Retrieved July 29, Yes No Report this. Was this review helpful to you? He also called Jesse’s emotional breakdown at the end “easily the most chilling thing so far this season”. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved April 3, Jesse’s attempts to escape his loneliness and misery were understandable.

The zombie video game argument scene made me laugh, but only because I have experience with the games they were talking about. Was this review helpful to you? P and “Digital Animal” by Honey Claws. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved July 25, Skyler White Aaron Paul

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The motel room that Cranston and Beaver appear in was a brexking constructed by Breaking Bad production designer Mark Freeborn and construction coordinator William Gilpin. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Later, Walter practices drawing the weapon.

Every season of Breaking Bad has been different from the last, but from what I have zynopsis this season has had the least energy to it. Sepinwall strongly praised Aaron Paul, who he said “keeps finding new layers of Jesse, and new talents to show them with”. This allowed greater flexibility in shooting and camera angles, and the walls could be placed back into position if they were needed for the background of a shot.

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You mean as in, do I see it? Retrieved from ” https: Mike then reveals he could tell that Walter was carrying a weapon in the lab. Walter White descends into the criminal underworld.

Skyler Anna Gunn calls Walter to inquire about buying the car wash where Walter once worked, which they plan to use as a front business for Walter’s drug money. MacLaren wanted bae shot to be extremely effective because she believed it conveyed Walter’s helplessness, insignificance and lack of experience. MacLaren wanted the speakers to pulse, but they could not actually play loud music without harming actor Aaron Paul.


Since falling out of favor with Gus, Walter believes Gus will kill him if he does not act first; when the gun dealer asks why Walter needs the gun, he insists it is strictly for self-defense.

Assuming that’s a deal breaker? Walter asks that Mike get him in a room with Gus so he can kill him.

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He also called an overhead shot of Walter standing outside Gus’ house alone “one of the best shots in the show’s history”. Shaken by Gus’s calm violence, Jesse cokes up; bleary-eyed and jittery, he throws a party. I haven’t had a chance before to write much about the clever production tricks which Breaking Bad uses to tell its stories. She knew he was doing bwd right and desperately wanted to understand it but couldn’t quite grasp what it brraking.

The first episode focussed a lot on what was happening in the lab, so I felt it was nice that this episode got us out and about with the other characters. I’m not saying that the writing was bad, but surely they could have found a way to prevent every plot from having the same resolution.

Thirty-Eight Snub 24 Jul Later, while cooking brealing at their lab, Walter waits for Gus to arrive so he can kill him.

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He’s just trying to fill his world with noise and with these things. MacLaren filmed the shot so it would be deliberately disorienting and unclear to the viewer where Walter was until the camera movement revealed the motel room.

Post your comment Your name. Marie Schrader RJ Mitte The writing staff spent weeks discussing how Jesse would react to having killed Gale, and went with the course of events in “Thirty-Eight Snub” in part because they felt it would be the most unexpected for the audience. It’s not a lie if you believe it”.


Share this Rating Title: Search for ” Thirty-Eight Snub ” on Amazon. We have seen her shop lift to get attention, we have seen her pout and criticise from the sidelines.

He can’t see anything to live for and is still processing all the shock he has been through. I am okay with Walter being stopped by Mike from going to Gus’ house, it is a logical plot point, but it took the wind out of the only intense scene of the episode. Full Cast and Crew. Views Read Edit View history. How did Gus know Walt was in the street outside his house? No doubt the action is coming and this type of episode is what lays the groundwork for it to be believable and for us to be better emotionally engaged with the characters when the fallout does come.

I’m a fan though of the slow unfolding of the brewking. Mike was most likely guarding Gus’s house to protect it from that very incident. Jesse Pinkman Dean Norris Unlike Walt, Jesse can’t seem to adapt to being the bad guy.

Got a concealed hammer so it doesn’t catch on your belt when 4se2 draw. Saul Goodman Giancarlo Esposito Use the HTML below. It’s another slow episode as we build to a possible confrontation between Walt and Gus. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed synospis But as soon as he buys that gun—the same type of. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Season 4 Ssynopsis 2.