We didn’t expect it to become this big, but it has picked up and people are even making response videos. The team obviously did not know that it would be a long campaign – four films running presently and hopefully with two more to come. Find this comment offensive? It’s just one word which is sung in different tempos. Yadav says, “Then team India helped us by winning. The Mauka campaign has certainly put the six-month-old Bubblewrap Films on the map. Enter freelance music directors Vinayak Salvi and Rohan Utpat.

The internet is full of rumors, so there was a rumor that the ads were directed by R. If you could briefly tell us about your career so far? Keshav Guest These mauka mauka campaign was exciting Not bad for a campaign that started as a oneoff to advertise an India versus Pakistan match, piggybacking on Star Sports main plank for the World Cup: Smile should never be lost.. The duo Salvi and Utpat , which has worked on KBC Kohima and ‘Indian Idol’ campaigns as well, were given no more than a day to wrap up this leg of the campaign.

While it was quite polarising, it built momentum and interest. Also, if you look at it, there are no cricketing sounds in it – there is nothing like ‘chauka’, etc. There were no jibes. In times when every other thing is being banned, there are also things on which the ban is being lifted Wednesday, 06 May And how even if India had beaten Pakistan, it had most frequently lost out on winning the cup. Looking forward to work on exciting projects. The ongoing series tracks the highs and lows of the World Cup via an unusual protagonist: The journey has been exciting and mostly stumbling and exploring the medium of film making.

Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. Meet the team behind Star Sports’ ‘Mauka Mauka’ films. A storyboard I feel is an indicative mark for a filmmaker. Keshav Guest These mauka mauka campaign was exciting I have realized a storyboard is like a map but then while you are in a journey if you come across an exciting alternative de-route that takes you to the same destination then why not.

I am instinctive and impulsive and always try to strike a balance between the board and approach. For example, in the India-Pakistan film, within that one on-screen minute, the protagonist is shown living through five World Cups I think to live a happy life, everybody should use this mantra.


Dance to the Tunes of the Minimal Techno God.

In Conversation With Suresh Triveni, Director, Bubblewrap Films | Kulzy

The journey across the table filsm over 10 years that involved learning the craft maula various mediums starting with non fiction features, documentaries, on air promotions, internet films and there on settling back in advertising as a film maker. From Chandigarh, Alamgir Khan was chosen as the voice and the trio started jamming to find a tune. Suresh Triveni the director of the ad felt that there should be some music in order to keep the fans glued to their television sets and also adds to the storytelling process, enter musicians Vinayak Salvi and Rohan Utpat.

The most talked about and buzziest campaign this year is Mauka Mauka from broadcaster Star Sports. The first film was backed by a qawwali style song penned by Vikas Dubey, a creative director at Star Sports. In the first commercial, the fan known now as the Mauka Man waits with a box of fireworks set aside to celebrate the moment bubboe team beats India, and then keeps waiting from all the way up togrowing older, changing TV sets and getting a family in the interim.

One such opportunity, or shall we say ‘mauka’, came to Bubblewrap Films recently, when Star Sports asked the production house to create a campaign around the ICC World Cup. One for if India wins mayka one for if it lost. Its only there to raise your wra standards.

The idea to incorporate a soundtrack came bjbble Triveni, who felt that if a spot had to play for 10 whole days before the match, it might as well be hammered away on TV along with a suitable tune. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, they say. Palki Ghosh Guest love all the mauka ads 07 May Reply. Vikas Dubey, from Star, wrote the lyrics, while Salvi and Utpat searched for the perfect singer – someone who could pull off an alaap and a sufi tune with equal ease.


Bubblewrap Films

The ads are directed by Suresh Triveni from Bubblewrap Films. We didn’t bubblr it to become this big, but it has picked up and people are even making response videos.

This will alert our moderators to take action. It’s similar to the way we tease someone by repeating just one word,” chimes a smiling Utpat.

‘Mauka Mauka’: How some of ICC World Cup 2015’s most-liked ads were created

It’s just one word which is sung in different tempos. A story in pictures OOH News. I strongly feel the producers are under rated in the industry and they play a crucial role in bringing in new talent. The team obviously did not know that it would be a long campaign – four films running presently and hopefully with two more to come.

She has been incredible and all of it goes to her. On January 22, when a brief came from the Star Sports team, all they knew was that the final spot was to go on air by February 6. Before that, her team will have to tackle the upcoming deadlines for this ongoing Mauka campaign.

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Find this comment offensive? Big Magic unveils new logo as part of brand revamp Media Publishing. As a filmmaker the challenge was wfap the first film Ind vs Pak. Stay Updated with Us.

According to Salvi, a music director can come up with a tune in a few hours or maybe a day. This can be gathered from the meticulous detailing in the Mauka films.

The first film clocked a million views overnight, with no seeding.