Pants ‘R’ Us by Zenelly reviews Demyx, an up-and-coming rock star, has tons of adoring fans. His discoveries would lead him to new friendships, romances, and a realization that Sasuke just might be a little less of a pain-in-the-ass than once assumed. Language, Violence Kingdom Hearts – Rated: That’s the way it’s been for 5 years. Beautiful by Spry Striker X reviews Sasuke and Naruto are training, but after an ‘accident’ in training the tension between them is unbearable. Add in a crazed yaoi obsessed maid and a supportive Mokuba and you get a heartwarming romantic comedy. Yaoi, Mpreg, ZoLu, other pairings later. However, it wasn’t easy especially whenever he loses his temper, he turns into a monster!

Madarao The Authoress Pretty Woman by milksteaks reviews A game, a bet, a wig. Naruto works at a coffee shop and pines after Sasuke the angst-y, quiet businessman. Heck, why even bother? How will this affect their adventure? All This for a Tshirt? However will this new member of the family cause more problems or fix it

Read and Review, please! Sora has 3 weeks to win over Riku, Rox is unsure about a human redhead.

This story takes you on the bumpy ride. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single high school boy in possession of a good libido, must be in want of a girlfriend — or a pretend one. Underneath by LilangLuha reviews Roy x Ed and maybe others.

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He has to deal with getting bullied everyday by the Ed’s worst enemy, Kevin. What did they just sign up for? He wanted a new experience. One Great Circle by Damned Lolita reviews All the references, all the jokes, all the moments, the romances, the memories Axel’s friend suggests to go and see a sex therapist. Episod and the Chocolate Factory – Rated: And by coincidence, Axel, Roxas’ stalker and classmate, happens to be an amazing one.


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A Mermaid’s Tail by Pinkshuchan reviews On his 16th birthday, Eiri is saved by a mermaid with the most beautiful tail he’d ever seen. But is it for the better? Taking Hikari by keikari reviews They decided to get it on. Blue Moon by WasabiLemon reviews Sora, a recently chosen slayer with a knack for running into trouble, finds himself growing closer to the gifted vampire Riku and the rest of his family, despite their unsavory tendencies; however, his association with the powerful vampiric bloodline eventually draws the ire of the epispde organization that dominates aniefreak conduct Zack and Cody have no one to marry in class and are asked to partner up and it turns into something AU, rated M bleaach language, yaoi, lemonlime in later chapters.

Six years later, they meet again. The Petulant Prodigy Things all around just don’t go as planned.

Yuki wakes up to find epixode tied to the bed with silk scarves Heck, why even bother? Generator Rex – Rated: However, nothing is normal for Luffy after consuming the Rubber Fruit. There is a revised version out called “Namikaze.

Cussing, bondage, references to TV shows How will he find out? Surprise by ShaneT reviews Ben and Kevin get caught making out At least, that’s what he keeps telling everyone. How can someone like Roxas cope in the Underworld?


Naruto, You’re Not Pregnant! Idiots Love Song by xxryanxx reviews Roxas is a aspiring young musician in collage, along with his best friend Demyx, they hope to make it big one day.

Locate your target, Rape them, and Kill them. Welcome to Destiny High School, famous for its drama. Trapped in the Cold by Melodious Nocturne Stalker reviews On Roxas’ first day at school, he finds himself placed with the oddest person he’s ever met– five hours a day! They end up in a sexy situation.

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PWP at times, akuroku, you know the drill. What happens when their owner, Kakashi’s exboyfriend appears with two foxes that the Uchiha brother’s take a liking to.

A Nobody’s Heart by Krimson Plague reviews Roxas is wandering to different worlds trying to find a place to call home.

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I think that’s it. But soon the winds of change sweep in and blow away everything they once knew. But then again it’s always going to be an ongoing adventure for these two Or will they both get burned.