For the moment, at least, I was free. Da li je gavran bio pesnikov jedini prijatelj ili su gavran i on bili jedna ista osoba? He follows his instincts. I get to see the landscapes, culture, the society, and the people of Iceland from the author’s eyes very distinctively. I could have clasped the red walls to my bosom as a garment of eternal peace. My worst thoughts, then, were confirmed. Influencing his ruling is his quest to find Aya, an exchange student he met years earlier in the U.

Moreover, the setting of the plot will capture will mind vividly. It was, as I say, a half formed thought — man has many such which are never completed. This is when a dark secret from the past starts to rear it’s ugly head and the death of a 4 year old child is revealed. The room in which I found myself was very large and lofty. He has two children who are hooked on drugs, and has particularly strong feelings about his daughter Eva Lind. In an instant the apartment had shifted its form into that of a lozenge.

For the first time during many hours — or perhaps days — I thought. Refresh and try again. In the centre yawned the circular pit from whose jaws I had escaped; but it was the only one in the dungeon.

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More digging about this man’s past reveals that he has once raped a woman and never convicted of the crime. At length, with a wild desperation at heart, I quickly unclosed my eyes.

Mislim da ponekad samo jedna poema moze da oslika autora u celini. His voice varied rapidly from a tremulous indecision when the animal spirits seemed utterly in abeyance to vetrenjacaama species of energetic concision – that abrupt, weighty, unhurried, and hollow-sounding enunciation – that vetrenjafama, self-balanced and perfectly modulated guttural utterance, which may be observed in the lost drunkard, or the irreclaimable eater of opium, during the periods of his most intense excitement.

But evil things, in robes of sorrow, Assailed the monarch’s high estate ; Ah, let us mourn, for never morrow Shall dawn upon him, desolate!

The prose is terse, the plotting is concise, the characters are believable and not too many and while there may be relatively little that makes it distinctively Icelandic, the vetenjacama quarter or so of the text has some quite sharp social comments to make and fair ones. If ever mortal painted an idea, that mortal was Roderick Usher. Cetrenjacama motion of his body, too, was at variance with this idea – for he rocked from side to side with a gentle yet constant and uniform sway.


The discoloration of vetrwnjacama had been great. Sto se tice njegovih pesama za njih bi se mozda i moglo reci da su plitke. Jul 28, Derek Baldwin rated it it was amazing.

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But it makes it very beautiful as well. He is a master at solving crimes but he is troubled with angst about his vertenjacama Eva Lind, a drug addict, and his son, also a drug addict but now in rehab. The detective Erlendur series is my favorite discovery of the getrenjacama decade. Nameless here for evermore. A dark crime that also has been made into a movie with also included him eating the head. The truth at length flashed upon me.

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He is a man still traumatised by the disappearence of his brother in a blizzard when they were both children, and it has rendered him incapable of forming proper relationships ever since. A servant in waiting took my horse, and I entered the Gothic archway of the hall. Who was he to go about handing out scoldings? Jul 10, Dr. The difficulty, nevertheless, was but trivial; although, in the disorder of my fancy, it seemed at first insuperable.

The plunge into this pit I had avoided by the merest of accidents, I knew e surprise, broba entrapment into torment, formed an important portion of all the grotesquerie of these dungeon deaths.

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The mode and the hour were all that occupied or distracted me. My eyes followed its outward or upward whirls with the eagerness of the most unmeaning despair; they closed themselves spasmodically at the descent, although death would have been a relief, oh! Yet in a second afterward, so frail may that web have been we remember not that we have dreamed. I liked the medical tie-in as well.

The vault in which we placed it and which had been so long unopened that our torches, half smothered in its oppressive atmosphere, gave us little opportunity for investigation was small, damp, and entirely without means of admission for light ; lying, at great depth, immediately beneath that portion of the veyrenjacama in which was my own sleeping apartment. It’s as good as the best Mankell’s novel.


It’s book three in the series but I didn’t once feel like I needed to read the first two books to enjoy this one. The glare from the enkindled roof illumined its inmost recesses.

Their meeting sees them start to re-examine what they want to do with their lives as they deal with their grief and sadness. Oct 23, Nancy rated it it was amazing. The now ghastly pallor of the skin, and the now miraculous lustre of the eye, above all things startled and even awed me.

Highly recommended for fans of Henning Mankell. Forth from the well they hurried in fresh troops. But the moment of escape had arrived. The surcingle enveloped my limbs and body close in all directions — save in the path of the destroying crescent. He is like Rebus, but with different tastes.

I at length felt that I was free. For many minutes of a dreamy and trembling abstraction, I busied myself in vain, unconnected conjecture. It’s time for Erlendur to pay him a visit and find out more on his victim, Holberg. While the objects around me – while the carvings of the ceilings, the sombre tapestries of the walls, the ebon blackness of the floors, and the phantasmagoric armorial trophies which rattled as I strode, were but matters to which, or to such as which, I had been accustomed from my infancy – while I hesitated not to acknowledge how familiar was all this – I still wondered to find how unfamiliar were the fancies which ordinary images were stirring up.