If you want something a bit lineny but more complex than Dirty you could try: On drydown, more of the same. Posted April 22, Clean and sheer with a bit of edge from the leather. Nothing but musty pine. Share this post Link to post.

Aug 26, – Sep 13, 18 days. Sign up for a new account in our community. Saturday, September 11, German Expressionist Horror: I’ll update this if I figure it out Posted July 18, I’ve gotta pick up a bottle ASAP. Funding period Aug 26, – Sep 13, 18 days.

I usually hate black musk, because my skin chemistry amps it up and makes me smell like cheap cologne, but there’s just a sexy hint of it here.

I really did not think that I would like this from the list of bpall, and maybe some of them are more subdued because this was an aged sniffie, but this is a nice, atmospheric, shadowy scent, which I think is very evocative of its inspiration. Posted March 8, Posted August 12, This is very unique for someone like me, wow I would never have guessed there is fragrances based on horrors, LOL.

Posted June expresionist, edited. Picnic in Arkham – The deepest marine notes with bergamot, eucalyptus and foamy ambergris.


After almost 2 expressionizt of letting the bottle sit, I tested again. Sailors den also makes a nice room spray I like door mouse as a room spray but that might be too floral I think its smells like outside lol. Perfect way to break into bpal scents!!

Posted April 30, However, in warm temperatures, this scent resembles the mildew from an air-conditoning filter. As it dries, it becomes mostly musty, dusty, myrrth and musk on my skin.

Added LOTS of stuff, markdowns plus Moona, Arcana and Blooddrop – BPAL Marketplace

And how will I find out? It’s totally reminding me of another BPAL blend that I own but can’t quite place, and it’s clearly going to drive me crazy until I go resniff all of my decants to figure it out now I like sailors den and velvet cthulhu on me foe female clean smells. The myrrh really is a standout here, and the patchouli and black musk are just perfection. I said, “Well, whatever it is, it’s gotta smell better than wet dog.

This book is an opportunity to explore the artworks in depth, with high resolution scans made from a pristine collection. It has great potential for the right skin chemistry. Just the ultimate sexy man scent.

I’ve gotta pick up a bottle ASAP. LOL Thanks for all the help! Diabolus – Clear, airy notes, slashing rain, and a thin undercurrent of white flowers.


Posted June 22, The collection is based on genres of cinema getman from B-Horror low budget, cheap, inartistic horror filmsSplatter Comedy blood thirsty, gory, a bit of mockery, like the series of Chainsaw massacres to J-Horror supernatural, tense, chilling Japanese movies, like The Grudge and few other genres. Posted Terman 11, edited.

German Expressionist Horror – My BPal

Although lately here in Illinois it’s felt more like fall than summer. They really are shadowy and unsettling. At one hour this was very fabulous, although it’s quieter now. In the bottle, I smell the pine needle and musk.

German Expressionist Horror

Posted July 18, edited. This project is guaranteed to be delivered.

It’s not gone entirely, but this no longer smells anything like cleaning products. Sign up for a new account in our community.