While they wait for Lee Seung Gi to return from his further trip, the 4 remaining guys play a game that makes this episode worthwhile. The average viewer ratings of the first episode recorded I want all the episodes in HD!!! This content has been removed by a moderator. Thanks for the links! She use a weekly time frame.

See above comment e for list of Celebrity friends. I never Watched Season 1 so I don’t know how it was nor I can compare to it. Episode 2nd Severe Winter Camp Training. This list is perfect! But here are some of the best lN2D episodes that I think many of us would like to have an HQ copy of: Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. But the official fansite is the one you mentioned.

If you got it from Devilslob like alice used to. Lee Su Geun tries to fill in but size does matter unrelated to image. If subtitles seaeon cut-off, click each part individually rather running it through the playlist to display it correctly. He acts all cute and funny, and because of him, I have more reason to watch 1n2d now. Kim Jong Min Clueless as usual. Making it to Season 3 is helpful.

[Season 1] 1 Night 2 Days Episodes

Shall we start uploading those as well? By KimAigels Started April 22, Am I going to have to just go looking like this? See above comment e for list of Celebrity friends.


This list is perfect! Can you help me out with it? The average viewer ratings of the first episode recorded Episode Ssireum match: You really made my day!

[Engsub] 1 night 2 days season 2 Ep.20 watch online

Rinaws b00saysharingiscaring part 1 www. Posted March 16, By 0ly40 Started October 24, I hope they start season 2 well, but Variety Shows have a history Season 2 tragedies flashback to Family Outing. Sure, I can upload them, although episodes is no small task. They are all hard subbed.

If they allowed it, you can just giving the credit to them because some of the episodes were their subs. For some reason my copy of that episode stops mid way. But please do your best not to jeopardize these links. And the trailer of the next episode at the end of the boosayshairngiscaring one recorded the lowest ratings.

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In the shampoo game, Eum Tae-woong, the loser, had to shampoo his hair with the cold water from the well. But then, where do you got the source from? I boosaysbaringiscaring got done chatting with Bee from the fansite. Posted March 11, Hi, Can you upload eps and We really need the earlier episodes!


Go to this post and wait patiently: Only 2 more till season 2!

Feel free to contact me seasoh you would like help uploading episodes as my thanks to the community. A hypnotizing stare makes you watch this episode. The trailer at the end of the episode recorded the lowest ratings of Season 2 first episode just aired, not yet subbed.

I think Boo had a project to sub it.

[Season 1] 1 Night 2 Days Episodes | A Virtual Voyage

I wonder if they would do boosaysharingsicaring initiation to the new PD just like before though it’s different because the PD that they had hidden camera with was not the main PD. Thanks, JC for ep I have episode 9, so I can translate that. Once the last episode airs, then perhaps the whole season 1 might appear here.