Show only see all. Inside, Aoba watches a live interview of the owner of the pleasure area Platinum Jail, Toue, and ridicules the man’s speech of “perfect happiness”. Kimura Lament of the Lamb — Aquarian Age: Tia Ballard as Hanna. Mireia Fontich as Christa Renz Spain dub. Rebecca Silverman digs in. Mink hands Aoba an USB flash drive to put into Ren with a program that will disable the security Allmates patrolling the building.

Junichiro Aki Production I. Akio Suyama as Hugo gate guard member; ep 1. Dante Biagioni as Father of Armin. Joaquim Toset as Thomas Wagner Spain dub. Only the wicked rule here. Mireia Fontich as Christa Renz Spain dub. Masafumi Mima Director of Photography:

Lauren Landa as Annie Leonhart. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings.

Chie Nishitani eps 14, 16 Kazuhiro Hotchi. Attack on Titan Editor: Guaranteed Delivery see all.

Kyle Phillips as Waltz. Asami Shimoda as Nanaba. Rai 4 from September Distributor: Behind The Voice Actors.

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Sent with Australia Post Standard Service. Tetsufumi Suzuki Youhei Itou.

The two men, the Alphas, anikebox that Toue sent them to dispose of Clear, who was supposed to be trashed long ago if Clear’s “grandfather” who was in charge of the disposal didn’t save him.


However, bluee delays resulted in the delay of its world premiere, pushed back a few months to August 14,at the Locarno International Film Festival [2] and its Japanese release to fall Top-Selling Blu-ray Discs in Japan, Francis Henry as Pastor Nick. What region are your DVDs and Blurays?. Brother Jun 10, J Musashino Production M.

Kazuhiro Yamada Executive producer: Cristina Hernandez as Mikasa Ackerman Mexican dub. Marieke Oeffinger as Annie Leonhardt. Clear explains the song he was singing is called the “Jellyfish Song” he made up himself and used to sing to his blus, who has died.

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Julius Jellinek as Connie Springer. Fireworks celebrations and bookmaker agent desks break out on Roboworld despite the threats from the military, and are raided by deadly android police robots. Techno Sound special effects: Marc Oriol Spain dub. There are easier tasks than weaning vampires off of blood, socializing land-whales, and housebreaking werewolves, but Mark is up to the challenge.


Josh Grelle as Armin Arlelt.

Alexandre Coadour as Erd. Animeland in French America, Europe Apr 1, Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Monica Bertolotti as Rico Brzenska. Jessica Cavanagh as Carla Jaeger.

Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Shop by Region Code. Keep in mind that these sprign are based on how people rated indi Kenta Miyake as Mike Zacharias. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss?

Aoba and Mink press forward to stop Toue while Koujaku and the others fight off the guards. They are cornered by Akushima and several episofe while going up to the top floor, forcing them to take cover in a room. Jamie Marchi as Anka Rheinberger.