Stumbled upon your blog recently and boy, am I glad I did! I was excited to see Mahira Khan and the previews of this movie looked really good. I am not a Farhat Ishtiaq fan. Retrieved July 20, Aug 22, Ghaitha Eid rated it really liked it. Yes No Report this. Sobia rated it really liked it Oct 20, Moreover with all those tears shed constantly on screen in its later half, the title loses all its meaning as ‘Bin Roye’ that literally means ‘without crying’.

Great work by Farhat Ishtiaq. I really enjoined reading this long writing and it is definitely the first time I have read the whole page form the start to the very end I agreed with most of the things that the writer commented about I have also seen the movie,Bin Roye and I am very annoyed by the editing part of this drama I agree that hum tv editing department has to work hard to produce a master peice. Farhat Ishtiaq sometimes repeat the details so much that you lose the interest in the book and get bored. He makes his feelings clear to his cousin. Mahira Khan is pretty good, everyone else needs to take major acting lessons. We haven’t seen a pure romantic drama serial in a while so we’ll surely follow Bin Roye and we have a feeling it will make our Sundays as special as Udaari did.

The scene I saw as where Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan were in a colourful market place looking at bangles, the scene almost looked like a fairy tale. In the heat of the moment Saba goes off in a separate room and in a state of anger and shock curses Saman and wishes for the fact that she dies!

Great job by the fledgling Paki film industry i. I mean come on when this girl was what like eight years old she was so abnormally obsessed with this older guy like a psychopath and under the impression that he has no life other than walking in circles around her. And I beg to differ Mahira Khan is so unbearable to watch. Jun 29, Amna Salam rated it it was ok. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Saman and Irtiza go to Pakistan for holidays with Maaz.


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It was intense and beautiful, and a perfect family film. It just depends on what you consider a good movie to be. However, for Saba, Irtiza was her whole world.

Great work by Farhat Ishtiaq. Bin Roye received positive reviews with most praising Humanity Saeeds’ performance. I couldn’t wait to start the TV show, and it seems just as good: Thanks for telling us about the problem. He says that the love he has felt for her all these years is very pure, it is the kind of love that is not selfish but selfless, this love only wants to see her happy, the love he has for her cannot be shaken up no matter how rude she is with him, no matter what she does, he can never hate her, he says “You expect me to hate you, but someone who has loved you all their life can never hate you!

I can see everyone loved Mahira Khan’s acting but to me she has the same style of acting everywhere which sometimes makes it a bit monotonous.

She owns him completely. This is what has made his work stand out.

Film review: Bin Roye is a love story that will give a boost to Pakistan’s film industry

Share this Rating Title: I am following sang e mur mur only and started khuda mera bi ha. Abida ParveenZeb Bangash.


Here, we’re royr with every character. However, Pakistani directors need to learn from their Indian neighbors how to properly make a movie.

Retrieved 27 June Pinky rated it really liked it Mar 17, We haven’t seen a pure romantic drama serial in a while so we’ll surely follow Bin Roye and we have a feeling it will make our Sundays as special as Udaari did. The soundtrack of the series is adapted from the film. A good script, brilliant screenplay great music, flawless directionsuperb acting and melodious roys. Saba’s parents start getting really concerned about Saba’s future and get very depressed.

Bin Roye ~ Episodes 1-3 Review

Learn how your comment data is processed. Thinking this Saman feels quite guilty! It is the story of Saba and the struggles she faces due to being in love with her best friend and cousin Irtiza. Retrieved 24 July Thirdly it’s the film’s catchy and likable soundtrack with many enjoyable tracks infusing new energy into the film at regular intervals.

The next morning Saba feels guilty about what she said about Saman, and apologises to her Grandma. When he comes back to the US, Soniya tells him she is expecting.