After being freed by Zola, Marumaro finds the citizens and Nene’s minions. Outside of General Logi’s hideout, Noi notices the White Guardians forces approaching in large numbers. Blue Dragon manages to yank it out of the ground draining the water. In the town, they find Legolas, their leader of the resistance who came to Heliut to procure enough funds for his resistance by going to the casinos. General Logi’s hideout blows up to reveal a weapon air fortress called Sleipnir which decimates some of the Brunacks. On the airship, General Logi states to Andropov and Schneider that he will get Kluke to tell her everything she knows about Zola and the shadows. Meanwhile, Deathroy unleashes Chimera against Matilda and Zephyrus. Noi even tries to have some words with Rudolph.

When Saber Tiger impales its abdomen with his attack, it unleashes a multicolored water that submerges them. Shu goes in search of him, only to find that the traveler is not a Knight Master at all, but a woman called Zola with the power to transform her shadow into a monster called Killer Bat. They all lose their shadows in the process. Mikhail wakes up and takes out Griz who tried to attack him. They managed to make a hasty retreat to the surface. Shu also arrives with Primella as the conversation continues on Dr. Due to Tonto’s sister not liking Shadow Wielders, Shu is easily taken down by the bandits and Blue Dragon causes them to retreat. Shu and his friends are then approached by a mysterious robed person.

Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu – Episode 20 –

Shu convinces everyone that Zola must have some good reason for all of this. Mikhail is shown near a river badly wounded.

The version available is the original Japanese version with English subs. Shu saves a well-endowed waitress called Bouquet from two men’s harassment. Bouquet turns out to be a on user. Outside of Drgon Logi’s hideout, Noi notices the White Guardians forces approaching in large numbers. Shu and Tonto’s sister get word from one of the farmers that the local bandits have captured Tonto. After landing a hit on Chimera, Nene has it use Shadow Multiply for each shadow.

Rosekstan’s forces still try to breach the wall as Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive at the nearest village. Marumaro and Saber Tiger managed to get through every trap and barrier to gain a new power.


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Shu manages to get to his feet and runs into Primella and Dr. At Rosekstan, Primella has a vision of a three-way battle between the White Guardian, Shu, and Fagino and a vision where Lotarus kills Kluke in a flower field.

As Primella starts to glow, Shu runs to her and both of them start to plummet. Meanwhile, Lotarus notices the soldiers in white approaching. Shu unleashes Blue Dragon and checks it out. Hildegard and Fagino have arrived on the outskirts of the city. Jiro also informs them that Epixode is working with the White Guardians and what the White Guardians has been up to recently.

The group then sees the warships of Sabalu Country which used to be part of Gran Kingdom passing. Zola catches up after destroying the robots that came with Lemaire. Just then, Rosekstan’s forces arrive as Shu’s unconscious body is approached by E;isode. Which ends up scattering everyone. Lotarus brings out her dragon in shadow form while Shu unleashes Blue Dragon.

After nearly falling for Dark Dragon’s deceit, Shu and Blue Dragon engage it in battle matching attack with attack. Before getting down to business, she informs the group that On capital Albarose was destroyed throwing the world in chaos.

After defeating Lemaire, Zola catches up with B,ue so he can retreat. Assisting Jiro and Minotaur in attacking the crystal on Chimera’s forehead, Shu and Blue Dragon learn that the crystal enabled Chimera to alter his elements. He sicks some robots on them as Shu and Marumaro unleash their shadows. Meanwhile, Shu, Primella, and General Szabo arrive at an area where the episodf of Rosekstan and the White Guardians are going to fight each other.

Blue Dragon Tenkai No Shichi Ryuu ep 20 English Sub – Kissanime

tebkai When Marumaro wants to fulfill the prophecy of the original Saber Tiger wielder, he has Saber Tiger remove the guardian statues from the top of the other Devees’ houses causing the other Devees to get angry and chase them. Shu tries to get info from Blue Dragon on why he needs more power. Homeron continues his infiltration to look for Castle Des La Teste’s master drabon.


This enables Andropov, Schneider, and General Logi to get away. Even when Blue Dragon successfully attacks Zola, she then transforms into a demonic version of herself.

Lemaire has Deucalion use its bazooka attack to create a crater where Lemaire will have the advantage in.

Kluke and Andropov are still on the run from the airship until they crash her hovercycle into a tree. Conrad takes his soldiers to head to the west side to gather others that will fight Gran Kingdom. Shu even recaps about Xie telling him about a woman floating over the waters when Albarose was destroyed.

After Bouquet shuts down the Black Shadows, Shu and the others locate Nene’s throne room for the final battle. Feeling the need shihci gather the previous partners being shadow users, Shu shochi Bouquet and Noi to Marumaro’s village to awaken Marumaro’s shadow Saber Tiger.

Shu, still recovering from the fog, inadvertently agrees to marry Bouquet. Kluke has joined the battle against General Logi, Andropov, and Schneider. Lota takes the opportunity to escape while Delphinium and the White Guardians are occupied. While Shu and Jiro protect Kluke while she refuels the Mechat, Zola and Marumaro take on the soldiers positioned there. While in the park, Lotarus forges a Dragon Scale Pendant behind her back and begins to offer it to Bouquet stating that it will give Episide what she wishes for.

Arriving in a local town, Shu recalls about his attempts to Jiro and Kluke to help him. While traveling to the Sealed Grounds, Zola explains that the Sealed Grounds are a set of ruins relating to the Soldiers of Light as Andropov spies on them. Back at Nirvana, Primella starts to have visions at the ceremony.

As the others attack the prison, Homeron, Kluke, and Bouquet infiltrate the castle.