor compliance with the common requirements and with the conditions attached to the certificates.


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This process remains the most suitable framework for promoting EU-related reforms and increasing cooperation, including on immigration policy. Finally, does the Commission consider itself responsible in any way, in view of the objections raised when it awarded the contract to OHB in ?

These different rules — in particular where professional qualifications are concerned — are increasingly resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes. It should be recalled that the responsibility for enforcing the abovementioned EU food chain legislation lies with Member States which are required to verify that requirements deriving therefrom are fulfilled by operators.

Can the Commission say whether money from southern European countries is being used to help Germany, with the result that these countries are unable programkazione use ESM funds to prop up their own banks?

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This is a measure which discriminates against people who have recently arrived in Belgium or who plan to live in Belgium. The Commission is aware of such restrictions imposed by Internet providers. CommediaItalia There are so many employment opportunities in the field of tourism that there is a place for everyone, regardless of their level of qualifications. The other units were acquired for the Alvia and Avant services. The European Schools are official educational establishments controlled jointly by the governments of the Member States of the European Union.