This story is set several years after the events in The Battle for Skandia , 4, in the Ranger’s Apprentice series. Continue reading Show less. Now they must battle against the other bands in the ultimate race where there can only be one winner. Because the book was in omniscient pov, the reader sees Zavac’s murder of the traders and how he intends to steal the Andomal so brilliantly named ‘thing’. Ale is served at a party. Wulf saw the annoyed light in Invar’s eyes and thought quickly.

John began writing Ranger’s Apprentice for his son, Michael, ten years ago, and is still hard at work on the series. Quotes from The Outcasts. Then comes the whopper, at the end. Now they must battle against the other bands in the ultimate race where there can only be one winner. They don’t get carried away with winning so much that they don’t help out a fellow brotherband when they’re in need. In other words, can I read this before reading the Rangers Apprentice books?

I thought this book was very adventurous and exhilarating. The Ranger’s Apprentice series is one of my favorite middle grade series. Common Sense’s Impact Our impact report: Nonetheless using Hal’s ingenuity they perform well through the assessments. Throughout the book some of his inventions are mentioned, but I would have loved to read more about them.

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However, Hal definitely seems like a synopsls who can be very witty when he isn’t so self concious, so hopefully he will grow over the span of the books and we will get some witty banter after all! Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. In Skandia worden alle 15 jarige jongens ingedeeld bij een broederband.

Synopsie think it took me a year to get anywhere interesting in the storyline because I kept putting it down out of boredom. Aug 06, Allison rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This is a young adult book, I understand, but I couldn’t help but feel insulted by the writing.

Now they must battle against the other bands in the ultimate race where there can only be one winner. On top of this, there are also pirates! It was cool how he came up with their name. Ale is served at a party. His best friend is a bit intimidating but caring under his tough shell.


I liked him because he appeared to be one of the nicer members of the brotherband.

The Brotherband Chronicles: The Outcasts

His temper tantrums were kind of annoying. But I do prefer one on one bonding to a group. Every character is unique, and it’s plain their individual stories will likely develop further in the books to come.

Such a fun story, and synopsi first book in the Brotherband Chronicles, a new series that takes place in the Ranger’s Apprentice world. And when it did occur, it happened with “in anger” or “in frustration” after it, so consistently redundant that I actually flinched every time it appeared, which was maybe fifteen plus times on a single page.

Learn how we rate. May 23, Karis rated it really liked it Shelves: Retrieved from ” http: The Outcasts is the first in a series of novels called Brotherband by Australian author John Flanagan.

Creatively, John Flanagan teaches the lesson parallel in the lives of a young hal I love this dear first book of the Brotherband Chronicles. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Return to Book Page. Thank brotherand for your support. He writes fantastic characters with ethics and no need for gratuitous violence, swearing or sex making it perfect for middle grade readers. Rollond is synoosis as the second team leader.

Some authors can use the same formula for every book they write and it works. At first, it seems that Hal is up against his entire society, but we find that he has unexpected allies, and his wits serve him well Hal, an outcast mentored by an outcast, befriend by outcasts, is a well-written character in the midst of a somehwat expected plot.

He was so cool! Not that I wouldn’t read the sequel if he changed the ending unless he totally botched it because I can already tell I will like these new characters ever more te as the series progresses.

Zavac arrives on the shores of Hallasholm, the Skandian capital, with his “damaged” ship, and claims to be a troubled sailor. I would give it…3 stars.

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This is the first book in rhe spin off series from the Rangers Apprentice series, and once again Flanagan does not disappoint. Both are outcasts and have different talents than most people, but they find their place and turn out to have xynopsis talent.


After that false start the book follows year-old Hal, a thinker, who ends up in charge of a brotherband – brotherband teams being formed each year from the year-olds in the town to compete against each other at a training camp with ouctasts purpose of training them for their futures as sea-faring warriors, such is the Skandian life.

I didn’t get to know them too well, but there is a lot of potential for them to grow into more interesting characters. Thorn takes the role of fatherly figure in Hal’s life and teaches him many aspects to basic living and furthering his life.

Brotherband training was an interesting concept and I liked the different tasks the teams had to complete. I will go back and read the other Ranger’s Apprentice at some point too, I’m sure. There’s lots of talk about Hal’s mentor Thorn and his years of drinking, but he quits in order to be a positive figure in Hal’s life. Or the “I’m short-sighted, not stupid” appeared in the dialogue at least two times. Storm Peak Avalanche Pass Thorn promises but loses his right hand on the voyage back.

The Outcasts

In describing how the boys face each challenge Flanagan includes a good amount of tactical information, but rather than slowing the story it only makes you appreciate it more. Unfortunately Hal ends up with the left-overs, the outcasts, the boys no-one else wanted in their team and he has reduced numbers too compared with the other two brotherbands. This book mostly seemed a set up for tne rest of the series, but all in all I quite enjoyed it and I will definitely continue with the series.

I really really need to review that series. But seriously, John Flanagan did a great job of tying that together and making all suspenseful and whatever. I’d like to learn more please. First of all, that’s an awful transition into any chapter.